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    February 23

    (1:50 PM): Wake's Aaron Curry will likely make most of the headlines, but fellow Demon Deacon LB Stanley Arnoux actually ran faster at today's combine. Arnoux, a MLB, also ran under 4.60 seconds. The fastest LB, though, was Gerald McRath of Southern Miss, whose final official will be in the 4.55-4.60 range. Meanwhile, Souh Carolina MLB Jasper Brinkley showed some surprising speed running in the low 4.7 range.

    (1:50 PM): Wake's Aaron Curry took another step to establishing himself as a legit top 5 prospect running under 4.6 seconds in the 40 this afternoon. USC's Brian Cushing also ran well and should finish with an official 40 time under 4.7. Niether of MLBs Rey Maualuga of US nor Ohio State's James Laurainiis ran overly well. Indeed, ran unofficially over 4.8 meaning both will finish somewhere in the 4.85-4.90 range. Meanwhile, Clay Mtthews, the third top USC LB, continued his fine post-season running in the 4.65 range.

    (1:00 PM): Nice day by Michigan DT Terrance Taylor; Taylor, another fire hydrant NT type who appears to rate as a mid-to-late second rounder, only ran in the 5.30 range in the 40, but led all DL with 37 reps pressing 225 pounds and looked very quick in most of the DL agility drills.

    (12:55 PM): Michael Johnson continues to show the expected special athlticism in the DE/LB tweener drills. Maybe the most impressive guy in these drills though is Purdue DT Alex Magee who has not looked out of place at all.

    (12:50 PM): Texas DE Brian Orakpo was forced to sit out the DE/LB tweener drills after tweaking a hamstring in an earlier drill.

    (12:35 PM): Official 40 times for the DL have been posted. Sidbury had the fastest time at 4.64 followed by Connor Barwin at 4.66, and Brian Orakpo at 4.70.

    (12:25 PM): Pretty good start to the day for top LBs Brian Cushing of USC and Wake Forest's Aaron Curry in the bench press. Cushing tied with former Trojan teammate Kaluka Maiava for the lead among LBs with 30 reps pressing 225 pounds. Mice day also for Ohio State's Marcus Freeman, who is considered to be more of a fast LB, but he also had 30 reps. Meanwhile, Wake's Curry had a very respectable 25 reps.

    (12:15 PM): Raji shows some nice short area quickness in the agility drill for defensive linemen. Terrific explosion from both Michael Johnson and Aaron Maybin coming off the edge.

    (12:10 PM): Hawaii DE David Veikune probably helped himself; Veikune was known as a high-energy guy with a great motor but lacking in real speed and athelticism; indeed, a lot of people expected him to run in the 4.9-5.0 range, but he took a tenth of that this morning running in the low-4.8 range. Again, hardly sprinter speed but better than expected and combined with the intensity will get him some solid later round consideration.

    (12:00 PM): Neat shot of Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin who is timing the defensive lineman at ten yards while the rest of us are watching the 40 times. In fact, the DL, especially the DTs, seldom are ging to have to run more than 5-10 yards s the 10-yard time is actually much more relevant. Generally, those numbers do get published.

    (11:55 AM): Several good under the radar 40 times to report: Cincinnati DE Connor Barwin, arguably the 2009 draft's most versatile player as he will also get some looks as both a LB and TE, ran very well posting a 40 time in the 4.60-4.65 range, while Richmond DE/LB Lawrence Sidbury's official 40 time could be under 4.6 off a 4.53 hand-timed figure. Meanwhile, among the big guys, Clemson DT Dorell Scott should finish with a 40 time under 5.00.

    (11:45 AM): Very very pedestrian 40 times by DTs Ron Brace of Boston College and Georgia Techs's Vance Walker; Brace is a prototype fire hydrant NT but there are probably fire hydrants out there that can run faster than a 5.55, while Walker, known as a decent pass-rushing DT only timed out in around 5.4.

    (11:35 AM): With a rep as an inconsistent on-field performer, Georgia Tech DE Michael Johnson needed to really show some speed and athleticism, but really didn't. Johnson ran in the mid-4.7 range and looked a little stiff. LSU tweener DE/DT Tyson Jackson probably didn't run fast enough to warrant a first-round pick as a pure 4-3 DE running only in the 4.95-5.00 range.

    (11:30 AM): Good time for Missouri DT Ziggy Hood whose final 40 time is going to be under 5.00 at around 4.95. Decent times also for DTs Sen'Derrick Marks of Auburn, Roy Miller of Texas and Alex Magee of Purdue whose final 40 times will be in the 5.05 to 5.10 range. Meanwhile, USC's Fili Moala was probably a little disappointed with a 40 that is going to be between 5.15 and 5.20.

