I Am Shocked, So I Gotta Mock

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Tonight, much to my utter shock and awe, I learned that stadiums are built to buy Super Bowls. Even worse I learned that guys join rock bands just to nail chicks.

    I kid, I kid. It's to have an excuse to wear leather.

    I want to preface this draft by saying re-signing Spears, Free, Kosier, and Sensabaugh is critical. I would go after Tyson Clabo of Atlanta as a RT option in FA.

    I believe that if we need to trade up to get Patrick Peterson we should. I am therefore trading our 1st round pick in 2012, which I think is going to a very late pick in the 1st so that I can keep our high 2nd this year.

    #5. Patrick Peterson, CB, LSU, 6'1", 210. Terence Newman is getting old. He needs to move to FS to prolong his career. Coverage is crucial in secondaries in this day and age. This pick answers needs at 2 positions and helps the most critical problem of this team in 2010, coverage. Peterson is the best cover corner in this draft and of the last few years. He has the potential to be the best CB in the NFL in a few years.

    #40. Stefen Wisniewski, C, Penn State, 6'3", 300. The Logan Mankins dreams are dead with the Patriots intending to Franchise Tag him. We absolutely have to fix the OL and interior OL is crucial. I am not going to pass on a player with his pedigree and ability. The OL needs attitude and he has that in abundance.

    #71. Deunta Williams, S, North Carolina, 6'2", 205. If not for an injury he would be a 1st rounder. Roll the dice for the future. DB depth is crucial. He has too much worth to a football team to drop too far and I would not risk him being gone. So using a 3rd on him is a top price to pay.

    #109. Mark Herzlich, ILB, Boston College, 6'4", 250. What can you say about a man who beats cancer? He plays from snap to whistle and he plays to win. A future line mate with Sean Lee which could be a dynamic tandem. I don't expect him to immediately take Bradie's place but I do want depth and this is a team need for sure.

    #140. Cecil Shorts, WR/KR/PR, Mount Union, 6'0", 180. This pick is about working towards a slot WR for this Offense. He can also serve as the primary return man and he also has time at QB which could prove his versatility is outstanding. He has stats that simply cannot be ignored and if you worry about his level of competition he comes form the same college as Indy's Pierre Garcon.

    #171. Henry Hynoski, FB, Pittsburgh, 6'2", 260. I am sick of not having a lead weapon on short yardage situations. I like Gronkowski, but I am blinded by my common alma mater with him. I prefer to have a battering ram at the goal line regardless of who the RB is. Follow this guy and you will gain the hard yards. Immediately improves this Offense to get a guy like this.

    #209. Greg McElroy, QB, Alabama, 6'2", 225. I believe he is the perfect backup QB. Smart, tough, and football oriented. His Dad works for the Cowboys and he could be groomed. I always want to prepare QBs and taking one with potential late every year would not upset me at all.
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    Who ya got at RT?
  3. Hostile

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    Clabo, 3rd paragraph.
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    I am planning on using our number on pick next year on C Jim Brewster

    ah but I see you got Whizz

    very nice tho - if you gotta have PP
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    i think you're petersons biggest fan Hos. I do like the look of the draft above(i LOVE Wisniewski but i honestly think he's going to be a fast riser and go round 1).

    Not a huge proponent of Peterson but if he's there at 9 i'd take him, wouldnt move up for him though. Not sure where i see his future, cb or s. Relies too much on natural athleticsm, needs coaching up rechnique wise(which worries me with Campo still here!!!!) and needs to learn to paly sound on every play not rely on his speed.
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    Both Mel Kiper and Todd McShay said recently that Cecil Shorts is probably going to be an early third rounder. And like you, and others here, I'd like to see Peterson as a Cowboy, but to give up a future 1st rounder? That I wouldn't do. I like the other parts of your mock.
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    I hope so. Anyone worse than me would be sad. I am sad enough.
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    If the Cowboys did get Peterson, I think that he would have to battle Jenkins to start. I don't think that he could take Newman's job in 2011. Of course, Dallas could release Newman and start a rookie and hope the 2009 version of Jenkins comes back. That is more than dicey, imo.

    I like the second pick, but I think he is going to get snagged before Dallas gets to him.

    I don't know about the 3rd pick. He isn't healing fast from what I've read. He may not be ready to play.

    Really like the FB, because this team needs a physical FB who can clear the way for Felix Jones.

    The 'Bama QB is a quality, smart college QB, but his NFL upside is limited. I'm not sure he's a backup. I really like Ponder, but he will be long gone.

    The Dallas defensive front 7 took a big giant leap backwards last year, too. What happened to that huge sack total? Where was the QB pressure on that 3-10 Brees bomb? Where was Alan Ball on that play? They shouldn't have even had the blasted ball. The game should have been over. I'll never forget that game. Roy E. Williams is in Leon Lett territory, but at least Lett was a good player.

