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Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by xwalker, Nov 23, 2013.

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    Good post and observation. I remember how good Romo looked passing from under center and not being as predictable on offense. I thought the Denver game was one of those watershed moments/games early in the season that should have defined who this team was. I was convinced the coaches realized we had to outscore teams in shootouts and they needed to cut Romo loose to give this team a chance.

    I know it was debated here but I thought the Denver game was a moral victory, at least in my eyes. At the very least, it should have given us a blueprint for what we needed to do to win against the top teams and while we may fall short, at least you gave yourself a chance. Unfortunately, we went right back to this conservative dink and dunk offense in games where the D was totally outclassed. I just don't understand this staff.
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    It's not that they quit doing those things since the Broncos game, it's that they weren't really doing them before that game either. They totally changed everything for that game. They went for broke because they figured it was the only way to win. Before and after that game, they have been conservative because that is Garrett's style. Someone convinced Garrett that going for broke and out scoring the Broncos was the only way to win. If they would play that style every week, they may only have 2 or 3 loses if that.
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    Minnesota, Redskins, Lions, Chargers and Philly all have deplorable pass defenses. Yes, I realize Denver's pass defense sucks as well.
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    I agree with this being an overreaction to the causes of interceptions. Both interceptions on the targets to Beasley were passes over the short middle. That INT against Denver was a result of holding firm in the pocket in the face of pressure, instead of sliding away from it. Now, it seems like Romo is so conscious of where the pressure is coming from, that he has been much quicker to move away from it, and whichever direction he slides to dictates which side of the field he throws to. This takes away two-thirds of the field, even on plays when the protection is half-decent and the pressure is only anticipated.

    That was the Saints game. According to the gamebooks, every time Romo was under center, we ran the ball. Here are all the passes when the play begins with Romo under center in the last five games, with the percentage of total dropbacks that were such plays:
    vs. Was (25.8%)
    6 of 8 35 yd 1 sack
    at Phi (8.2%)
    2 of 4 24 yd 1 sack
    at Det (16.7%)
    2 of 5 12 yd
    vs. Min (11.1%)
    3 of 6 38 yd
    at NO (0%)
    0 of 0

    I wanted to show people Romo's rating on 20+ yard attempts. He's 4th among the top 10 passers.

    Pass Rating on Targets 20+ Yards Downfield
    (among top 10 passers)

    Foles 135.4
    Wilson 119.4
    Brees 118.9
    Romo 114.0
    Rodgers 103.6
    Manning 90.1
    Rivers 89.2
    Roethlisberger 84.9
    Stafford 80.4
    Newton 68.4

    last 5 games
    7 of 22 186 3 td 1 int 84.5
    first 5 games
    7 of 15 300 4 td 0 int 132.6

    Looks like a big dropoff in the last 5 games, but if the Hail Mary in Philly doesn't go right through Dez's hands, Romo's rating in the last five is 115.1, and he moves up from 4th to 2nd behind only Foles. For all those QB who rank behind Romo (Rodgers, Manning, Rivers, etc), the 20+ yard passes actually hurt their rating. Their ratings are made higher by the shorter passes they throw.
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    Shouldnt you go for broke every game? Im sick of this teams Nancy approach to winning games. The league is set up to reward teams that open up their offense. Why pay Romo all that money if you are going to put shackles on him every week? It really frustrates how seldom they throw the ball deep.
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    Good info.
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    Its in the past, it does us no good...thats why.
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    As much as I've defended Garrett, this has always been my biggest criticism. He coaches not to lose. Instead of going out with a "take it to 'em" mentality, he seems to approach games with a "do what we need to do to win, and try like heck to avoid doing anything that might cause us to lose" one.

    Sure it does. Many of us like to delve deeper into the game, and understand what's going on and why. Some just like to watch the games and move on. Different strokes.
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    It seems overly obvious for them not to see the predictability . I've can only guess at the reasons:

    1. They actually don't notice the big picture issue like run/pass predictability because they're so focused on the details. This can happen to really smart people in all lines of work. There is a reason that somebody came up with the the quote "can't see the forest for the trees".

    2. They have too many cooks in the kitchen with Romo, Garrett, Callahan and possibly others making the game plan.

    3. Maybe Callahan is like a great practice player that just can't perform under the pressure of a real game.
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    Callahan had some really good offenses in Oakland even with ancient Rich Gannon and no star RB. It's not like he's never proven anything as an OC.
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