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    Lets say the Cowboys disaster of a season continues and we land a top 10 pick.

    The opportunity to draft a franchise QB does not often present itself to a team like Dallas (opposed to teams like St. Louis, Detroit and Cleveland)

    How would you feel if Dallas used a first round pick on the eventual face of the franchise knowing it's almost the perfect scenario for any young QB. No pressure to start, time to learn and more then likely your going to be surrounded by pro bowl talent when it's your time.

    Looking at this years class and it's early, seeing the impact players that could help Dallas sooner then later (we still need JR's to declare) I have actually warmed to the idea.

    A lot of hypothetical here but I just wanted to get the temperature of this idea from other fans.
  2. Garland powerplay

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    The team can never have enough high quality players at the most important position-QB. Its a great idea that they've ignored long enough. Just like pitching in baseball ,you gotta have it to win. One sore shoulder and the seasons over. You have to have a reliever in there. Romos doing great but its time.He is moving up there and Cowboys will need someone to replace him in a few years.
    Kitna is a pretty good choice for backup though.
  3. CanuckCowboysFan

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    Cam Newton? I can dream
  4. UnoDallas

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    another Russell ?

    Cameron Newton has great size and athleticism to be a very effective collegiate quarterback, will be downgraded for playing in a gimmick offense
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    I think if we could somehow get Luck hes the only QB I would evewn consider

    now to the topic of

    The opportunity to draft a franchise QB does not often present itself to a team like Dallas

    I also would put LT in up there

    I think that Sherrod will surprise everyone -

    I seen on one board where he is the 5 pick


    Carimi I like him he handled Clayborn - not at LT he make a prfect RT hes got mean streak

    but would not take him until the 20's

    have not seen Costanzo or Barksdale
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    I'm in the middle on this one.

    Luck may be the only one I would like.
  7. RS12

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    I dont consider Locker a franchise QB. Luck maybe. Romo still has alot of years to go on his contract so it wont happen regardless.
  8. windward

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    In this years class, Andrew Luck. Not too high on Locker/Mallett.
  9. Cowboy Brian

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    Im really high on Luck and Lockers pro prospects. Mallett is this years McCoy/Tebow. Preseason was ranked a first half 1st round prospect, now he is seen as a 2nd rounder.

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