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    So heres my question, since next year is an uncapped year like we all know, and the boys decide to get rid of MBIII while he still has value in the nfl, and im not a Marion hater, i love what hes done for us since he came out, but if we did release him, would you guys take a shot at Toby Gerhart with our 2nd or 3rd draft pick? I know we do have a lot of areas to take care of(most of all OL, DL, etc.) He is said to be projected in the 2-4th rounds because of his lack of explosiveness and his style of running looks a lot like Marions. Personally i like Mark Ingram better, but would you take a shot at Toby Gerhart?
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    I would if we trade down to get OT Fox

    that give an extra pick

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