I am going to keep bringing it up until it stops these Refs suck

Discussion in 'Drama Zone' started by cowboyvic, Nov 28, 2013.

  1. cowboyvic

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    T. williams knee was down before that ball was ripped out. theylooked at it and still gave the Rasiders a TD. Ware was as blatant as it gets with the Ref standing right there looking at it, and still no call.yet we had a TD called back on a hold.(free did hold) all im saying is call it both ways.Ware and Hatcher were being tackled with no calls. and that OPI call on Witten was a joke. that was not OPI. i am sick and tired of these BS calls every week against the cowboys.this crap need to end. enough is enough.
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  2. JBell523

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    I thought officiating was poorly called for both teams. I didn't think Chimdi Chewbacca interfered with Dez on our final drive. It also looked like a clear PI on Scandrick in the endzone on the Raiders final drive.
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  3. fifaguy

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    Agreed. Can't we file for some kind of a complaint? It is laughably bad really.
  4. nake

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    Cowboys 6 for 40 yards
    Raiders 10 for 71 yards
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  5. Oh_Canada

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    Doesn't excuse bad calls.
    That fumble was not a fumble. Has Ware ever drawn a holding penalty?
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  6. tyke1doe

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    T. Williams should have held onto the ball. PERIOD!
  7. WestCoastQB

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    I've been screaming about the fact that they miss just as many as the replacements...The replacements just did not know the NFL game at times, and the Seattle call all but sealed their fate. But last time I checked it was a "professional' that messed up a coin flip years ago that lead to a loss as well.

    Now note I am not saying I want the replacements over these guys, but they all miss calls...it's called being human and subjective.
  8. cowboyvic

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    Are you kidding me. he hit Dez and grabbed him before the ball got there. that was clear call. don't try and tell me this game was called both ways. but it was BS.
  9. cowboyvic

    cowboyvic Well-Known Member

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    That is not the point. this thread is about the cheating Refs, not T. Williams. if you want to post about his fumble i hope you start a new thread about it. i want this thread focused on the refs.this crap is out of control . every week it's something.last week the replay ref refuse to looked at Dez catch on the game winning drive. this week they look at Williams knee down before the ball comes out and still give them the TD.it is just pitiful. and it's wrong.
  10. big dog cowboy

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    On the 55" HDTV I watched the game TWill did not fumble. How that wasn't overturned is beyond me. Even Simms said something about it being overturned.
  11. arglebargle

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    The refs are just doing a poor job overall. And being exposed due to the better game coverage. The NFL needs to figure out a better system.
  12. cowboyvic

    cowboyvic Well-Known Member

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    It should have been overturned. something is very wrong with the NFL refs when it comes to the Cowboys.this crap is going on every week. yet nobody wants to talk about it.that call and others could have cost us this game. the replay guy look att it and still gave them a TD. and last week against the Giants, the replay Ref refuse to look at that Dez catch. this is just unreal. and they are not even trying to hide their bias.
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  13. Don Corleone

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    Why? They add to parity. The NFL loves it.
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  14. muck4doo

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    I'm sure they will get right on that for you.
  15. Don Corleone

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    An even bigger indictment is the Dez catch and fumble recovered by Dallas. That looked like less of a catch than the 3rd down incomplete pass late in the Giants game last Sunday.
  16. speedkilz88

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    I'm sure the reason they called this one a catch was because they hoped the raiders would recover.
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  17. Don Corleone

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    That doesn't surprise me. It is fishy to say the least.
  18. cowboyvic

    cowboyvic Well-Known Member

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    Bingo. how do you not even look at last week Dez catch, and then call this week's a catch and fumble?(today Dez catch was a fumble in my opinion.so. just like last week was a catch. the bias is clear folks. if you refuse to believe it, i do not want to hear from you when it cause up a win and maybe a playoff birth. because if this keeps up it will.
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  19. pastordug

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    Come on. That's a stretch imo. As a former Baseball Umpire I assure you at this level there is no official going out there and making calls based on their bias against the Boys. NO WAY. Do they make some bad calls? Sure. And sometimes it "feels" as if they are against a particular team. But again there is no way.....not when you have a system in place that evaluates EVERY GAME they do and their pay is based on how well they do. Your better than that....come on man!
  20. T-RO

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    Greasy. Fishy. Foul. The league engineers the results it seeks.
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