I Am Very Critical Of Bill Parcells

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gbrittain, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. gbrittain

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    I have not been one of BPs biggest cheer leaders on this board. I do not dislike him, but I think he has made some big mistakes since he came on board. I expected Dallas to be further along than they were last year.

    Needless to say I do not have a problem being critical of BP. Today is not a day to be critical of him.

    Only time will tell, but I like this draft very much so far.

    Bobby Carpenter was a given in my opinion. The closer the draft got the more convinced I became that Bobby was the choice. I for one think Lawson greatly benefited by having Mario Williams #1 overall lined up at the other DE spot. That scares me. Bobby is hard nosed and will be the leader of the Cowboys top rated D for years to come. Bobby will be to this defense what Michael Irvin was to the 90s offense.

    Fasano is a great pick as long as what Jerry Jones said is true about going to a two TE system. If we do not use the two TE set much then and only then I do not like the pick.

    Jason Hatcher at 6-6 283 is going to be critical. Greg Ellis is not right for the 3-4. Canty and Spears are great, but we all witnessed what a deep DL will do for you during the 90s Superbowl runs. I see a relentless fresh DL and that bodes well for us and not so well for the teams we face.

    I am trying to be critical, but I cant. This is a good draft. Name player drafts do not always pan out. Just ask Derek Ross and Antonio Bryant.
  2. Joe a Cowboys fan

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    In the 90s we had a QB, a massive and domenating o-line and a good D. After this draft we will have a good D. I wouldn't get your hopes up about the O. Bill and Jerry should have let the assistant coaches pick and they could have done the game planing for the first few games. Blocking TEs are a dime a dozen. Receivers are not. Blocking TEs chip an end but cannot be depended on to keep Drew on his feet long. The D even if it comes close to Baltimores fabled D doesn't score squat.
  3. kapolani

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    Blocking TE's are a dime a dozen?!?!


    Witten is a mediocre blocking TE at best... It never hurts to get another TE that can catch the ball and stretch the field. We are still set at WR for this year. Next year is the year we go for WR.
  4. Eddie

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    Really. :bow:

    We had no name blocking TE's on all our Super Bowl teams. Most were found off the street.
  5. kapolani

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    We also had a little something called a dominant O-line...

    Please try again...

  6. Eddie

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    I don't understand your point.

    So if we DON'T have a dominant OL, we have to use premium picks on blocking TE's which we can get in later rounds or simply off the street?

    I'm confused. :confused:
  7. gbrittain

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    So which WR did you want? And at who's expense did you want to draft that WR?
  8. Bob Sacamano

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    I tend to disagree with you alot, but not today my friend :bow:

    great point about our Dynasty and how our Dline rotation played a big part in that back then
  9. JsnSA

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    I have no problem with the Carpenter pick, but your issue with Lawson is also an issue with Carpenter, who was lined up at the other OLB spot with #5 overall pick A.J Hawk.
  10. Smith22

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    I'm not sold on the Hatcher pick yet, but I'm basing that on who was available, cause I admit I haven't seen Hatcher play. If Hatcher can also play as a DT (maybe on passing downs) then I can learn to like the move. Love the Carpenter pick and the Fasano pick is growing on me as long as we use a 2TE set as our base formation, which could also help out with our OL play.
  11. rkstevens

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    Like Jerry said, he wants to have a base 2 TE/2WR/1 RB offense that can either run or pass without having to switch out for a blocking TE or a pass-catching TE or bringing in a 3rd WR. He obviously feels that getting a blocking TE later on or off the street won't allow them to do that.
  12. FuzzyLumpkins

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    Look up where Kendall Watkins was drafted and get back to me genius.
  13. gbrittain

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    My personal opinion is that it is much different. One awesome DL tends to create a whole lot of opportunities for the rest of the DL. I am sure that is somewhat true with LBs, but they are not always going after the QB, because they drop off into coverage.
  14. gbrittain

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    Hey, I know I am not an expert eventhough I pretend to be on this board.:laugh2:

    Seriously though, I do not have an agenda. I call it as I perceive it. I am perfectly ok with this draft so far.
  15. speedkilz88

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    With a two TE set with TEs who can actually get open and catch the football, defenses won't be able to get their nickel/dime corners on the field on passing downs. That is a huge match up advantage that the Cowboys are looking for. Defenses won't know when they are running or passing.
  16. iceberg

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    then maybe we should try to fix the line and not lob on another band aid in a TE. nothing against fasano, but we didn't need a TE. as for (2) TE sets, let's see mr long ball drew stay happy dumping off to TE's w/TO runnin around.

    it's as if they don't line up their decisions and stay with it but change with the wind.

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