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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AsthmaField, Sep 25, 2013.

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    Snyder? o_O

    If you read what I wrote, I barely even talked about our two wins this season. It was about what we've witnessed since the middle of 2010.

    Anyway, if that's how you feel, then more power to you bro. You certainly aren't the first fan to have to see it in the W/L record before you believe anything good is happening to a franchise.

    Heck, maybe you aren't sure what I'm talking about when I write about seeing a team that looks well coached, or a team that holds its composure in a hostile environment.

    But hopefully, what I'm seeing will soon be reflected in a place you will recognize it (wins), and you can be excited along with the rest of us.
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    I'd say it's 'winning in the NFL is hard to do.' I'm not sure that's an excuse, though.

    Either way, we're playing better pass defense, and we're taking care of/taking away the ball this season. These are two things I've personally been saying we need to see more of if we're going to beat the good teams in this league. If we keep it up, the post-season is likely and hopefully excuses won't be necessary.
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    synder threw his hat in, he at least tries, if you want to see non trying, go see SD and a few others. I dont condone Synder for at least attempting to try anything. Say what we will RG3 respectable person and qb. all that aside, Synder tries. (didnt mention successfully)

    Not everything im writing is about you or what you wrote personally, so dont get feathers ruffled, you had the determination to write what you thought, and i replied because i apprecaited what you wrote, i dont have to agree with it, and i can nit pick (doesnt make me correct) but not every thought is a reflection on what you write.

    But to think a few factors here or there to run a successful organization without at least attempting to look at the factors to how teams win it, everyteam looks at the last winner (much like we do with wars) and say "hey, this is how they won" stupid, plain and simple, because all the other factors are going to take place again and we dont account for them.

    and im not saying its you personally. fans do it, teams do it, desperate coaches do it. we all do it. but there are so many tiny little factors that just take place and not many people realize or take the time to look at or dare i say admit. Personally i feel a lot of teams are benefiting from the parity of the league, but you wont hear the NFL admit that, (tho i think that was their goal) but lets be real, a lot of markets benefited off this.
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    i agree, but for all that, im happy with the coaching changes we made. I felt that was desperately needed and that helped you achieve what you wanted to see, and lets face it more wins wil make us all happy, but we wont know til the season is ended and the stat freaks go to town and us believers look at whats in front of us and make that look good. One of the many reasons we are fans,
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    My bad bro... you quoted me so I thought you were talking to me. I will try to unruffle my feathers.

    And maybe I'm reading what you're saying incorrectly... but I don't recall anyone in this thread saying we should look at the Ravens (last team to win it all) and try to do what they did.

    But you're correct when you say there are a lot of factors that go into winning. There are.
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    thats all, and i was wrong for the quote, but its not you personally.

    and im not saying anyone in this thread is, but coaches look at that, you hear ESPN try to use it, and even with other teams following the trends even if the trends dont work. In the early 2000s al you heard from people who wnated to generate talk "you are seeing the death of hte pocket passer the death of the pocket passer, its a mobile qbs game now" now i never took to that because A they are not defining moble, and B, once these qbs get to expensive no one is going to want tem on teh sidelines, see Harbaughs rant on that.

    But those are the trends people wiht no clue go ranting on about to feel they can contribute to something they dont understand.

    but i appreciate you post long or not, i felt it worth a good read, but i did hav those views i wanted to touch on and see hwat you thought as well.
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    Yeah, it is along the same lines.

    Speaking for myself... I've considered Dallas to be rebuilding every since the 2011 offseason. When you dump a lot of overpriced, under performing veteran players... well, that is a rebuild by just about anyone's definition.

    Maybe that's why I haven't been real upset at missing the playoffs and have instead been encouraged by what I've seen from the drafts, pro personnel departments, and in the discipline of the team improving.

