How's life in Philadelphia?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Seven, Oct 10, 2005.

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    Unlike us they actually have message board on their Official site.
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    oh god...if only you could be here! it is doom and gloom city!!!!!!! and the fans are furious about the irvin jersey thing.

    and they just have to stew in it for 2 weeks!!!!

    i had a GREAT day at work today.

    everyone was strangely avoiding me......but i had some great new pictures for my door!!!!!!!


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    I was in Philly over the weekend. The great thing is that they were totally dominated and they know it. They came into the game thinking they were a cut above and now realize they are no longer better than the Cowboys and Giants. They are probably still better than the Skins but if Donovan goes down, they'll probably be basement dwellers and most of the fans know it. Call it SHOCK THERAPY :D
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    Please...please stop this thread mods...

    I'm laughing so hard reading this stuff...I'm gonna pass out...


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    Tell you one thing living here in lancaster pennslyvania, today was one of the few days I was really looking forward to got to work. I got here, didn't have to say a word. For some reason I didn't see too many eagles jerseys like i usually do.
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    I heard a Caller from Cherry Hill, NJ, who refused to give the Cowboys credit, He was mad at all the Cowboy fans in the area, also said for us to shut up because we are not going anywhere and now we have to compete with the Eagles and we just can't buy players like we did in 92. He sounded so mad!. they are also Peeved over the Eagles lack of depth with 12 million dollers still under the cap. Gov Rendell was on Comcast last nite saying he would haved onsides kick after Sheldon Browns TD, I wished they would have tryed. Mostly, I agree with the other posters in that The Eagle fans are in Disbelief. They know their not going far this year, but having a hard time accepting that their D give up 64 points in 2 weeks. :iggles: :trophy: :suxiggle:
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    It couldn't happen to a more deserving bunch of fans. May this just be the opening of the floodgate.
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    people from philly you know whats funny and you guys can feel me on this. you notice how when they win, on channel 3,6,10,29,17 all of them cant stop talking football but when they lose they make an excuse and talks about the phillies who's not in the playoffs or forsberg who didn't even play sunday. and whats even more funny, im not sure if people out dallas or other places no Don Tuddleson from fox 29 but he's like the biggest homer in all sports market. like if the eagles were playing the colts at indy he'd say eagles will win like 35-14 . he was speechless and looked lost on his sports final. and now all i hear in philly is that dallas and the rest of the division is soo much better now. so not only in beating down the pigeons did we earn respect for us but now my city of philadelphia is scared of the whole division now and its so enjoying right now you really have to be hear to enjoy it

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