    (11:25 AM): Interesting run for Boston College DT BJ Raji. The 337-pounder's official 40 time will be around 5.2 which isn't bad; however, Raji looked reasonably quick coming off the line although he needed a half dozen or so starts to get it right. What a load though as he looked like one large bowl of jelly rumbling down the track!

    (11:20 AM): Decent times for both Texas DE Brian Orakpo and Florida DE/LB Everette Brown both of whom should finish at around 4.7 for the 40. Not great but not bad for pure outside speed rushers. Not as good for rising Northern Illinois DE Larry English whose final time will be in the 4.8-4.85 range. Meanwhile, Penn State DE Marurice Evans who couldn't break the 5.00 barrier probably should have stayed in bed or at least school.

    (11:10 AM): Disappointing times for Penn State DE/LB Aaron Maybin and Utah DE Paul Kruger. Maybin's final 40 time is going to be in the 4.8-.85 range while Kruger is going to be in the 4.9 range. Neither is very fast at all for players thought to be pure outside speed rushers.

    February 22

    (6:00 PM): Latest 40 times for the WRs and RBs; Includes only players that did run. Also note * indicates an unofficial time


    Cedric Peerman, Virginia
    Ian Johnson, Boise State
    Kory Sheets, Purdue
    Andre Brown, NC State
    Donald Brown, UConn
    Javarris Williams, Tennessee State
    Mike Goodson, Texas A&M
    Bernard Scott, Abilene Christian
    Glenn Coffee, Alabama
    Marlon Lucky, Nebraska
    Chris 'Beanie' Wells, Ohio State
    James Davis, Clemson
    Knowshon Moreno, Georgia
    Chris Ogbonnaya, Texas
    Rashad Jennings, Liberty
    Jeremiah Johnson
    Shonn Greene, Iowa
    Tony Kimble, Stanford
    Tyrell Sutton, Northwestern
    Branden Ore, West Liberty State
    Gartrell Johnson, Colorado State
    Darrius Heyward-Bey, Maryland
    Mike Wallace, Missisippi
    Johnny Knox, Abilene Christian
    Deon Butler, Penn State
    Mike Thomas, Arizona
    Tiquan Underwood, Rutgers
    Percy Harvin, Florida
    Demetrius Byrd, LSU
    Louis Murphy, Florida
    Kenny McKinley, South Carolina
    Kevin Ogletree, Virginia
    Jeremy Maclin, West Virginia
    Domonique Edison, Stephen F Austin
    Kenny Britt, Rutgers
    Quan Cosby, Texas
    Andrew Means, Indiana
    Taurus Johnson, South Florida
    Marko Mitchell, Nevada
    Aaron Kelly, Clemson
    Brian Robiskie, Ohio State
    Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma
    Hakeem Nicks, North Carolina
    Darius Passmore, Marshall
    Brian Hartline, Ohio State
    Jarrett Dillard, Rice
    Sammie Stroughter, Oregon State
    Austin Collie, BYU
    Mo Massaquoi, Georgia
    Jeremy Childs, Boise State
    Jordan Norwood, Penn State
    Ramses Barden, Cal Poly
    Derrick Williams, Penn State
    David Richmond, San Jose State
    Greg Orton, Purdue
    Nate Swift, Nebraska
    Jaison Williams, Oregon

    (2:45 PM): Not great times for some of the top RBs running at the combine. Remember these are unofficial hand times so add anywhere from 0.05 to a tenth of a second, but Chris Wells of Ohio State only posted a 4.57 tme while Georgia's Knowshon Moreno came in at 4.55. LeSean McCoy of Pitt didn't run as he is still somewhat under the weather with the flu. So far, Ian Johnson of Boise had the fastest times for RBs posting a 4.38 40 time. Both Cedric Peerman of Virginia and Kory Sheets of Purdue ran well clocking in at at 4.41. Andre Brown of NC State (4.45), Mike Goodson of Texas A&M (4.46) and UConn's Donald Brown (4.48) all were under 4.5 unofficially. On the other hand, RBs who had to be a little disappointed with their 40 times included Javon Ringer of Michigan State, a 200-pound scatback who probably needed to run faster than 4.53, along with Oregon 's Jeremiah Johnson (4.59), Shonn Greene of Iowa (4.63), Tyrell Sutton of Northwestern (4.66), Tony Kimble of Stanford, Branden Ore of West Liberty State (4.67), and Gartrell Johnson of Wyoming (4.71).

