I love this team!

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by 31hammer, Aug 8, 2006.

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    I'll start with the Defense. We have an outstanding core of young guys, that are coming into thier own. Newman is a beast, Roy is a monster, Ware is a freak, not to mention the strong and steady play of Canty, James, Henry, Spears. This team has the potential to be dominant for years to come.

    Our QB is a veteran "leader", that's right I said leader. He's been there did that. If we give him time(is that so much to ask) he will get it done, he will find a way to win. Just look at the 1st half of the season last year.

    What has been our achillis heal the last several years? Kicker. We could have won an extra 3-4 games last year simply by having a kicker that can actually kick. Now we have the most accurate in history. Well I heard he can't kick the long one. That's not Parcells way. Parcells plays a game of grind it out field position. He'ld rather punt it then kick a 53 yd field goal. Oh by the way we have a very talented yound punter. Kicker may be the third most important player out there. behind the QB and RB.

    RB. Julius is loaded with talent. He has had freakish injuries. He's not exactly injury prone. If he stays healthy this team will achieve "great" things. If not this team will still go along way with RB by committee.

    WR. Glenn is a warrior. Alot of talent left. Witten is gonna have the whole middle of the field to operate, can you say 1st down. T.O. T.O maybe the biggest game changer in the game. Playmaker part 2. It's true he has torn other organizations down. But lets admit it Garcia is kind of gay. Marriuchi wasn't man enough to handle him. Donovan is so corny and a jealous prima donna. Andy Ried has an ego the size of Texas for no reason. He and the Eagle organization actually believed they could bully TO into submission. Idiots.

    OL yeah we could do better. but its not like we haven't tried. We just keep missing. Hopefully Columbo and Petti and Gurode will be as good as they have looked.
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    Nice analysis. Hopefully, everything will fall into place. If this team can avoid major injuries, it has the potential to go very far. But they have to do it on the field. I hope we see some flashes of brilliance in the preseason.
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    me too.

    i am deeply excited about this season!
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    i love me some cowboys too :)
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    If we can be healthy we should be OK. I truly believe we have a good chance at the playoffs if we don't lose a critical player. I think you can say that about quite a few teams as well. We are better than last year for sure. We may not quite yet be a Super Bowl team but neither are we a disaster waiting to happen. I know message boards love to dwell in the extreme but the truth is always in the middle.
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    I agree with you 110 percent!
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    Go Cowboys! :star:

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