    Newman had just made a big play on a deep post where Brees had time to throw another bomb. The Eagles zone leak play completely embarrassed and exposed Dallas' front seven. Jay Ratliff was moved with ease, double teamed and single blocked..Safeties blowing coverages and falling down and staring down or double covering underneath crossing routes and letting fast guys run right by them and freely into their zone...The CB is put in a bad spot. Sensabaugh trying to intercept passes backwards while the ball whizzes right through his hands. Newman couldn't reach the ball. It was short. Plus, the SS was late.

    Brooking looking old in that Eagles game and in some other games. Igor Olshansky dancing and celebrating during blowouts on national television, while getting pushed around like a rag doll. See Igor and the other DE and Ratliff getting destroyed on that Eagles zone leak play. Ware getting blocked four times in a row by the FB. They ran the same blasted play over and over and over again. How is Patrick Peterson going to stop that play or any CB. He's a great value at 9, no doubt.

    Jenkins diving at a 10 yard out route and whiffing...Sensabaugh biting on a play fake on the same play and Ball falling down on the same Jackson 90 yard TD. Is Reggie Wayne still open? Vick having time to make a phone call (12 yards behind the line of scrimmage) while the Eagles run their special play, on the fist play of the game. Better yet, the Cowboys don't plaster someone right on Jackson. Oh yeah, Newman shut him down, inside and outside, three straight times in 2009. Yet, the secondary was in such terrible shape around Newman, that the Cowboys evidently didn't want Newman to shadow him. How could you trust anyone else to hold up while Newman zeroes in on Jackson?

    You are moving our best CB (who had 5 big interceptions) to free safety when the new defensive coordinator stated that "Newman is a really good player", and he wants to find ways to play him closer to the line of scrimmage, where he isn't guessing.

    Dallas' CBs can play better with better safety play, better coaching, and more QB pressure and sacks. What happened to all those sacks? The drop off was staggering.

    Igor Olshansky is the worst starting player on that defense, imo. Obviously, Ball needs to be replaced as a starting player, too.

    Peterson and Newman at CB would be killer, and I straight up don't think Peterson could beat Newman out in 2011, especially with Ryan infusing new life into the defensive players.
  9. 28 Joker

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    I'm giving you a hard time. LOL
    I've never done that before. ;)

    Did you just trade our 2012 first rounder?

    I don't think Peterson is worth that. He is one of the safer picks though, even with his cramps issue and his bulky playing weight at LSU. However, that says something about the other players. This isn't a good year to have a top 5 pick, so Peterson may not escape the top 3. Of course, it's still early. You would for sure have to jump Tennessee.

    What if Doug Free gets hurt at LT (assuming he's the LT), and you are drafting in the top 10 again the next year? Then, you don't have a first round pick.

    What if Montrae Holland's instincts (or lack of gap awareness) help get Romo killed again? Keep your head on a swivel, Montrae.

    Dallas needs offensive linemen and defensive linemen really bad.

    You may not be able to get Peterson, but this is a deep CB draft. The second round is possible and the third round is possible. There is quality there. The guy from Virginia Tech and Ohio State look good. The guy from Texas...There are two guys from Texas. I'll take one of them if you cut Roy E. LOL Look at GB's CBs in the Super Bowl. Newman will buy you time to draft a guy in round 2 or 3 and develop that player, imo.

    If you do win big next season, that late first rounder could be Brandon Flowers or your guy Cason or even Jenkins at 25.
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    Von Miller and Rob Ryan can fix that problem!
  11. acer941

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    I'm praying we get LaMicheal James next year in the 1st round.
  12. AKATheRake

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    I like Peterson a lot but I'm not giving up another first to go up and get him.

    I wouldn't give up 2 firsts for Darrelle Revis who we know is a lock for the next 4 seasons.

    The rest of the mock is real good. I bet Marcus Cannon we would love in the 2nd also by the time the draft comes around. He's going to fly up as well.
  13. pupulehaole

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    ill take Quinn over miller anyday =)
  14. MichaelWinicki

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    With your list of assumes, that's an interesting effort Hos.
  15. The Realist

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    When Wiz is gone by 40 and there are no other interior OL worth the pick we need to trade down and get a 2 and 3.

    Then go Love and Ijalana and that draft would be golden.
  16. ykc

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    Very good post.

    There are no sure things in the draft and the successful teams scout well, get as may picks as they can get to increase their chances...

    Pet Cats and throwing away picks (especially 1st round) is never a good idea (Gallow, Roy Williams)

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    Using a 3rd on Deunta Williams is too low, in my opinion.

    Broken bones are only structural injuries, not ligament or tendon injuries. Broken bones don't make you more prone to injury in the future as long as you let them fully heal, which he'll have had plenty of time to do before the season starts.

    Plus, it's a sturdy bone (leg) not something more fragile like the clavicle.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see a team still take him early.
  18. burmafrd

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    There is no one in this draft worth losing next years #1.
  19. casmith07

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    Also, Hos, no more JacQuizz Rogers? I think he could be our Maurice Jones-Drew.
  20. BAT

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    Glad to see one of my pet cats in Mark Herzlich. I like Hynoski too.

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