I laugh at many who think the Saints are GREAT !!!

Discussion in 'NFL Zone' started by garyv, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. garyv

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    I laugh at many who think the Saints are GREAT. Honestly the Saints have a GREAT QB that makes the whole Team look much better than it really is.....you take Breese out of that Starting Lineup by an Injury and watch their ship sink real fast. What teams need to do is land some extra hits on Breese in the pocket. Hes got too much time to scope the Field. I just think hes head and shoulders above the other starting QB's and thats what makes them tick.
  2. davidb257

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    If we come at Brees with a variety of exotic zone blitzes, he will have no chance.

    Don't give him time to read the field, disguise blitzes from all over the field, get Brees to the floor.

    3 and outs.
  3. DallasKnight

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    And what do you think would happen to the Colts? San Diego? Vikings? or the Cowboys? if their starting QB went down? Look what happened to the Steelers when Ben went down. Of course Brees has something to do with it, he's a great QB. He brings the players around him up.
  4. cowboyjoe

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    i totally agree with that but thats just like cowboys with romo, take romo out of the picture and cowboys might be in trouble too. Now, cowboys can get hot and keep getting hotter while saints might cool off alittle. Still though, on paper or whatever you want to say talent wise, the saints and vikings are pretty tough.

    AMERICAS_FAN Active Member

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    The Saints have a pretty good RB and WR too. Don't assume it's all Brees. He does not even play defense, yet that unit is pretty good too. They are a very good team. I can't say great yet because thry have not played all other very good teams in the NFL, and Dallas is one of them.
  6. Hoofbite

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    And they all laugh at you.

    What you said can be said for just about every team.

    Brees has time in the pocket because he reads the defenses so well. You can't hit a guy who knows what you are doing. That's why Manning stays upright so much.

    If it was so easy to just land shots on a QB, everyone would be landing shots.
  7. CowboyFan74

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    Every dog has his day. Any given Sunday. The bigger they are the harder they fall.

    Ok I'm out of relevant cliches...:holmes:
  8. Sam I Am

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    What makes the Saints great isn't just Brees. He has been there. It's the fact that their defense isn't a piece of crap anymore. They are playing far better than they had been in previous years.
  9. cowboyjoe

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    exactly, hopefully one day tony romo will reach this level too, then lookout!
  10. Hook'em#11

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    The Egals, probably one of the best at blitzing from everywhere, were very unsuccessful doing so.

    You blitz Brees, he will beat you. THey are a sound machine.

    Ball control and T.O.P. is how you beat Brees and Co. Keep em off the field.
  11. percyhoward

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    Stop laughing at me. They ARE great, and beating them will be even better.
  12. Faerluna

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    Sharper is a machine this year.
  13. TheCount

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    Yeah, and Usain Bolt probably wouldn't be so fast without legs.
  14. rcaldw

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    Yea, that 11-0 record is all smoke and mirrors:rolleyes:
  15. Rampage

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    Brees is a much better qb when he only see's 3 or 4 pass rushers. when teams blitz him he makes mistakes and turns the ball over quite a bit.
  16. rysko

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    some of you guys are insane... okay take away peyton from colts no longer great DUH? like wow... the fact you laugh.. i just honestly dont understand what a lot of you guys are thinking when u post. like was this a joke? sigh its so depressing opening a thread and its just complete nonsense. brees was great 2 years ago their team wasnt. now their whole team is clicking = truely great. but yeah nice post.. lol
  17. DallasCowpoke

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    Nice, made me :laugh2:!
  18. Doomsday101

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    The Saints are a very good team. Yes take Brees out they are not as good, I think you could do that with many teams in the NFL where 1 or 2 key players is the differance between being an avg team to a contending team.
  19. bbgun

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    They may be the real deal, but I just don't trust teams with space age, Star Wars-type offenses. They invariably seem to get shut down by blue-collar defenses come crunch time. Of course, if their defense is for real, then that changes everything.
  20. SLATEmosphere

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    The 09 Saints are the most overrated team in NFL history.

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