I got to lose 35lbs by April 1

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by ctrous25, Feb 3, 2014.

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    The hyper chipmunk part is accurate too lol.
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    Ya, this bet is causing you to lose weight the wrong way.
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    I think its mainly because most people don't get enough fruit and veggies in their diet, and making a blend of different fruits/vegetables then transporting it to work is alot easier than carrying around a bunch of different fruits and veggies on their own.
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    Cut off an arm, .. but make sure the guy is someone that will pay up on his bets.

    Seriously, 35 lbs in two months?, .. good luck, .. and be careful.

    2k? You still better be very confident that this is a person that will pay if he loses this bet.
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    Oh don't take that personally at all I was just having some fun about the topic. You were totally not nerdy/annoying and very informative (not lecturing;advice) in your post. I just thought Charlie showed the eccentric po folk way :)

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    Solution above. Lol
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    I follow everything on that list almost to a T. Although, I am lucky my nutritionist wife cooks 75% of our meals since she likes to cook and is not working. However, even when she went to Japan for a month, I still followed that list on my own. It can be done. It is not difficult at all. And I eat like a king when it comes to taste and quality. I do not deny myself any food. I snack on chips, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, etc. Portion size and moderation are the key. And it all can be done cheaply; my wife and I spend approximately less than $400/month on food for the both of us.
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    No worries :D.
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    ok lets chart this. Feb 3, 2014 (Monday is scale day :D:D) 260 lbs. - 35 lbs. to goal of 225 lbs. 8 weeks left
  10. ctrous25

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    249 this morning
  11. StevenOtero

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    This thread has inspired me to get my training regimine going again.

    I'm 24, used to be in perfect shape in High School. Played Strong Safety.

    Out of High School I got into IT work and took for granted how much Football kept me in shape. I'm now out of shape like a mofo, but I'm back on my training schedule as of yesterday.

    I'll be following a diet similar to the one posted above (http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=5899101).
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    True enough. The mantra is.....It's not what you do in the gym....... It's what you do when you're NOT in the gym.

    Diet, diet, diet. Good healthy foods (Chicken, turkey, buffalo) in 6-8 oz portions with veggies and protien. Sprinkle in a yam and small red potato. Use fat free cottage cheese for a slow protien release before bed. Fat free milk for drink. Done.

    It sucks at first but you'll notice a difference in about two weeks. For the sweet tooth, my biggest and hardest issue to deal with, try a Gala apple. They usually qualm the desire for a box of Little Debbie's chocolate anything!. :)

    No sugars and lay off the breads, tortillas buns, rolls, etc. If you're working out and sweating we need salt. Be wary of your intake is all. NO sports drinks or sodas. Loaded with all the crap you don't need. (Your cholestoral will thank you.)

    While I do this daily I do allow my self 1 cheat meal a week. Whatever, except sugar(s). Funny thing tho....the longer you diet the more issues one has after the 'cheat meal'. At this point I may as well not do it. My body rejects it in various ways.

    My two cents.
  13. Seven

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    Yes sir. Pay attention. Your body truly speaks.

    It's amazing what one can do FOR the body and the results therin. Amazing.
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    How we doin' @ctrous25? Updates? Are you going to get paid or what?
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    Keep drinking a lot of water. This is especially important if you plan on cutting water weight (wrestler/MMA style) at the end to win the bet. Obviously, not healthy, but if you need to drop 12 lbs quick, it works pretty well.
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    I've found sandwiches to really help me when i'm trying to lose weight.

    You can buy bread that for 2 slices is 90 calories..

    Use some mustard and turkey and you can make 2 sandwiches that are around 400 calories for all of it.

    You could do this with breakfast too. Couple of Eggs and 2 or 3 pieces of toast. That's 900 calories for 2 meals and if you don't go crazy on your 3rd meal you should lose weight.
  17. ctrous25

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    242 friend. . Working out twice a day . Drinking plenty of water with a balanced diet of 1800 cals
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    Bodybuilding.com is an AMAZING website.
    Everything you could ever need to know about dieting and getting in shape can be found on that website. A lot of those guys have PhDs's.

    Both my Diet and my Lifting routines were found on that website. Currently doing a 12 week routine by Dr. Jim Stoppani.
    Since I started working out 6 months or so ago, I have taken in so much information from that website, and I can definitely see/feel the difference in my body.
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    Lots and lots of cocaine.
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    Any side effects? LOL

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