I need to know how to get into the DRAFT!

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by txlonghorn14, Apr 23, 2006.

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    Anyone with the information on how the admission into the draft on saturday is gonna work, please share. I wanna know what time u gotta show up, and whether or not u need tickets, and what's a good idea to bring. any insight would be appreciated. thanks.
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    Can you play FS?
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    You have to show up about 2 or 3 am and get in line for the free tickets.
    Remember it's at Radio City Music hall.
    First come - first served.
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    The 2 or 3 am is probably your "safe" play, although I was able to get in line last year about an hour before they gave out tickets and I still got two. I don't know how many tickets are being alloted this year as compared to last. That would be interesting to know.

    I think last year it was something like 400 for the main room and 600 or so for the second room, but this year I don't know how the seating is set up. Getting there earlier may get you a higher level of ticket if they split it up that way.
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    Found this.. I'm not sure if they are even giving out tickets this year.. it looks like you just line up an go right in as opposed to last year when you line up for tickets and then came back later to get in.

    GUIDELINES FOR ATTENDING : Local ordinances prohibit individuals from securing overnight positions on the sidewalks directly in front of or around Radio City Music Hall. Fans may line up on the morning of the free event at the direction of Radio City personnel. Fan entry will take place at the "Carriage Door Entrance" located on 50th street between 5th and 6th avenues. The draft is a first-come, first-serve event for the general public and is limited. Doors will open at 11 a.m. The draft begins at noon.
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    Here is the rest of the info from NFL.com

    Facts & figures on 2006 NFL Draft

    WHAT: 71st Annual National Football League Player Selection Meeting.
    WHERE: Radio City Music Hall, 1260 6th Avenue, New York City (Between 50th and 51st Streets).
    WHEN: Noon ET, Saturday, April 29, 2006 (Rounds 1-3).
    11 a.m. ET, Sunday, April 30, 2006 (Rounds 4-7).
    The first three rounds will conclude on Saturday by approximately 11 p.m. ET. In 2005, the first round consumed five hours and 47 minutes; the second, three hours and nine minutes; and the third, one hour and 50 minutes. The draft will resume on Sunday at 11 a.m. ET for the final four rounds, ending at approximately 6 p.m. ET.

    DRAFTING: Representatives of the 32 NFL clubs by telephone communication with their general managers, coaches and scouts.

    ROUNDS: Seven Rounds -- Rounds 1 through 3 on Saturday, April 29; and Rounds 4 through 7 on Sunday, April 30.
    There will be 255 selections, including 32 compensatory choices that have been awarded to 19 teams which suffered a net loss of certain quality unrestricted free agents last year.
    The following 32 compensatory choices will supplement the 223 regular choices in the seven rounds -- Round 3: NY Jets, 33. Round 4: Denver, 33; Pittsburgh, 34; Baltimore, 35; Pittsburgh, 36. Round 5: Green Bay, 33; Baltimore, 34; Pittsburgh, 35; Philadelphia, 36; Tennessee, 37. Round 6: Tampa Bay, 33; Baltimore, 34; Philadelphia, 35; New England, 36; New England, 37; Indianapolis, 38; Baltimore, 39. Round 7: Tampa Bay, 33; St. Louis, 34; St. Louis, 35; Tampa Bay, 36; Tennessee, 37; Tennessee, 38; Detroit, 39; Buffalo, 40; Seattle, 41; Washington, 42; Houston, 43; New Orleans, 44; Green Bay, 45; San Francisco, 46; Oakland, 47.
    The New York Jets (Nos. 4 and 29) and San Francisco (Nos. 6 and 22) each have two selections in the first round. Atlanta and Washington do not have first-round picks. All other teams have one first-round selection.

    TIME LIMITS: Round 1: 15 minutes each team. Round 2: 10 minutes each team. Rounds 3 through 7: Five minutes each team.

    PLAYERS AT DRAFT: The following players will be at the draft at Radio City on Saturday: Southern California RB Reggie Bush, Maryland TE Vernon Davis, Virginia T D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Southern California QB Matt Leinart, North Carolina State DE Mario Williams and Texas QB Vince Young.

    TELEVISION: NFL Network, for the first time, and ESPN/ESPN2 will televise the draft on both days.

    INTERNET: Exclusive coverage and behind-the-scenes features on NFL.com and on team websites for draft weekend will include: live streaming of Sirius NFL Radio all weekend; Q&As with the six college players in New York: Reggie Bush, Vernon Davis, D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Matt Leinart, Mario Williams and Vince Young; NFL Network coverage and features, including vignettes on the top players; live audio from the draft podium at Radio City; live "Draft Tracker," featuring coverage of each selection; and in-depth coverage from each team website.
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    My friends are showing up around 2am to make sure they get their tickets.

    Thank god I have VIP tickets. Yesssss
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    i'd be suprised if they let people line up at 2 or 3 am. nypd's gonna be all over the place, so i wouldn't bring any beers. its prime time for them to write summonses, end of the month!

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