I think Romo is going to retire

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by gimmesix, Nov 23, 2012.

  1. WVSkinsfan

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    Guys has it ever been brought up on here if romo's love for playing golf could be effecting him on the field some games.Besides playing football all romo does is play golf and he even tried to make the us open cut or some tournament.just wondering
  2. Lodeus

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    :laugh2: Yes it has.
  3. WVSkinsfan

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    well then just put a giant golf clup or masters jacket behind both enzones and you will see the boys score a td on every drive.;)
  4. Rynie

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    Do you know him personally? What time are you two playing golf tomorrow?
  5. DFWJC

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    There you go with actual facts again. It's amazing how quickly they will make people who have unsupported agendas vanish.
  6. Numbers921

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    I hope he does. Either that or I want him to go somewhere and prove how good he is. It's just time for the Cowboys and Romo to part ways. We've gone as far as we can go with him and vice versa.
  7. Wood

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    One thing is certain - Jerry will make a decision that is the wrong one just to prove it to us all again that he not only knows more than all of the other GM/Owners in football but fans too. Jerry is trapped in his own brain unable to help himself. I am starting to think we should start feeling bad for him because it can't be any fun stuck up in there.

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