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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by dargonking999, Oct 14, 2005.

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    Bill has always been a big big "prove it to me in practices" coach, exhorting players who say they want to get on the field to do something to "show me something".

    If Price impresses Bill in practice, they'll find a way to work him in. Doesn't matter who we ar efacing that week, or the game plan, imo, as much as Price do something to force himself some playing time.

    If he doesn't, if the 'lanta fans and mediots claims he can't separate worth crap anymore bears out via Tnew and Company in practice, then he will continue to be held as 'insurance".

    My guess is the CS will work him in more eventually, if just because his skills complement a particular game plan, or just to rest T as the season wears on.

    But Price could hasten it by lighting up practices.
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    There is no doubt Price is frustrated and upset about not playing. There hasn't been anything about it in the papers yet, but Jen Engel was telling the story of her conversation with Price after the Philly game in the locker room on her radio show the other day. She was asking him how tough it was for him not to be playing. Then she said she asked him if it made it easier for him to accept not being in uniform after the Cowboys had such an impressive victory over a good team like the Eagles. Jen said Price's response was that it didn't matter either way, win by 50, lose by 50, he just wants to play.

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