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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by AsthmaField, Sep 25, 2013.

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    I agree about the callout. I think we're seeing the product on the field improve because we're 1. in a positive turnover differential situation and 2. playing good pass defense, including pressuring the QB. These were the things that have been missing the last two seasons.

    And we're doing it without dramatically new pieces in the trenches, which is very cool to see, for the record. Right now, we're only three games in, so it's early to guess where we end up, but just not seeing as many miscues and not playing from behind all the time is really good to see. It also helps that the rest of the NFCE is struggling badly.
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    If Garrett get any further away he will become Barry Switzer.
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    Great post AF, yes there are alot of us who have seen the overall change in this team. I think this is a very important game for this franchise on Sunday. A win at SD and alot of the fence post sitters can climb on the teams back, a loss - and its same old same old. I believe we will win and it will really propell this team forward. Now, I dont think we are a complete team yet, I think we are one more draft and off season away from (hopefully) becomeing a dominant team in this league again.
    If we can win this weekend it will show we are not the 8 - 8 team of the past, it will give us confidence going into the game against the Broncos next week. When we look back at the end of this season, this game could be the turning point for this club, one way or another. Win, and its another one of Garrets building blocks, and clearly in the right direction. Lose, and we are back to 500 football.
    Next season, if we can pick up some Dline and Olinemen, - a must. Our young players from this year will have an offseason to build strength - Esobar (I think he will develope into a good weapon). Williams should progress in his second year. Wilcox also with a year under him should improve. Same with our running back and corner. If we can show we can win this year, I think we are poised to take off with one more good draft and the experiance from this year.
    Good things are coming, if we can just build on this week, I will be very nervous for Garret and this franchise this weekend. I dont want a loss to undo all the good that has been done so far. A win is valadation that things are turning around - not there yet, but a win will definately show the team and us fans that the arrow is pointing up !
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    Thanks BW.

    Yeah, Garrett is further away in the sense that he's not calling the plays during the game, and frankly, that was a change that I was in favor of. However, I think it would be a mistake to look at any improvement and say it was because Garrett is no longer calling plays.

    I do think Jason will manage the game better if he isn't having to figure out which play he's going to call next though. I look for an improvement in calling timeouts, working the officials, etc. because Garrett is free from play calling. And perhaps Callahan is a superior play caller, but that remains to be seen in my opinion because there just hasn't been time to find out yet. The weekly game plan is put together just like it was last year, so honestly, the only real difference is who decides what play will be run next.

    The improvements that I'm talking about in this thread are more along the lines of things that we've seen developing since Garrett took over in mid 2010. The discipline, the accountability, and the overall improvement in how the team looks when playing another team. They look composed, professional, in control, and generally better coached than the other team on the field. That isn't because Garrett isn't calling plays... it's because Garrett has been running the team the right way. Bringing in the right kinds of players. Guys who are talented, but are also hungry and love the game.

    But IMO, Garrett relinquishing play calling duties was overall a good thing. Timeouts have been on the mark and I've noticed Jason working the officials more like I want him to.

    I'm really happy with the direction of the team.
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    Yeah I agree, in reading through post in the off season someone posted some stats to show that our pass defense was lacking (whether it be due to pass rush or coverage) and in turn our turnover differential suffered. So far we have improved on both of those fronts and the results show. We need to give our offense the ball back via TOs and score or at least change field position. Our offense shouldn't have to have 8 play 70-80 yard drives to score tds every time.

    I would like to give credit to the poster that posted those stats but shout out to them because they opened my eyes.
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    I largely agree with what you are saying AF
    I have felt from day 1 that Garrett has the traits to be a good/great HC
    the problem is that it is not enough to talk , you have to implement a plan, and on top of that, show that the plan is a legitimate one and produces results

    Garrett seems to have done the first 2, now it is time for results

    As a poster said above, I really think that this week is very important because next week will be real tough against the broncos in mile high

    I know we can beat the chargers
    I hope that we do
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    Outstanding post. 100% Agree. Thank you for a positive post. It's been hard for all of us over the years to keep our pride. My grandmother used to sew cloth coasters with blue and silver stars. She was a die hard Cowboys fan, as is my Mother and myself. I am very excited with you to see what the future holds for this franchise with it's new found direction.
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    It'll be extremely tough to beat them at Mile High all the way from Cowboys Stadium.

    Nigh onto impossible.
  9. Idgit

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    Are you kidding? Their defense won't be able to stop us. I'm predicting a tie in that one, personally.
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    I don't think the Chargers game is as important as some are making it out to be though. If Dallas loses, it doesn't spell doom for this season and it doesn't mean Garrett's plan isn't working.

    It's football and anything can and usually does happen. The Cowboys are looking more and more like a well oiled machine, but they could still have a turnover here or there that could turn what should be a victory into a loss. That doesn't mean there hasn't been real progress in the organization.

