I hate some things about Doctors...

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by jksmith269, Aug 3, 2008.

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    Last night I got to spend some time in the local ER, I went in for chest pains. When I got to the ER my BP was 173/131 exteremly high. So they hook me up to the EKG which says "infaraction" in english Heart Attack. Well they do chest x-rays blood work and so on. well I wasn't having a heart attack but my BP was so high it caused the EKG to register one. Well they give me 2 pills to get my BP down. well I'm sitting there looking like a robot with all the wires and everything when the Dr. says we found a spot on your left lung x-ray. I was like ok what is it, he said it looks like phnemounia but since you're not sick or a cough I don't think that's it. So lets do another set of x-rays. well they come back and he says he couldn't see it on the second set. Well I get released and this morning I get a call the radiologist has requested I get a CT scan of my left lung because he sees a "consoladation" on the left lung. I'm like what he hell is that. I search the internet and nothing I find is good, makes me hope for Phnemounia. well I finally call them back and say look I need more info this is driving my wife crazy. the MD get's on the phone and says it's more for percaution than anything, they think it's scar tissue but it could be something else... I was like then why didn't you put "Scar Tissue" on the request instead of scaring the crap out of my wife and I... he says cause he's not sure untill the ct scan is done... so how was your weekend?

    BTW I now have a cough and a pain almost dead center of back just off to the left side. so I'm not sure if that's in my mind or it's actually there...
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    Mold? Mold in your home may cause some issues like this.
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    Have you had prior pneumonia in that lung?

    History of hypertension?
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    And for your own peace of mind try to avoid self-diagnosis on the net. You'll scare yourself silly.
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    A lot of the time once you think you have somethings, you will begin to make up symptoms you dont have.
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    They use a term like 'a consolidation' because they don't want to say to scare you *****l3ss for no good reason and tell you "we see a cancer looking thingy in your lung, so we want a ct scan"
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    I had my CT scan this morning and the results where phnemounia just starting so I should be good to go when we figure out why my BP got so high.
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    well it is good to hear it is phnemounia. I had that twice as a teenager. it was tough I couldnt sleep because I couldnt breathe!!!

    I missed a month of school as a junior!!

    you will hopefully be feeling better in 6 weeks or so.

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