I see the 'boys getting ten wins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by landroverking, Oct 15, 2013.


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    Of course I realize that but with respects to your earlier post, the comparison is not the Cowboys to the rest of the division. It's the rest of the division to historical performance.
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    Ok, I feel good that you like the match up ABQ. Maybe I am just reading the game wrong. I will be super happy if we beat them.
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    i honestly believe we are sweeping the division. so yeah we are probably getting around 10 wins.
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    I think Tony is better than both Foles and Vick and I think we have much better receivers. So we both agree there. Their defense is just as bad as ours if not worse. However, the X-factor here is Mccoy. Mccoy is an elite RB and meanwhile we are strutting out there with Randle who looked extremely undersized out there last week and not impressive at all. The Eagles can play just the pass and wait for Romo to screw up.

    Although Romo and our receivers are better, you never know which offense is going to show up. I knew Romo would come back down to earth against the Redskins this past week. That game against Denver was nothing more than anomaly for him and the offense. If I saw a higher level of play on a consistent basis from our offense I would feel differently about the game.

    I can look the other way and get on board with you and ABQ though.. just hoping I'm wrong.
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    ok they are historically worse. but are they bad enough where we'll win every game? no.

    if we're talking history doesn't this cowboys team look fairly similar to past seasons (with the exception of better pass blocking)?
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    Yes they are beatable. Every team is beatable. But where you come out and say "THAT IS A PATHETIC EXPLANATION" and then proceed to give the explanation that we'll beat the Saints because we've "done it already" is just hilarious. And no, we don't really have the same key pieces at all; Still got Romo, Witten is still solid, no RB's are the same, Austin is the only receiver left, Doug Free is the only O lineman, Hatcher and Ware the only D lineman (and Ware is not even close to the same player), No LB's, and Scandrick is the only DB. So our QB is the same, 2 D lineman one of which is hurt and therefore mostly ineffective, 1 WR, 1 OL, NO LB's, and 1 DB. That doesn't sound like the same key pieces at all. Can we beat the Saints? Of course. Will we beat the Saints? I'd say no at this point.
  7. lane

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    we actually have close games against New Orleans..

    won in 2009

    if roy williams does not get stripped on thanksgiving in 2010 we win that game.

    we lost in overtime last year.
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    If you try and compare anything, you cannot make no exceptions.

    Some fans want to look at this stat and this stat and don't count for the exceptions. Team's don't do that.
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    What tie breakers do we need to edge out Philly? For the East title.
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    I see the bottle of liquor next to you
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    I don't think we go 10-6 not because we can't but because.
    I believe in a few weeks it'll become very easy to see we're winning the division.
    I think there's going to be a few teams who will by far and way be the number one and two seeds, so that leaves us at the three and four seed.
    I say, if it's possible we can win higher seeding, then do it. But if it becomes obvious no matter if we win or lose we're stuck at seed four, I think we should play our starters for half of the last game of the season.
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    The 3 losses we've taken are all legit contenders and none of them walked away without a limp. Last years offense was not near as capable as this one. I say it's do-able. However, it's the Cowboys so, it's hard to get excited because, when it rains it pours. The defense is starting to fall apart with the injury bug. Now Murray. Who's next on offense? It worries me. I said it in the beginning of the season. Injuries will be the factor of this teams success this year.
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    We're the only team in the NFC east with more points for than points against lol.

    We're + 31.
    Eagles are -13
    Redskins are -36
    Giants are - 106

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    They are bad enough, IMO, and we are that much better, IMO, then everybody else in the Division. Yes, we should win every Division game this year. Now, will we? That's a different issue but yeah, we should.
  15. BrAinPaiNt

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    In order to win ten games we are going to have to string some back to back victories together. So far we have not done that this year.
    In order to win ten games we have to break .500 this season. Well that sounds like a DUHHH statement but we have not broke .500 since 2009 season when we won 11 games. Since than we have went 6-10, 8-8, 8-8 and are currently smack dab at .500 with a 3-3 record.

    So if current status and recent history has anything to conclude it is that until they break change, this team will wind up being a middle of the road .500 team.

    Now we managed to fix our offensive line, or so it appears. But with all of the injuries to our D line we are having one guy starting on the line that has ever got any decent playing time from last year in Hatcher. So one would think that as the season goes on that will not improve much and we could lose more guys to injuries. And as bad as last years defense was we are about as bad as last year.
  16. Cowboys=SuperBowl

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    Well, I respect your opinion, but we have GAINED Dez, upgrade? YES. Our O-line is BETTER. Our no-name D-line is playing well, thanks to great coaching, No LBs??????????????? Sean Lee is our best D player! I feel we are a better team than last time, esp with some health coming back to us by then. The PATHETIC EXPLANATION I REFERRED TO, IS STILL THE SAME.
  17. john van brocklin

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    I see 9 and 7
  18. KJJ

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    The Cowboys would have to go 7-3 the rest of the way to get 10 wins that's not happening with a team that continues to be up and down.
  19. Zordon

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    finally some realism.
  20. kevinhickey

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    7 and 9

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