I keep hearing Romo doesn't have a great supporting cast but

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by CowboysFanSince88, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. CowboysFanSince88

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    why does he seem to have a great supporting cast when

    He plays in games during the regular season?

    The team around him seems to play just fine when he is not playing in a do or die game. But I see so many want to ignore that fact and not accept that Romo as good as we think he is since he has always been a big turnover waiting to happen.

    So why is the team around him acceptable before he reaches a do or die game but when he loses in a elimination game it's the players around him???
  2. BanditHiro

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    In the end, the Cowboys couldn't overcome the injuries and Jason Garrett's inability to gameplan. That was the downfall of the season and it sucks that Garrett will be coming back.
  3. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    Look, bottom line Romo lost the game for his team last night..If you really believe he has a good supporting case, you are blind. Besides his skill position players that he gets the ball to & having to stretch out a ton of plays with the o-line collapsing around him.. Supporting casts consists of having an offensive line that can run block that put your team in good positions on 2nd & 3rd down, & having a defense on the other side of the ball that can keep teams out of the end zone and win games as well.. The Cowboys were 31st in the NFL with 1,265 rushing yards as a team. Mosts of the games where you say the supporting cast is great, Romo has a large part to do with that.. Like I said, I can't excuse his mess last night, but you really need to wake up. They have got to put a legit offensive line around him that can handle the blitz & can get out on screen plays & open up holes for the RB's
  4. percyhoward

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    31st in rushing
    29th in pass defense

    That's not a lot of support for the passing game.
  5. Boyzmamacita

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    The team around him did nothing last night. No turnovers from the defense. Surprise surprise. RG3 was barely touched until very late in the game. DeMarcus Ware should not have been out there. The offensive line was jekyll and hyde. The starting receivers were unavailable. If they had won, it would've been all Romo. Maybe that's what's wrong with the Dallas Cowboys. They put too much on one guy. You might not like to hear "excuses" for Romo, but what part of this post is untrue? There is talent on the Cowboys, but the trenches need to be reinforced, among other things.
  6. CowboysFanSince88

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    I agree Romo lost the game which is why my question was to those who say he doesn't have the right supporting cast. The supporting cast seems to be just fine when the Cowboys are winning in a game that is not DO or DIE.
  7. Lodeus

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    Also I am pretty sure we're last(or close to) in defensive turnovers.
  8. percyhoward

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    28th in takeaways
  9. kevm3

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    lol hall of fame tight end, one of the best young receivers in dez bryant, pro bowl receiver in miles austin, very solid 3rd in dwayne harris who is also an excellent returner...

    and we're going to lay this on the defense when they're the only reason the game is in reach for romo and the offense to 'come back' when they actually start attempting to play sometime in the midway mark in the 3rd quarter?
  10. PA Cowboy Fan

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    Romo has had a good supporting cast in the past. It's true there are a lot of problems with this current team but Romo seems to overcome them during the regular season. Last night Romo just looked tight. He choked. From the minute of that first interception, I knew it was going to be one of those days.
  11. CowboysFanSince88

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    I see people also want to ignore the game was 7-7 at the half because of how good the defense played

    In previous do or die games the score at the half was

    21-0 Giants

    27-3 Eagles

    So Romo is 75% of the blame for this loss
  12. ThrowuptheXDez88

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    lol yes he is to blame for last night, I admitted that!!! Going forward, he still needs an improved supporting cast around him that involves the offensive line & defense. What do you not get?? We win that game, everything would have been great around here for a week, but we would have been with a 10% Ware, without Dez/Miles/Spencer/Harris/Beasley... Our receivers for next week would've been Kevin Ogletree/Andre Holmes/Tim Benford/Anthony Armstrong.. Victor Butler/Alex Albright/Wilber as your starting OLB's.... Does that excuse Romo for choking? Of course not, but this team had no shot at beating a hot Seahawks squad with the injuries that piled up last night.
  13. Paniolo22

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    I don't get why people are confused. Pressure right up the middle and in your face 80% of the snaps will cause the best QBs to be inaccurate. It messes up timing, and they can't look down field. He had guys in his face up the middle on every drive. Not blaming or excusing, but that is a recipe for disaster.
  14. Dave_in-NC

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    And no O line or running game to remove the pressure from our stars.
    Not a good recipe.
  15. Ultra Warrior

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    Don't agree. His first 2 turnovers resulted in ZERO points for the Skins. Romo got us back within 3 & with pressure in his face, he threw the ball to where he hoped could bail us out. Skins made a great play & picked off the ball. Had a BS call on Hatcher not happen, we hold them to a FG attempt ( which wasn't a GIVEN, since they missed one earlier ) & would have gave Romo another shot to pull out the win. "Bottom Line", Romo was doing his best to CARRY a broken down team for MONTHS. Hell, by the end of the game, he's working with the 3rd, 4th & 5th string WRs & an barely walking #1. While the saying goes, "Injuries aren't an excuse". they are a REASON why a team would fall apart in a game like this. The fact that we even got as far as we did was a MIRACLE in itself & Romo was mostly behind that MIRACLE.
  16. DMAC

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    Do you realize how big of an advantage it is for the D when you run the play clock down to 1 on so many plays. The can get a great jump, which makes the OL's job harder. Romo needs to learn to take a snap with several seconds on the clock, and a few quick snaps thrown in.

    Our OL needs to sway as much to their favor as possible, and Romo's slow acting butt ain't helping.

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