I dont want Excuses in 2013

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by cannonball44, Jan 10, 2013.

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    100% agree, Im going to put this in my sig hahaha
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    You nailed it. Jerry had exactly the right coach and then an abundance of draft picks thanks to the Herschel Walker trade. That trade is a once in a lifetime deal. Nothing like it will ever happen again. There will be other trades, but nothing like that. The Vikings overestimated the quality of their team, making them think one marquee player would put them over the top to the Super Bowl. Walker was a great player, but they overestimated his value. He wasn't the right fit for their system. That trade was a result of the Vikes grossly miscalculating.

    If Jones put Ware or Romo on the market, he would not get that kind of deal. He's got to find a way to win without getting a superabundance of talent infused into the organization. It's also tougher to keep your talent thanks to the salary cap, which did not exist back then.
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    good thing you are writing the checks.

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