    (1:55 PM): Updating an earlier report, Jeremy Maclin actually did return to the workout despite suffering a mildly hyper-extended knee when he fell awkwardly. Meanwhile, rating the QBs is a little hit-and-miss but guy who seem to be throwing the ball reasonably well include Stephen McGee of Texas A&M, Drew Wiley of Buffalo and Chase Holbrook of New Mexico State. Maybe the most surprising QB though has been West Virginia's Pat White who has shown nice arm sterngth and accuracy. Guys who didn't appear as accurate were Big 10 veterans Curtis Painter of Purdue and Brian Hoyer of Michigan State.

    (1:45 PM): Figure that you have to add anywhere from 0.05 to almost a full tenth of a second to the unofficial 40 times for the WRs which is going to make some of the possession guys whose unofficial times were okay in the 4.5 range but may not look so good when all the official times are posted.

    (1:35 PM): Missouri WR Jeremy Maclin reports he suffered a hyper-extended knee during a drill earlier today and won't do anything more today. UNC WR Hakeem Nicks also pulled up running a route. No player is under more scrutiny today than USC QB Mark Sanchez; he's thrown the bal hard, but he may be presssing and the ball isn't coming out that quickly or smoothly and he's been off target much of the day. Haven't seen much of him today but Kansas State QB Josh Freeman reportedly has doing nothing to hurt himself so far today.

    (1:30 PM): Official times for the wideouts have been released by the combine and they are somewhat slower than the original unofficial times. In the end, Darrius Heyward-Bey was the quickest WR posting a 4.30 40 time, followed by Mike Wallace (4.33), Johnny Knox (4.34), Deon Butler (4.38), Mike Thomas (4.41) and Percy Hrvin (4.41).

    (1:25 PM): Nice day for Ohio State WR Brian Robiskie; an a respectable 4.51 40 for a possesson type receiver and then looked real smooth catching the ball. Lanky USC WR Parick Turner also caught the ball flawlessly in the gauntlet drill, but didn't run the 40. Meanwhile, Penn State's Derrick Williams looked more like a KR catching the ball on the move while Jaison Williams, who ran a slow 4.64 over the 40, looked more like an OT catching the ball.

    (12:35 PM): More fast times from the wideouts: Mike Wallace of Ole Miss became the third WR to go under 4.3 as he timed an unofficial 4.28, while Arizona's Mike Thomas blitzed a 4.31 and Tiquan Underwood of Rutgers had a 4.32. For the record, Underwood's more highly rated teammate Kenny Britt ran a respectable 4.48. Disappointing times, though for Derrick Williams of Penn State and Sammie Stroughter of Oregon State. Both had been expected to show sprinter speed, but Williams was only able to run a 4.58 while Stroughter posted a 4.55.

    (12:30 PM): More fast times from the WR corps as Kenny McKinley of South Carolina ran an unofficial 4.33, Louis Murphy of Florida blitzed a 4.36, Kevin Ogletree of Virginia had a 4.37, LSU's Demetrius Byrd had a 4.38, and Dominique Edison of Stephen F Austin had a 4.40. And while there times weren't quite as fast, both Hakeem Nicks of North Carolina, Clemson's Aaron Kelly and Marko Mitchell of Nevada had to happy with their times of just under 4.5 seconds. All are bigger WRs and those times give them real nice size/speed ratios. Mo Massaquoi, though, had to be disappointed with a slow 4.57 time. Same for Ramses Baden of Cal-Poly who also only ran a 4.57.

    (12:15 PM): What if they held a combine and a track meet broke out! That's what it seemed like a tad this morning as several WRs really blitzed the 40. Again these are unofficial times but Johnny Know of Abilene Christian ran a 4.25, Deon Butler of Penn State clocked a 4.26, Darrius Heyward-Bey of Maryland ran a 4.32, while Percy Harvin of Florida ran a 4.37. And for the record, Missouri's Jerry Maclin ran a respectable 4.40. And thatw as just in the first group of wideouts.

    (12:05 AM): Missouri WR Jerry Maclin is reportedly down with a leg injury. More to follow; meanwhile, both this year's top QBs ran reasonably well with Matt Stafford of Georgia timing in at 4.84 for the 40, while USC's Mark Sanchz came in in 4.88.

