Hypothetical: How would you feel about Josh McDaniels next year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by revospeed, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. revospeed

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    If the whole Jason Garrett saga ends with the Dallas Cowboys not making the playoffs next year and Jerry's hand is forced which culminates in Jason Garrett's termination, how would you feel about Josh McDaniels as the next head coach? I know, I know, some of you are pointing to his stint in Denver and how that turned out. I seem to remember another head strong assistant to a great head coach who didn't fair so well in his first head coaching gig with the Browns and I think he turned out fine.

    I would personally be ecstatic if McDaniels was our coach. His record speaks for itself. His offensive schemes have set records with the Patriots (which have recently been broken) and before you bring up Brady, he also managed to come up with an offense to win win 11 games with Matt Cassell at QB. I don't think he was given a fair shot in Denver and is criticized too much for drafting Tebow. If you're going to fault him for drafting Tebow, then you also have to give him credit for drafting Demaryius Thomas, JD Walton, Zane Beadles and Eric Decker in that draft. Also, what he's doing in New England right now with Tom Brady and his gang of scrubs in remarkable.

    I'd want McDaniels because he obviously has a track record of being a great offensive mind and because I think his best years are ahead of him. He's young, hungry and he wants to prove that he's a better head coach than his record in Denver isn't indicative of how good of a coach he is. I'd rather have him, with recent success, than someone like Cowher or Gruden who seem to be too comfortable in their booth and haven't been on the sidelines in forever.
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  2. dupree89

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    No thanks. But luckily he will be off the market. Sounds like Cleveland has great interest in him as head coach.
  3. koolaid

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    I think McDaniels is a great coach and that he has a very bright future in the league. I thought he did well in Denver with what he had. The guy gets the best out of every QB he coaches. I don't doubt he would improve our offense.
    All that said I don't see him coming here. He will probably take a job with one of the teams interviewing him, or hold out in New England until the hoodie retires.
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  4. Corso

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    EXTREMELY UNFORTUNATELY: you just cannot have Romo learning a new offense at this stage of his career unless it's the same offense with a more run heavy influence.

    That may be optimal.
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  5. Frozen700

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    I agree
  6. TrailBlazer

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    I feel like romo is being held down by JGs offense. I'd be happy to see him running something different. 8 years with JG and not much success. I wanna see something different.
  7. Cmac

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    ....would be worried that Tim Tebow is working out in Dallas.
  8. Joe Rod

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    I agree and that is why I am hoping they bring in Norv. I think he may be the only person that can talk Jason into running the football consistently and he has shown that he will do if he has a good running back.
  9. lwehlers

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    there is no way that McDaniel would want to have jones looking over his shoulder at his every move. he learned from the new England coach and be your own man and have nobody telling you what to do. garrett is perfect for this team because he likes being a puppet.
  10. Alexander

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    Dear God no.

    His personnel decisions when he had full autonomy in Denver were absolutely horrific. That in Jerry Jones' ear? Frightening.
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  11. Future

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    I would never hire the idiot who drafted Tebow in the first round.
  12. Oh_Canada

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    I think he saw potential in running an option type offense before the option became a trend in the NFL and that's why he drafted Tebow. It might have been a little egotistical on his part, but the guy can flat coach an offense. My biggest question is if the guy has the leadership ability to be a head coach in the NFL, if so than he should be considered at the very least.
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  13. SDCowboy85

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    There aren't many coaches I'd rather have Garrett than. He's one of them...
  14. Fredd

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    He is drawing A LOT of interest from Cleveland....here is what I posted in another forum as far as potential changes (none are likely to happen, just my opinion)

    * OC - MUST bring in someone. IMO, bring in a hot-shot offensive-minded college coach like Briles from Baylor, Kingsbury from Texas Tech or someone else that is forward-thinking (first two that came to mind, there are others)...Money talks, and JJ has never been shy in paying his coaches more than others would
    * DC - go get a defensive-minded coach that is currently in the NFL; we are trying to emulate the Seahawks, so how about Quinn (by giving him assistant HC role) or by promoting Norton Jr from Seattle...I like Marinelli a lot and would hope that he would want to stay, but if not se-la-ve...

    IMO, Garrett fails as a coach for various reasons, but perhaps part of that is because he doesn't consider himself top fiddle on the coaching staff...you have guys that coached in the league for decades, perhaps that is too much for him to by-pass....thus, you give him an OC that is dynamic from the college ranks who may look up to their head coach instead of perhaps undermining him (whether by accident or not); on defense, let a seasoned guy like the seattle guys or perhaps someone like frazier (from Minny) just focus on one side of the ball

    the team can be much better if they let garret continue his "learning" process while instilling guys that can make a difference on either side of the ball
  15. revospeed

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    If Jason Garrett would have had the draft that McDaniels had in 2010, he would be lauded as a great drafter. I don't think that Tebow was a draft pick that would prevent people from wanting the person that drafted him to never coach again. Jake Locker, Blaine Gabbert, Brandon Weeden and Christian Ponder have all been worse than him, but no one wants to banish the coach or GM that drafted them
  16. Vanilla2

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    Worse than tebow?

    Me thinks you haven't seen tebow actually play a game.
  17. revospeed

    revospeed Well-Known Member

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    Yes. I've been living under a rock.

    Talk all you want, but tell me how Blaine Gabbert or Jake Locker is better than Tebow.
  18. arglebargle

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    McDaniels got caught in Denver doing the same cheating scam that Belichek was using. Well after Belichek got caught. Now how smart is that? Not to mention the personel moves...ugh.
  19. TwoDeep3

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    Twenty-six more years and Garrett becomes the anti-Landry.
  20. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Green Bay stuck with Bart Starr for years even though he wasn't much of a coach. At least I understood it since he was a HOF QB. I still don't get the Garrett love though.

    As for McDaniels, I'll pass.

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