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I read today that Darren Woodson has...

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Snaggletooth, Jan 2, 2006.

  1. Snaggletooth

    Snaggletooth Member

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    cleared waivers and is thinking about coming out of retirement to play for the Cowboys. This is not a joke. Read it today in the San Antonio Express newspaper. Has anyone else heard about this?
  2. TunaFan33

    TunaFan33 Benched

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    I hope it's true. Our secondary has been a bit of a mess since he retired.
  3. jcblanco22

    jcblanco22 Active Member

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    This was supposed to be for this year's post-season only had we gotten in.
  4. Jimz31

    Jimz31 The Sarcastic One

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    Already discussed yesterday.
  5. 50cent

    50cent Well-Known Member

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    Yup and we also heard that the world wasn't flat today. I was shocked cause I could have sworn that the world was square.
  6. BigDFan5

    BigDFan5 In Tebow I Trust

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    he was gonna come back possibly if we made the playoffs, we didnt
  7. Snaggletooth

    Snaggletooth Member

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    Sorry about that. After todays performance I just got a little excited that he might return next year.
  8. CrazyCowboy

    CrazyCowboy Well-Known Member

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    Too little too late!

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