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Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by coult44, Jul 26, 2013.

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    I'm the first guy to give props to other teams, other players, other coaches, etc. I LIVE the Dallas Cowboys, but am far away from being a homer. With that being said, I'm going to get tired of every network, every TV show, every radio show, every blog, every person who talks about the NFL, having their heads so far up the 49ers butt, that we shouldn't even play the season. Just give the Superbowl to them right now...I know they are good. In fact, I wish a lot of our team was like them...Our LB's should desire to be like theirs and BRUCE-LEE have that type of potential. Our OL and DL should be built like theirs. They are stacked and deep in the trenches...BUT THIS IS THE NFL...Nothing ever happens as it seems on paper before the season. According to all the pundits they are going to go 17-0, break every record, have 20 pro bowl players, and be the best team ever..According to one guy on the NFLN today, Colin Kaepernick is going to be a 1st ballot HOF when it's all said and done....ENOUGH ALREADY!!!
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    Just enjoy the ride. Honestly the NFC is stacked. There are about 5-6 teams that just on paper you think could be the top at any moment. GB, Atlanta, if Jaish Freeman can step up the sky is the limit for Tampa, same goes for Ponder and Minny...New Orleans, Detroit, NYG and Dallas will be good just because of their QBs. Then you've got the second year QB club which really could go either way.

    I wish we played in the AFC.
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    Let them. I for one am glad they are not talking Cowboys. Under the radar is what I prefer although that can't happen.
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    Now you know how every other team in the league feels every year when it's all Cowboys all the time.
  5. Hoov

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    They all love Kaepernick. Some in the media were so disappointed when the ravens won the superbowl.

    To be honest, he is an exciting player to watch and I took a liking to him early on - by that I mean being able to appeciate his athletic talent and his style of play. That kiss the biceps pose he does is is pretty corny though.

    I actually do not think they will be quite as dominate a team on defense as last year. Still, they look like the team to beat in the NFC right now.

    Green Bay is always a contender with rodgers, but i read he was the most sacked QB last year and still think they have O-Line woes and a weak defense. The Saints were awful on defense last year and now they are going from a 4-3 to 3-4 and i dont think they have the players tu run that 3-4 yet so i expect they will suck on defense again. I dont thin M Lynch is going to have a year like he did last season, I think the seahawks may take a step back. Atlanta was a team that had a very low number of sacks last year and i still think they will have trouble generating a pass rush. Aside from the 49ers I really dont see a dominate team in the NFC.

    I think the NFC East is coming back to be one of the stronger divisions in football again and Im looking forward to some good battles with our division foes.
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    Let em talk about SF. I can't wait to see them scurry when Kapernickel has a bad season. Prediction---9-7 for them and wishing they had Alex back :)
  7. OhSnap

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    The real story is can the Colin keep it goin for 16 games and find a new go to guy. I see where your comin from but people have been clamoring for the 9ers to get out of the gutter for years. I hate to trash a SB team but them sod busters aint had but 2 good seasons in forever. Sounds like lightnin in the bottle to me. But I hate it just as bad when they hypin the Cowboys too. Better them than us.
  8. Ren

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    The 49'ers are a really good team they deserve to be in the spotlight. It's better someone else being under the media microscope and dealing with the pressure that comes with it then us cause if they don't live up to the hype it's going to get ugly (See 08 Cowboys)
  9. Wheeltax

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    Kaep strikes me as seriously overrated. I don't know what the lovefest is for this guy.
  10. SkinsHokieFan

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    Top to bottom they are as talented, and young, as any team in the NFL.

    You have an excellent d-line. They took steps to improve the secondary. The offense has a terrific line and is loaded with weapons. Harbaugh has proven to be a terrific NFL head coach.

    They should be the favorites again to come out of the NFC. But we all know the history of Superbowl losers

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