Humble thoughts (rants) from a lifelong Cowboy fan

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by BARRYRAY, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. CCBoy

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    School just started back up here...and it's just too soon to miss too many days for being sick just yet.

    I am looking forward to the Cowboys vs San Francisco game in a little over a week. I like football, and don't have an automatic disdain for the game, when played. Not all teams are equal...but I'm still a sport and happen to like my Cowboys.
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    The Five Most Difficult Tasks In The World!

    Catching air with your bare hands

    Swimming across the widest part of the Pacific Ocean

    Winning the Powerball Jackpot

    Staring at Jerry Jones without laughing

    And the most difficult task in the world IS

    Posting rant threads in the Rant Zone​
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  3. dexternjack

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    You forgot peeing into the wind!
  4. yentl911

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    Let's just wait and see. You just never know. This is a young team with some talent. Maybe a few games into the season we can be at .500 and then we can get Lawrence and Spender back to help with the pass rush.

    I am just so happy to see football again! I will watch these guys every week through thick and thin hoping they can pull out a W. Sundays watching the Cowboys are some of the best times in my life.
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  5. waving monkey

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    witty but that's what were doing
  6. MackNorth

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    He never "one" nothin'! That's fantastic Mister Money Bags! I fell sorry for you too, you illiterate merp merp derp... Keep stackin' that change though, bro!
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  7. CCBoy

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    If one wanted to dog on a real would at least start here: not a single pass rusher on the Cowboys roster over the length of this off season, has proven that he is a real threat to get sacks and punish or pressure an opponent's quarterback. In a bend but don't break type of scheme...that is fatal.
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  8. waving monkey

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    Yap thats going to be a failure for the boys but they did try to add a DE [Lawrence].
    They did succeed adding some DT's both starters and back up's.
    It's going to be an interesting season
  9. rat2k8

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    What did you all expect? Jason Garrett is still around and we don't have the players on defense to play a 4-3. At least Garrett's clock management should be good since he has a new watch.
  10. PA Cowboy Fan

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    I think I have to lower my expectations from 7-9.

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