Hunter Picks Off Ganon In Madden 2005

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by SteveOS, May 14, 2004.

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    Hey guys, I noticed a few of you love sports gaming and talk about Madden. Well, hopefully this isn't considered spam, if so Mods delete this and I'm sorry for the trouble.

    We had a few guys on staff go to the E3 show and we posted some movie clips of some of the sports games, make sure you check out clip #12 to see Hunter in action.

    Again, sorry if this against policy. GO COWBOYS!!
  2. Tobal

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    Thanks for the post, thing I noticed is how good the grass looks, and did you see we got pressure? If only it was so easy
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    Nice, Great post. It's good to see the format and everything of 2005, should be nice. I cant believe Hunter didnt take that one to the house, though. Hopefully in 05 with hunter being a starter they give him better stats. They made Hunter about as slow as Edwards was in 04 which was way off base.
  4. SteveOS

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    This version is about 65 to 70% complete, so I'm sure some tweaking is going to happen. Honestly, ESPN NFL Football 2005 is looking REALLY good. Can't wait to play in the Xbox leagues this year.
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    This is not a problem at all...but I do request that if you wish to talk video games to do so on this off-topic site.


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