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Hypothetical Question... Trade Up?

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Apr 22, 2012.

  1. Hostile

    Hostile Tacos are a good investment Zone Supporter

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    We all love trading down and adding picks.

    If Dallas trades up to Miami's spot (let's assume to take Barron) how would you feel?

    Would this forum explode?
  2. myslamsareolder

    myslamsareolder Active Member

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    I hate trading up in the first unless someone falls hard (i.e. Dez). Trading up to get a player just because you're scared someone else will is dumb. Its called bidding against yourself. I'm a fan of staying put. If you trade it should be down.
  3. Canadian BoyzFan

    Canadian BoyzFan Active Member

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    It would be the epitome of stoooopid.
  4. Zaxor

    Zaxor Virtus Mille Scuta

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    It may make some sense it really depends on how they graded the players
  5. texbumthelife

    texbumthelife Well-Known Member

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    I can't stand it when we trade down for more pics. History has in no way shown that this team can make the most of those pics. This team is best off when we just stay where we are and take BPA.

    I would be completely in favor of trading up for Barron. We are not that far off in talent and he is quite possibly the difference maker we have needed in the secondary for years.
  6. theogt

    theogt Surrealist Zone Supporter

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    I can't see it happening. But I suppose it depends in how things are shaking out in the draft and what sort of intel they have.
  7. casmith07

    casmith07 I'm the best poster in the game!

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    Do it. We all realize they aren't going to draft DeCastro at this point. May as well get the guy you want.

    As long as it doesn't cost our 2nd rounder. I think that pick will be a good impact pick.
  8. The30YardSlant

    The30YardSlant Benched

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    Who are we trading up for?
  9. tm1119

    tm1119 Well-Known Member

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    For Barron? No way. For Cox or Coples? Ehh depends on the price. 14 and 45 is a bit much to be honest. Although we could then trade back in the 3rd for another 4th and 5th. So our draft would be pick #8(Cox or Coples), 3 4ths, 2 5ths, 6th, and 7th. Could we make an impact with those picks?
  10. cowboy_ron

    cowboy_ron You Can't Fix Stupid

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    IMO trading up this year would be a waste of picks with the # of holes we need to fill....If we were needing a franchise QB it would be different, although after the first two I wouldn't say there is one at this point and too early to draft one this year.
  11. Ren

    Ren Well-Known Member

    11,092 Messages
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    Cox is the only player i would not rage if we traded up for

    My wish is still that we sit tight and grab DeCastro, i'm cool with Barron at 14 if that's the pick but i really hope we don't trade up for him
  12. dez_for_prez

    dez_for_prez Active Member

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  13. a_minimalist

    a_minimalist Well-Known Member

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    If it is a trade up for cox, I'd def be okay with it. It'll pain me since it seriously reduces the chances up us getting Irvin later in the draft, but I could support the move.
  14. jimnabby

    jimnabby Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    I'd be furious if we traded our 1 and 2 for anybody.

    If Cox were to fall to 10 and we used our 3rd to trade to that spot and grab him, I guess I'd be cool with that - I think Dallas knows what they're doing when they construct a draft board, and if the board says they should do this, great.

    If "our guys" are being picked off early and there's only one left by 12 or 13, I'd be okay with using our 4th to make sure we get him.
  15. Avery

    Avery The Dog that Saved Charleston

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    I can't fathom trading our #2 or #3 for anyone at this point.
  16. dannyboy

    dannyboy Member Zone Supporter

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    Cox seems to be the only pick we would move up for. My concern with him is that he wasn't on anyone radar till this year. How proven is he?
  17. Hostile

    Hostile Tacos are a good investment Zone Supporter

    119,124 Messages
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    I believe that is in the OP.
  18. RamziD

    RamziD Well-Known Member

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    I mentioned this exact scenario in a reply to one of SDogo's posts a few threads down. I think Miami is exactly who we'd have to trade with to secure either Barron or Cox. Tannehill still might fall to them at #14. Honestly, I'd only trade up to 8 for either Claiborne or Kalil if they fall that far (very doubtful). But, if the Cowboys are dead set on Cox or Barron, and it's not going to cost them too many picks this year (let's say next year's first only), then I wouldn't be too upset.
  19. Hostile

    Hostile Tacos are a good investment Zone Supporter

    119,124 Messages
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    Could be a player, not a draft pick.

    Felix...for instance was at one time rumored to be on Miami's radar. Now, we denied it like crazy...
  20. Pabst

    Pabst Active Member

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    I have a feeling that if Dallas trades up, it'll only be with Arizona one spot ahead. They'll offer something like a 5th rounder to ensure they get Barron or Cox ahead of the Jets and Eagles.

    The big problem with staying at 14 right now, is Arizona would seem to want a OT badly. If Reilly goes off the board earlier than expected, they'll be looking to trade down as much as possible to get the best value for Cordy Glenn or a more ready made OT. So you'll have a team that wants to trade down, and teams that want to trade up to jump Dallas. Not a good situation.

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