    I look at this year as a year where we will have a slow, steady improvement throughout the year. We have some young guys that are contributing a whole lot, and that is a good thing. However, they will have slip-ups and mistakes, just like any young guy does. They might have one this week and cost us the game. What we're going to see though, is Escobar, Wilcox, Williams, Frederick, Webb, Claiborne, Leary, Hannah, Dunbar, Randle, etc. improving with each game they play. A team that didn't quite have enough to pull out a victory at Arrowhead stadium in September, will have the experience and savvy to win that same game in December. They are a group of very good, but very inexperienced players. This week they will have twice the game experience they had when they went to Kansas City. By the mid-point of the season they will have four times the game experience they had against Andy Reid's crew. It's not just experience either... it is experience working as a unit with their team, and that typically tends to show improvement in a non-linear manner.

    In other words, their effectiveness will progress at a geometric rate. Towards the end of the season, all of the young first and second year guys will be helping the team way more than they are now... and as we could see from the Rams game, they are helping a considerable amount already.

    Even more than that, I look for serious defensive improvement from now to the second half of the season. The players have had all of three games to get used to and implement Kiffin's and Marinelli's 43 scheme. This wasn't just a case of getting new coaches either. These guys scrapped a 34 defense they've been using for years and brought in a completely different scheme and defensive philosophy. The fact that they've been playing so well with so little time using Kiffin's scheme is nothing short of amazing to me.

    A QB like Rivers is perfectly capable of exploiting a defense that is still feeling its way around a new scheme, I have no doubt. And if he does, I'm not going to let it make me feel like the team isn't getting better or like Garrett and Co. don't have them pointed in the right direction. It would simply be a case of an effective QB taking advantage of a unit that is learning on the run.

    Having said that though, I think the Dallas defense has been playing well enough to stop Rivers and that San Diego offense. They can stop them and win the game, I have no doubt.

    What I also have no doubt of however, is that by the second half of this season, the defense will be playing at a significantly higher level than they currently are. You can already see that the defense is playing faster and flying to the ball quicker than they were just three weeks ago when they played the NY Giants. The team is getting used to the new scheme and are playing FAST. That trend will continue all season as they grow comfortable in Kiffin's scheme. The stunts will work better. The coverages will become second nature. Kiffin will better know the strengths and weaknesses of his players.

    To put it bluntly... the defense will be twice the defense it is by the last half of 2013.

    I could go on.

    The OL is going to get better and better as they gain experience together. Just getting into year two of Callahan's zone blocking scheme has made a huge difference. It was difficult for them all to learn and they're still getting comfortable in it. Brian Waters will get assimilated into the unit completely and he will get into game shape soon... just that will improve things immensely on the right side of the line. Leary and Frederick will get more and more used to working with Smith and Waters. All of that should make an already improved unit, improve significantly as the year wears on.

    The offense will get more and more used to using the increased tempo and the new play calling that Garrett wants.

    Bryant is still improving.

    The late additions of Edgar Jones, Rayford, etc. will get used to their roles and improve.

    On and on...

    I'm not trying to paint an overly rosy picture of things, but there are a ton of reasons why the team should continue to improve and get stronger and stronger as the year goes on.

    So, to me, if Dallas does happen to lose to San Diego on Sunday, I'm not going to let it make me think things aren't going well. It's one game against an AFC opponent with a strong QB, in their house. It would make Dallas 2-2 with both losses against AFC teams with the vast majority of the season left to go, and an almost guarantee that the team will improve greatly as the year goes on.

    What I do want to see is a continuation of a team that holds its composure well, and doesn't make a lot of mistakes. A team that continues to look well coached and that has it's arrow pointed decidedly upwards.

    As long as I see that, I'm not going to stress too much about the outcome of an intra-conference game on week 4 of the season.

    If I see a poor team, that looks confused and undisciplined, then I will be really concerned. But, IMO there is little chance of that.
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    The important caveat here is that we stay healthy, obviously. Otherwise, I agree, we'll play better as the season wears on, and hopefully at a faster rate than the other NFCE teams will get better. I think that's reasonable to say in the case of the NYFG. The Redskins will probably have their QB start playing better football at some point, but they haven't switched over schematically. They have two young Ss playing who might also improve with reps. I think the Eagles are a team capable of playing a lot better football than they're playing right now in theory, if injuries don't eat them up. But they've got a long way to go. Overall, I really like where we are here early in the first quarter of the long NFL season, too.
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    This is why to me the charters game is so critical
    I want to be 3-1 going to mile high not 2-2
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    What Hos is saying is that we play Denver at AT&T Stadium in Dallas... not at Mile High in Denver.
  14. visionary

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    Got it
    He is probably still smarting from our earlier conversation
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    You wish.

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