i got hit by an asp

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by lane, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. lane

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    5 times!

    this is my first time to feel the pain this little fellow can give.

    i was mowing the yard today and brushed a tree limb out of the way and apparently there was an asp on the branch that landed on my thigh.

    well.......i did not realize this until i grinded it into my arm unknowingly about 5 times.. my arm felt as if is was on fire ...

    i was wondering if it was something on the freaking branch that was causing my discomfort but it turns out it was an asp.

    asps can go to hell.

    i've been stung 10 times by yellowjackets at one sitting and i would welcome that compared to this damn asp.

    asps suck!
  2. Mavs Man

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    That sucks. But when you said asp I at first thought you meant this:


    Not this:

  3. tomson75

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    Lmao...not reall funny Lane, but you did get bested by a caterpillar. Sucks to be you right now. :D

    A few cold ones might stem the swelling. ;)
  4. mr.jameswoods

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    That's why I don't mind the 110 degree heat in Phoenix. Yeah, it might be hot as hell but I never have to worry about mosquitoes, yellowjackets or asps because they can't survive in this heat or dry weather. There are pros to insane heat and this is one of them. I freakin hate bugs. I like how you can have a bbq or a cookout at night and not have to bring Off bug spray with you.
  5. Dallas

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    So when he said Asp, you automatically assumed 16ft Reticulated Python?

    I actually thought - Vipera aspis.


    I had forgotten that Texas does indeed have a vast population of Megalopyge opercularis - Asp


    If you were indeed stuck w/ it's spines. You might want to do the following.

    Dangerous. Medical advice may be sought. It is best if the venom from the spines are treated within hours of first contact. For first aid, it is recommended that you remove the spines (if present) using cellophane tape. Large dose Vitamin C has been used successfully as an antitoxin. Other remedies, which are reported to have varying degrees of success, include ice packs, oral antihistamine, baking soda, hydrocortisone cream, juice from the stems of comfrey plants, or calamine lotion.
  6. Rack Bauer

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    Wow. I've lived in Texas my whole life... and I've never seen one of those things.

    Pretty nasty looking.

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