I Hope Tuna &/or Zimmer Are Watching this Eagles Defense ...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BulletBob, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. BulletBob

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    They are playing extremely aggressively.

    We should be using Roy like Fat Andy uses Dawkins. He's consistently provides QB pressure from the safety position.

    I know that the Eagles play a different defensive set, but it seems that every time they send both safeties, it results in either a sack or rushed throw (Eli looks like a deer in the headlights).

    How about sending Killer & Roy on a well-disguised blitz every once-in-a-while?

    Don't think our three corners (TNew, Henry, & Glenn) can cover for the 2-3 seconds it would take to get to an immobile Brunell?


    Too risky - let's just play the percentages.
  2. SupermanXx

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    I know man

    I'm watching the Eagles Giants game too and I can't believe how good the Eagles look on D and how tough and aggressive their players play

    I'm jealous

    get a clue, Zimmer/Parcells
  3. Bob Sacamano

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    1st they have to feel comfortable in Pat Watkins in coverage at FS to be able to allow them to send Roy out on blitzes and play more close to the LOS
  4. GoCowboysGo

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    Originally Quoted by BulletBob:

    I agree! But!

    The offensive line play is awesome for the Eagles. It points to the fact that O-line play is where it all starts and ends. Really, my 'Boys have paid little, if any, attention to the most important part of an NFL team.

    Same with the d-line. No rush, no win.

    Jerry Jones "thinks" he's a football man, and until he and his son remove themselves from any football operations, we won't have a winner, play-off winner that is.

    But I always have some hope. We'll see.
  5. Clove

    Clove Shrinkage

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    The Eagles have brought the wood for sure on defense. That's the key in this league, QB pressure and great OLine play.
  6. vaquerosdedallas

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    I do not look forward to seeing the matchup of our offensive line against Philly's defensive line.I am afraid that it will be a long day for Dallas.
  7. 2much2soon

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    Coach Parcells is that you? :laugh1:

    Seriously, haven't we heard this before at various positions? Is Bill going to have to have a roster full of HOF locks before he feels comfortable letting his guys play?
  8. T-New41

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    What a crazy play!

    edit: Whoops, wrong thread!
  9. Cbz40

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    That's ok it was still a crazy play. :lmao2:
  10. tomson75

    tomson75 Brain Dead Shill

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    I sure as hell hope their not watching right now! TIVO that #$%!! The redskins are on the menu for today.
  11. CantonBound08

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    I completely agree. I really like a pressure defense. We have the personnel to do it on defense, but whoever is calling the shots on our defense prefers the bend but don't break. I hate that. I would much rather have an aggressive, imposing defensive scheme.

    We have the talent, but it seems like we don't have the cajones to do it.
  12. wileedog

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    I hope they stopped watching.
  13. TruBlueCowboy

    TruBlueCowboy New Member

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    :laugh2: :laugh2:

    Live by the blitz, die by the blitz.
  14. chinch

    chinch No Quarter

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    LOL. "D" gives up TD in OT for the loss.
  15. Rogerthat12

    Rogerthat12 DWAREZ

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    You spoke too soon..Choke...Choke..:lmao::lmao2::eek:
  16. Rush 2112

    Rush 2112 New Member

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    How'd that aggressive D work out on last play of game?
  17. dbair1967

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    the same way Zimmer's prevent defensive style usually works out for us

  18. Rush 2112

    Rush 2112 New Member

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    Maybe our O should stop setting up the opposing O.

    If the net result is the same why tout another D for being so aggressive?

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