    If you (not you Bluestang) really expected us to compete for superbowls since Garrett got here, then I can certainly see why you would be upset with the last couple of seasons.
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    I think the issue for "some," not me personally, is seeing that the trend in the NFL the past several years has been quick turnarounds. We've supposedly watched several teams go from bottom of the barrel to top of the food chain and couldn't understand why the Cowboys couldn't achieve that.

    I attribute that to the changing team-building philosophies as was noted earlier in the thread. If you're constantly changing your coaching philosophies, it can stunt the growth of the team, no matter how many good pieces you have to build upon.
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    I look at the problems that Dallas had to be more serious and more systemic than anything in, say, San Francisco. Harbaugh just had to put a good offense in place, a good defensive coach in place and start improving. He is a good coach and has done well, but he didn't have as much to overcome, IMO.

    He didn't have a roster with a lot of old, bloated contracts and an owner that historically didn't want to let those guys go. He didn't have a team with a sense of entitlement and a locker room where accountability was hard to come by.

    Maybe those things were there in San Francisco, but there weren't imbedded like they were in Dallas, IMO.

    Garrett had significantly more work to do to change the culture of the team, the mind of the owner and his son, to root out the entitlement that permeated the locker room and begin to crawl back toward accountability.

    He had to change the way everything was done and thought about at Valley Ranch.

    Harbaugh has done a good job... nothing against him. I just think that Garrett had much further to go than either Harbaugh brother did.
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    I agree, in general, with your assessments, but the success of the Harbaugh brothers weren't who I was thinking of when I first posted that. It started with the Rams and the Greatest Show on Turf. Then Brady and the Pats, the Cards (tho their prosperity was short-lived)... The list goes on from poor team to relevancy. Every team has had their share of problems, but on the outside looking in, fans only saw the turnaround and not the work put in in building the team.
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    and now we all see why shes going places on this board. well stated and written WG
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    My prediction: our defense own's Manning. Just a hunch...
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    To my thinking, the persistent change for the better since JG took charge is undeniable. We're now beginning to see that change being transferred onto the field of play and true cause for excitement has finally returned for this franchise. I do believe both the players and the fans are in a totally different frame of mind these days and thank goodness for that at long last. Congrats on a great-reading post, AsthmaField. Genuinely well done, sir.
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    To the OP: Very nicely done, and a lot of what I believe as well

    I have said in here and in other sites that Garrett had a 3-year plan...year 1, jettison old/expensive guys, year 2, improve one of the two gaping holes (either CB or OL), year 3 improve OL and pull the team into a winning mindset...check, check and check....things are looking up....the real difference that I see that many of you can't? I live in NE Penna, right in the middle of Eagles, Giants, Steelers territory....that noise that I hear from all of their fans? silence...not just because they suck, but because they have NOTHING that they can say is better than what the Cowboys have...good times...the "water cooler" is a great place right now, it's so darned quiet!
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    Wrong on Parcells and the penalties. This has been discussed and demonstrated multiple times here at CZ. Here's the nutshell version: during his four years here, overall, penalties went down and were lower on average than what we've done since. The myth that they were high during his era is due to them being high in his final year. The first three years they were quite low.
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    Hope your right......because to do it all game long, would mean Kiffin is adapting as fast as Denver/Peyton is adapting to what we are doing.......I see our defense owning Manning if the Rushmen can deliver like they did with the Rams, be nice to have a Ratliff at full speed available
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    Yes, but it's nice to think with all the potential pass rushers we have now that we can get to Manning. He's so much quicker than some give him credit for. But I like what our current fronts are doing, actually. I'm impressed by how fast the 4-3 seems to be catching on. And I think we pressure him all day. We can rush from any angle. We didn't see that in the recent past. I like how this team is coming along. And we do look stronger in a 4-3. By that I am impressed.

    But, yeah, a healthy Ratliff at that juncture would be nice... even if just to have a deeper DL for that game to keep fresh guys in the rotation.
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    Way to bring down a good thread, good post by the way AF. So we take Garrett farther away from the in game process (play calling) and the on field product improves?

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