I missed the obligatory the OL is fine thread

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by MONT17, Aug 7, 2006.

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    you know the ones that describe each individual player and how they have improved over the offseason like the OL has nothing to do with unity and cohesiveness... I miss those threads!!!

    The ones that say ALJ gaining 10 lbs makes him a better center! Why didnt someone tell Clay Shiver to gain 10 lbs?

    or the ones that say FLO is will recover from his injury just like he did on the Madden game!

    Hey and lets not forget the BIG free agent class of Fabini and Kosier! Fabini will make a fine replacement for Tucker, I'm not sure if thats a compliment.

    Kosier... I'm still waiting for the media to tell us how good he is at blocking in space and getting to the second level. I'm sure he has made every RB forget about LA!!!

    Rivera... the first 35 year old player to return to his probowl form after a back injury!

    Petteti... the guy almost didnt get drafted and people think he is the second coming of KEVIN GOGAN! he has completely changed his body... has anyone posted a pic of this butterfly?

    Its like everyone says its not the individual that makes the OL its the OL that makes the individual!

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    Yes you are.
  3. InmanRoshi

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    I found the obligatory trolling thread with three exclamation points at the end of each barely legible sentence.
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    The offensive line will be fine .. unless it isn't .. then it won't be, but until then, it will be fine. At some point, it may not be fine, but for now, it is fine. Everything is fine as far as I know though I do not know everything. It is quite possible that the offensive line is not fine but for what I know, the offensive line is fine. The offensive line must be fine because fine rhymes with line and it was not fine, it would be weak which means it would have to be called the offensive leak, but since it is called an offensive line, it has to be fine.

    Logic rules :)
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    In other words you started a thread just to gripe about something that you already gripe about in threads that have nothing whatsoever to do with this subject.

    How do you know no one did?

    I must have missed this one.

    Let's call Valley Ranch and get you a job in the personnel department.

    Here's a little quiz for you coming from one of LA's biggest fans. If we had kept him and his 7 million dollar cap hit would we have been able to lock up Jason Witten & Roy Williams long term before they ever hit the Free Agent market? In other words, you'd keep LA on the downside of his career and risk losing two players just about to reach their prime?

    I gotta appluad you for that bit of genius. :clap:

    He doesn't need to return to his Pro Bowl form. He just needs to play better. If he isn't hurt, I think that's possible because it has been done before. Or do you need examples?

    First of all, Kevin Gogan was a Guard and Rob Petitti is a Tackle. Those two positions are hardly interchangable, so that was a poor example. Big shock.

    Second of all, regarding pictures of him. Yes, there have been pictures posted. It requires very little effort to find them. On top of that the media and his coaches all report the improvement. They are all liars huh? His Dad reported the same improvement. He's a liar too huh?

    I heard it a different way. It's not the all caps and exclamation points that make the point, it's the all caps and exclamation points that point out the lack of points.

    Buck up little camper.
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    reality rules!!! :worthy2:

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    Reality deserves a fine...when he talks about our line
    He's acting like a kine....I think it's quite bovine
    Reality's a swine......when he thinks the line is fine

    When the line's not fine.....PT sez revenge is mine
    PT's team would like to dine....upon our unfine line
    They say without a line....we'll be lucky to win nine.
    If we win just nine.....a lost season we will pine.

    When we lost our line....our season lost it's vine
    We say our line needs brine....and also needs a spine
    But we know our line is fine....like TO has his whine

    Don't worry, I won't quit my day job. :p:
  10. Bob Sacamano

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    Mont17, here's your obligatory shut the hell up ;)

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