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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Silverstar, Feb 27, 2009.

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    Ok here goes....

    2nd - William Beatty - It's time to draft that future LT, bcuz McQ and Free are not impressing me at all. Beatty has all the tools you look for in a LT prospect. He comes from a good program at UConn, 6-6 307, 34 1/2 reach, 27reps and a 5.12 40. He's rated as the 6th or 7th tackle right now and he should fall right in our laps at #51. Not a sexy pick, but we need to address this position and groom this guy for 2010. Flo will have started in over 180 games by next year. Flo has done his job, but it's time to move on with a younger and quicker LT. Keep in mind, that Jones will NEVER draft an OL in the 1st round...even with 2 picks!

    3rd - Chip Vaughn - we need a SS to replace you know who. Vaughn is a legit SS prospect (6-1 221) and will probably be the best one left at this point IMO. Has good speed (4.51) and strength (21 reps) and hops (37" vertical). We nab him here and don't look back.

    4th - Jasper Brinkley - Natural inside backer at (6-2 252), who is strong and physical (27 reps) with decent speed (4.72) and once again, he'll be best ILB on the board here.

    4th - Dorell Scott - Good size for NT at 6-3 312 and can easily add another 10 pounds to his frame. Put up good numbers at Clemson and at the combine. Clemson had a top 10 defense. Have to take him here, cuz he won't last till our pick IMO.

    5th - Cornelius Lewis - a short left tackle 6-3 1/2 332lbs that is projected to play guard in the NFL. This guy is the future at LG. A steal for us with our 5th pick.

    5th - Johnny Knox - 6-0 185 WR, 4.34 forty and 18.9 YPC average. This guy was born in Houston and is not a polished receiver, but he's worth the effort and the pick here IMO.

    6th - Chase Holbrook - Big pocket QB (6-4 242), that can take a hit after delivering the ball and get back up. Pretty accurate against decent competition and make all the throws. Can't say much else...let him play in preseason and see what he can accomplish.

    7th - Robby Felix - backup center with decent size at 6-3 302 and strong with (33 reps). Not the future at center, but we need a backup center and I don't want Proctor back.

    7th -Thomas Morstead - A very good punter from SMU and a texas native. A good insurance policy, in case McBriar doesn't regain his form. I'm not that confident he will and I don't want Paulescu back. Also, don't want to get into a bidding war for Morstead as a UDFA

    With the 2 extra compensatory picks, I would simply use them to move up and try to get all these players.

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    Thats not a pretty draft but I like it. Meat and potatoes.
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    That draft is horrific A LT for our first pick??????]

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    I'm one of the few who already has the draft in mind, here's my version of the mock: http://cowboyszone.com/forums/showthread.php?t=147259.

    I think the significant difference in our approach is the fact that my draft is geared more towards need, whereas I think you might be looking at possibly the best available, though I could be wrong. Conventional wisdom lends more towards your approach, however, I'm not sure the Cowboys can afford to look elsewhere for need which is why it may be necessary to stray from the norm. Here are my thoughts on your picks:

    I agree; it is time to look towards the future for LT; I was not impressed with Flo in the least during the 2008 campaign. However, the timing is horrible, because of all the more pressing needs on defense; particularly if both Burnett and Zach leave during Free Agency. The 3-4 requires speedy and athletic LB's, because the DL in this format only soak up blocks. It's up to the LB's to read and react, particularly on screens and run plays to ensure the opposing offense isn't afforded short yardage situations on 2nd and 3rd downs. It is for this reason that the Cowboy's, given the aforementioned scenario, will have to pick up the best ILB available at this point. The drop in skills after this round will be likely be significant. The Cowboy's cannot afford a stop-gap solution for a replacement.

    I like Chip Vaughn's size and speed, but am still more of a fan of David Bruton at this point. Chip is more of a football player, in terms of technique and breaking on the ball, but David is an athletic freak, that if groomed well could be a great player in years to come.

    Good Size; Average Speed. Has actually been projected as a 5th to 6th rounder, due to the infamous knee injury. I will say I wouldn't be disappointed by this pick considering his upside.

    I like this pick, but I doubt he'll available this late in the draft. You might consider switching your ILB and this one, as he is projected to be gone in 3rd round. Keep in mind, alot of teams are commiting to the 3-4 this year, so DT with this type of size will see there stock rise as a result.

    He's got the size and strength, but he's a little slow for what I hope the Cowboy's try to do with their talented stable of backs to thwart the blitzing NFCE. Think speed. Screens. Players who can move and seal the edge for Felix Jones and Tashard Choice.

    He received honorable mention on my board. Obviously, I like the speed; I'm not going to lie. But we've got a full stable of receivers as it is. Dependent on the types of moves the Cowboys make between now and the draft will determine rather not the Cowboys have more pressing needs at this pick.

    Chase is actually projected to go undrafted. Though, i do like his size and the fact that he may be a steal, dependent on how his play translates to the NFL.
    Dallas Reynolds would be my favorite here considering the character and his ability to play any position, but Robby Felix does have good size, speed, and strength. I wouldn't be disappointed by this pick up.