    (12:01 AM): Latest 40 times for the offensive linemen and TEs for players we got numbers for. Includes only players that did run. Also note * indicates an unofficial time



    Lydon Murtha, Nebraska
    Jamon Meredith, South Carolina
    Xavier Fulton, Illinois
    William Beatty, UConn
    Gerald Cadogan, Penn State
    Jonathan Luigs, Arkansas
    Joel Bell, Furman
    Eben Britton, Arizona
    Brandon Walker, Oklahoma
    Jon Cooper, Oklahoma
    Jason Smith, Baylor
    Eric Wood, Louisville
    Alex Boone, Ohio State
    A.Q. Shipley, Penn State
    Antoine Caldwell, Alabama
    Jose Valdez, Arkansas
    Robby Felix, UTEP
    Cornelius Lewis, Tennessee State
    Jaimie Thomas, Maryland
    Seth Olsen, Iowa
    Andy Levitre, Oregon State
    Duke Robinson, Oklahoma
    Max Unger, Oregon
    Eugene Monroe, Virginia
    Travis Bright, BYU
    Tyronne Green, Auburn
    Robert Brewster, Ball State
    Trevor Canfield, Cincinnati
    Gus Parrish, Kent State
    Michael Oher, Misissippi
    Alex Fletcher, Stanford
    Fenuki Tupuo, Oregon
    Kraig Urbik, Wisconsin
    Edwin Williams, Marland
    Greg Isdaner, West Virginia
    Maurice Miller, Mississippi
    Garrett Reynolds, North Carolina
    Andrew Gardner, Georgia Tech
    Andy Kemp, Wisconsin
    Dan Gay, Baylor
    Herman Johnson, LSU
    Phil Loadholt, Oklahoma
    Jason Watkins, Florida
    C.J. Davis, Pittsburgh
    Ramon Foster, Tennessee
    Jared Cook, South Carolina
    Shawn Nelson, Southern Miss
    Cameron Morrah, California
    Cornelius Ingram, Florida
    Marquez Branson, Cetral Arkansas
    David Johnson, Arkansas State
    Jared Bronson, Central Washington
    Kory Sperry, Colorado State
    James Casey, Rice
    John Phillips, Virginia
    Dan Gronkowski, Maryland
    Davon Drew, East Carolina
    Anthony Hill, North Carolina State
    Richard Quinn, North Carolina
    Bear Pascoe, Fresno State

    Saturday, February 21

    (2:05: PM): Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew will get some points for competiveness as he asked to run an almost unprecedented third 40, but still only was able to clock a 4.87, although that was better than the 4.97 in his second run.

    (2:02: PM): Almost a disaster for Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew who ran a very disappointing 4.97 in his second run after that 4.85 his first try.

    (1:55: PM): Jared Cook, who had a 41-inch vertical leap earlier today, couldn't best his 4.42 40 time from his first run, clocking 4.49 the second time out as he appeared to pull up with a twinge in his hammy after breaking the tape. Very disappointing time by Fresno State's Bear Pascoe who barely cracked the 5.00 mark with a very pedestrian 4.97 40.

    (1:45: PM): Interesting time by Oklahoma State TE Brandon Pettigrew; a terrific in-line blocker with good hands who has been rated as high as the top 15 this year, Pettigrew had been hoping to get in the low 4.7 range, however, Pettigrew was stuck at 4.85 which may not hurt him as an all-around TE, but it also isn't likely to help. Meanwhile, Southern Miss' Shawn Nelson ran a quick 4.53, while Cal junior Cal Morrah also got under 4.6 with an unofficial 4.59.

    (1:40: PM): Big moment for Florida's Cornelius Ingram who didn't play in 2008 because of a torn ACL ran a bit of a disappointing 4.62 his first time out after slipping out of the blocks.

    (1:35: PM): The TEs have taken to the track and as expected, South Carolina junior TE Jared Cook ran a super-fast 4.42 40.

    (1:20: PM): Official 40 times for the 40 are in; Murtha was the only OL to go under 5.00 at 4.89, followed by Jamon Meredith (5.03), Xavier Fulton (5.04), William Beatty (5.12), Gerald Cadogan (5.12) . Eben Britton's official time was 5.16 while Jason Smith was credited with a 5.22.

    (12:57: PM): OTs Phil Loadholt of Okalhoma, Gus Parrish of Kent State and Garrett Reynolds of UNC all look really stiff in the agility drills. And in the inconsistency 'thy name is Oher' file, the Ole Miss OT looked like he had two left feet in one agiltiy drill after looking smooth in the earlier ones.

    (12:45: PM): Class really showed in OL pass block backpeddle drill as all three top rated OL - Jason Smith, Oher and Monroe all made it look very smooth and easy. Also impressed with initial quickness of Cornelius Lewis, the one-time Florida State recruit who ltimately played at Tennessee State.

    (12:42: PM): More good stuff from both South Carolina G/T Jamon Meredith and Louisville C Eric Wood in the agility/blocking drill. Both showed nice dip and explosion into blocks.

