I am congratulating Jerry

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Joe Realist, Jun 18, 2014.

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    Let me interject something. True, of something happen to Romo, the decision to pass on equally talented QBs other than Johnny Looseball won't look so smart.

    I half been harping on the need for a QB to succeed Romo. Not because I don't think Romo is good but because Romo will eventually get old(er). And when Romo retires that will not be the time to look for a quality blue-chipper. A QB needs time to sit on the bench and learn the system and the culture of the team.
    So I did consider the need for a QB in the 1st or second rounds to be a priority, even though our D is and remains in dire straits.
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    It is enough to make it mandatory that younger folks watch/subscribe Turner Classic Movies.

    John Wayne. Pause to think. LOL!
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    It doesn't really matter. They could have restructured him and just carried over the extra cap space to next year. If they cut him after this season the carryover would cancel out the dead money from the restructure.

    It would only matter if they cut him in the next 2 months which is unlikely.
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    I'm so glad that Dallas didn't draft JM. It would have been a disaster. It already is becoming a distraction in Cleveland and it is only going to get worse. The guy was nowhere to be found before the draft and then after he gets picked and signed, he is acting like a fool. If anyone doesn't think that it would be a 100 times worse if he was in Dallas, your fooling yourself.

    Lord, Romo dated Simpson and went to Cabo and it was blown up out of this world. I honestly think that is the reason Romo gets as much flack as he does because of that DA Jessica Simpson.....
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    While I agree with Jerry passing, I honestly think what the media is doing to this kid is wrong. The picture above and the picture of him drinking champagne on a swan is a bit of an over-reaction in my mind. I'm pretty sure the moment every rookie cashes that first check they go a little crazy. It's the most money many of them have ever seen. I'm sure you could find a handful of embarrasing pictures for just about everyone of them days following that first pay day. But because it's "Johnny Football" it becomes newsworthy.
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    You base this on? I love the Martin pick too but the reality is we dont know right this minute if passing on JFB was the right decision and wont know for a few years.
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    Great post. The kid is an idiot
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    Jerry doesn't deserve all the credit for passing on Johnny, just like he doesn't deserve all the blame when something goes bad.

    I honestly don't know why this is so hard for people to understand, but Dallas makes decisions based on a group decision made by Stephen, Jerry, Garrett, Marinelli, scouts, etc. Sure, Jerry can override some of the others, but he rarely does that anymore. He gives Garrett a whole lot of latitude because he believes in him so much. Plus, Stephen's input is about to surpass Jerry's if it hasn't already.

    So, yeah, it was a good move by Dallas to make the sensible choice and Jerry, true to recent (last few years) form didn't veto the solid choice that the organization made.

    I know this means that I'm not one of the cool kids, but that's the way it is.
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    JF in Dallas would be the biggest circus since TO and possibly the biggest of all time. Considering some of the characters we've had in our history that is saying something. There is a reason the entire media wanted the Cowboys to draft him. They would have a field day every day. The non-stop coverage would be horrible.
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    Honestly if I were in Cleveland's shoes I'd embrace the extra attention. They are finally relevant again on the national level.

    Honestly now....when was the last time anyone outside of Cleveland gave a damn about the Browns? They've only been on SNF once and their jersey sales are poor. Whenever the camera scans the stadium capturing fan reactions most of the jerseys you see are from old Browns back in the 80s because they have no great players of note from the 90s or 00s, unless you want to count Joe Thomas. But who wants to walk around in an OL's jersey. LOL

    Even though the Browns are publicly trying to squash the Manziel hype, I think deep down they are actually enjoying the attention their franchise is getting.

    I hope it works out for them because that franchise has been down for far too long.
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    I know man, but Weeden doesn't even need to be in the same sentence as that word and the word is in reference to something or somebody else.
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    Jerry can get some of the credit, but I think the heavy voices of reason came from Garrett and the scouts. I can't even imagine Garrett taking Manziel seriously. I do think the kid has a chance to be good though. As good as Romo...not so sure about that.

    In either case, it was a good move given the overall situation.

    If for some reason, Romo's back doesn't hold up (no reason to think it won't, imo), next year's crop of QBs is still really good and we would maybe even be drafting higher.
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    Only time will tell if we made the right decision. If Romo goes down with back problems again and JF is lighting it up in Cleveland we will look pretty silly (but hey at least Weeden will have a good oline to look bad behind ;)).
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    Very good point... ppl could have said alot of the same things about dez his rookie year. (No vacations I know) I think ppl have to understand the age is a big part of this. I wanted johnny to be the pick but im not mad he wasnt.

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