I still have to talk about depth and some worries

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by Galian Beast, Aug 7, 2006.

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    I really can't say enough how deep I think this team is turning out to be.

    Look at our defense... even free safety shouldn't be a weak spot anymore. Watkins and Coleman should be enough of an answer for us. Our corners are playing lights out too. I think the secondary is going to be pretty good.

    The linebackers...god the linebackers... I think our 2nd team lb corps are probably bet than a lot of teams 1st teams.

    Ware - James - Ayodele - Ellis
    Burnett - Carpenter - Boiman - Singleton

    3 out of the 4 backups could demand a starting job.

    Then our dline... Spears, Canty, ratliff, hatcher, (ellis). Only thing that worries me in NT and the depth there. Coleman doesn't make this team, unless spears struggles when he comes back.

    The oline has me worried too. Really hopeful on Colombo and Rivera helping us out this year. But everyone else....

    Sam Hurd is making the team.... He was first string ahead of Copper and i think that says as a lot.

    Green might not make the team.
  2. Joe a Cowboys fan

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    The O-line is my only question. The D-line is fine as is. The only sore spot you missed is at QB and if the old man goes down we might be in for a world of hurt. Of course that applies to the rest of the NFC East and pretty much the rest of the league anyway.
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    Why do you say Green might not make the team? BTW, I haven't read in a long time, so if you know any info about Skyler that I don't know, could you fill me in?
  4. Galian Beast

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    Green isn't doing to well...

    Yea QB is a given.

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