    (12:32: PM): Watching the OL go through the agility drills hard no to think that Baylor's Jason Smith is the most athletic lineman on the field. Other guys who looked smooth included Ole Miss' Michael Oher and Gs Wood, Luigs and Shipley.

    (12:29: PM): Good times from the first group of OL that the NFL Network hasn't covered as much. Penn State OT Gerald Cadogan ran a 5.08, Arizona's Eben Britton clocked a 5.15 and Ohio State's Alex Boone posted a 5.17.

    (12:21: PM): Good times Okalhoma OG Duke Robinson and Oregon C/G Max Unger both recorded okay, but not great 5.27 times for the 40.

    (12:15: PM): Okay times for OTs Oklahoma OG Duke Robinson and Oregon C/G Max Unger, two of the highest rated interior offensive linemen; both recorded good, but not great 5.27 times for the 40.

    (12:02: PM): Okalhoma OG Duke Robinson and Oregon C/G Max Unger both recorded okay, but not great 5.27 times for the 40.

    (11:58 AM): While there were some good times from the OL this morning there were also some very slow times. Florida OT Jason Watkins, for example, timed out in 5.54 for the 40 and compounded the problem by wearing garrish green shoes that barely seemed to move. Baylor OT Dan Gay also ran over 5.5 (5.53) which is disappointing for a guy who is well under 300 pounds. Other slow times came from Wisconsin OG Andy Kemp (5.49), West Virginia OG Greg Isdaner (5.45), UNC OT Garrett Reynolds (5.47), and Maryland C Edwin Williams (5.43).

    (11:50 AM): More breaking news courtesy of the NFL Network. Texas Tech WR Michael Crabtree rportedly has a stress fracture in his foot which will require surgery. Crabtree will then require about 10 weeks of rehab meaning he likely won't be able to workout before the draft.

    (11:47 AM): Good times by OTs Xavier Fulton of Illinois (4.98), William Beatty of Uconn (5.03) and Furman's Joel Bell (5.07), while Oklahoma OG Brandon Walker ran a 5.11, while unheralded Tennessee State T/G Cornelius Lewis posted a decent 5.21.

    (11:44 AM): Better time for Eugene Monroe who got under 5.20 on his second run after posting closer to 5.30 first time out. Oher went 5.32 second time out.

    (11:40 AM): Herman Johnson's official time came in closer to 5.55; still not bad for a guy who weighs 364.

    (11:35 AM): Quick update on Jason Smith; he did run a solid 5.14 40 and looked very smooth; however, it was Louis Vasquez who led the OL with 39 reps in the bench press; Smith was second with a very respectable 33.

    (11:33 AM): Good speed and fluidity from both Cs Eric Wood of Louisville and Jon Luigs of Arkansas; both looked very fluid running the 40 with both timing in 5.17.

    (11:30 AM): Baylor OT Jason Smith keeps making himself some money. After posting a solid 33 reps pressing 225 pounds, Smith ran a nice 5.14 40 this morning.

    (11:25 AM): Nice time by South Carolina OT Jamon Meredith who has been lurking just outside the top group of prospects all year; Meredith, who can also play OG, became the second OL to break the 5.00 mark when he ran the 40 in 4.97.

    (11:22 AM): What were they thinking, Part II... Just a little more on Alabama junior OT Andre Smith. There are conflicting reports, but it appears that not only late, but Smith may not have showed up at all this morning. Again not quite out of the drafees 'how to influence coaches and win ove NFL GMs' manual.

    (11:15 AM): Virginia OT Eugene Monroe just ran a 5.28 40; decent but hardly great; Ole Miss' Michael Oher also probably didn't help himself much with a pedestrian 4.37. Same for massive Oklahoma OT Phil Loadholt who couldn't break 5.5 despite coming in 11 pounds lighter than he was at the Senior Bowl. Meanwhile, unheralded Lydon Murtha of Nebraska The players haven't hit the field this morning but there is already a buzz growing about Alabama junior OT Andre Smith. Its not good news for Smith though who has probably cost himself several places in the draft places by showing up late this morning after announcing yesterday that he wouldn't workout for no better reason than he didn't feel he was ready. Remember this is a kid who had questions raised about his maturity when he was suspended from Alabama's bowl game for academic reasons.

    (11:12 AM): What were they thinking... The players haven't hit the field this morning but there is already a buzz growing about Alabama junior OT Andre Smith. Its not good news for Smith though who has probably cost himself several places in the draft places by showing up late this morning after announcing yesterday that he wouldn't workout for no better reason than he didn't feel he was ready. Remember this is a kid who had questions raised about his maturity when he was suspended from Alabama's bowl game for academic reasons.

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