I need some honest opinions on Gun Control

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Temo, Jul 27, 2009.

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    Wrong as usual. It was a modern 757. Not a JUMBO. It would have been possible to talk someone down to a landing. Very difficult and no sure thing, but possible.
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    i concur with this. i believe in IL you could own an assault rifle as long as its not fully auto, ill double check though

    edit: no such luck in finding that
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    Of course that is what they were choosing. What does it have to do with the point I made? Nothing that I can see.

    And yet my point remains, that there are avenues available other than run or hide and hope for the best. Some people were not made to hit the ground in the fetal position and suck their thumb.

    A good example is Jeanne Assam. Her bravery prevented Matthew Murray's murderous rampage in a Colorado Church from being far worse. He had over 1000 rounds of ammo, 3 weapons, and body armor. He killed 2 teenage girls. If it were not for her, he could have killed many more.

    The world needs more Jeanne Assam's and fewer armadillos and ostriches.
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    I used to live 15 minutes away from New Life, the church where the shooting happened. A number of my friends were members of the congregation and I attended a few services there myself. I would drive by it all the time and the shooting was the only thing I could think about after it happened. Jeanne Assam definitely is a hero.
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    Wow. I can only imagine.

    My Junior High School was the site of a school killing. I still get weird feelings when I drive by there and think about it.
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    There was a jet certified pilot on board flight 93, as I recall from reading upon the situation. Not a commercial pilot with equivalent experiance though.

    Realistically, I think they'd hope for a miracle, but prepare to do whatever they could to stop those guys.

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