Hypothetical: How would you feel about Josh McDaniels next year?

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by revospeed, Dec 30, 2013.

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    I don't know anything about McDaniels, but I will say with almost certainty that the list of coaches who wouldn't coach the Cowboys because of the owner's meddling would be pretty much the same list of coaches who could improve the team and most of us would welcome with open arms.

    I mean, really, who wants to be the head coach of a team where the owner designates a committee to call the plays during the game? Not Parcells or other coaches of his stature. All IMO.
  2. Future

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    ....then why are they still all in the league?
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    For the same reason that George Selvie was out of a job for a while. There are plenty of players that aren't on teams that should be and plenty of plays that shouldn't be in the league that are. Fact of the matter is that Tebow outperformed them when he was given an opportunity.
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    I don't understand this business about Romo not being able to learn a new offense. Seems pretty silly to me.
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    OC - Briles would not take an OC job. He is likely to get other HC offers. Maybe Texas in the college ranks or the Redskins in the NFL or he will get a big pay raise to stay at Baylor is he hasn't already. If Texas wants him, even Jerry won't outbid them.

    DC - Good idea on the Seattle guys, but the NFL changed the rules in regards to assistant coaches being automatically allowed to leave for a promotion. That now only applies to coaches going from assistants to being Head Coaches. Going from DL coach to D-Coordinator or "assistant head coach" is now meaningless. A team can give permission for the assistant to leave, but they're not required to do it. Seattle would likely allow Norton to leave to be a DC, but they wouldn't allow their current D-Coordinator to leave for another DC job. Now if their contracts are up, it's a different story.

    I do like the Seattle Defensive scheme and their punch you in the mouth attitude. Norton might be a good choice is they let him leave. I wouldn't mind signing some of their free agents as another way to bring some of that defense to the Cowboys. They have a DE and a DT that are free agents. I think their suspended CB is also a free agent, but I don't see the Cowboys signing a CB.
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    Because they are actually QBs and not Fullbacks playing QB
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    Josh McDanials?????? lol Did you see the New Years circus video? Monte, Jerry, Orton, Tony, obie,....Josh would fit in
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    A couple of the coaches of those QBs have been fired and probably won't get head coaching gigs again.
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    I'd love him as OC......not as head coach.
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