    I think you might find better value in the Free Agency, if that is necessary. I don't know the situation with McBriar, but I would have to have some serious doubts to take two punters to training camp.

    Like I said of most your picks, I wouldn't be disappointed with a draft like this, but with our pressing needs in so many areas on defense and plenty of OL that will be available in the latter rounds that could be groomed, I would like to see the Cowboys address needs before anything else. I know, I know, that flys in the face of what every expert says a team should do, but I think these same experts suggest you replace need in the Free Agency, which the Cowboys clearly do not have the cap space to do.
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    With Canty most likely gone who do people think is going to play at RDE next year?

    Please don't say Hatcher or Bowen.

    If Canty leaves, I want Jarron Gilbert DT from SJSU.

    22 TFL's and 9.5 sacks as a senior.

    God forbid we have a DE that can rush the passer..........

    Or a guy next to Rat inside on the nickel that can get there.
  6. DaBoys4Life

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    I'll pass.
  7. Silverstar

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    And if Adams goes down, who's gonna protect Romo's blindside?

    McQ? Free?

    Davis slides over?

    I don't think so...

    We have to groom a LT to replace Adams....sooner the better.
  8. Silverstar

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    Nice numbers.....San Jose State eh?

    He MUST be the real deal.
  9. DaBoys4Life

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    Ah i forgot you have to be from the SEc to be a legit defensive prospect.
  10. Silverstar

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    Too bad Hatcher didn't play at a Div I college. Still, even the combine numbers look eerily similar to me.

    Jason Hatcher (6-6 284*) - As a senior at Grambling State, he started 12 games and registered 71 tackles with 21.5 tackles for loss, 11 sacks and 16 QB hurries. At the Combine, he did 28 reps and ran a 4.82 40-yard dash with a 35.5-inch vertical jump and a 9-5 broad jump.

    Jarron Gilbert (6-6 288) - As a senior at San Jose State, he started 12 games and registered 52 tackles with 22 tackles for loss, 9.5 sacks and 5 QB hurries. At the combine, he did 28 reps and ran a 4.87 40-yard dash with a 35.5-inch vertical jump and a 9-11 broad jump.

    * rookie weight

    I wonder if Hatcher could have jumped out of a pool too? :)
  11. DaBoys4Life

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    I'm having trouble following you. Hatcher didn't play D1 football Gilbert did yet you make it seem as though he was from a d3 college.....
  12. Rush 2112

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    Clearly he must stink because he didn't go against any SEC level competition.

    Just like Scandrick, Clady, Daryn Colledge (who we ddn't want), the LG from the Pats that went in first round, etc, etc.

    Fresno State/Boise sending guys to the NFL every year lately.

    Basically, what he is saying is stay away from the small school guys like.....

    Cornelius Lewis - Tennessee State

    Johnny Knox - Abilene Christian

    Chase Holbrook - New Mexico State (WAC QB same conference as Gilbert)

    Robby Felix - UTEP

    Thomas Morestead - SMU
  13. Silverstar

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    I just don't see Gilbert beating out Hatcher in TC and taking over that RDE spot. Isn't that the point of drafting Gilbert, because Hatcher is considered a bust by some etc?

    My point is, what makes him so much better than Hatcher...that superior competition he faced at SJSU?

    Cuz, I really don't see much else.
  14. Silverstar

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    I have nothing against Gilbert...he just reminds me so much of what we already have in Hatcher
  15. Rush 2112

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    College DE's, whether they played in a 3-4 (Canty) or 4-3 (Spears/Hatcher) can't get to the QB from the 3-4 DE position, or rushing inside as a nickel DT.

    Gilbert got all his stats/pressure coming up the middle.
  16. dmoore

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    Change your first pick to Jamon Meredith. He'd be the future at LT, and the present at LG. Kiper has him as his #1 guard, but other places aren't as high on him so he might be there at our pick.
  17. Silverstar

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    Unfortunately, that doesn't matter in Gilbert's case, cuz he didn't play DT at 300lbs...coming up the middle. The pressure Gilbert got was at 280-285 max, playing beside Adonis Davis a 6-1 295lber. He still has to put on the extra 20lbs, just like Hatcher had to and then perform at that weight at the NFL level.

    Unless, you think he's so great that he doesn't have to play at 300lbs.
  18. Rush 2112

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    Putting on the size is the easy part.

    Virtually all NFL rookies have to add size and strength coming into the league.

    The point you are missing is the technique required of a 3-4 DE, or rushing the passer inside as a nickel DT.....is obviously much closer to that of a 4-3 DT than that of a 4-3 DE.

    Hence Spears/Hatcher can't get to the QB to save their lives.

    And even Canty who has been in 3-4 all of college and pro career is worthless in that regard. Born to 2 gap, not split the double team, shoot the gap and make a play in the backfield.
  19. 28 Joker

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    I wouldn't take a 5 technique defensive end in round 2, either. I would take a player that compares to Ratliff, and there are 4 of them going in rounds

    I really like Dorell Scott. I think you would have to take him in round 3, though.
  20. Silverstar

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    I just like Beatty's upside more at LT. I just hope that Loadholt is gone before we pick, cuz I know Houck is probably drooling over him. He looks like a tackle that's playing in the mud all the time.

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