I think Seattle has a great shot at 2, then 3 straight

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by REDVOLUTION, Feb 5, 2014.

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    A good many things come together to curse teams that have won Super Bowls in their recent past. One is complacency. Another is the tendency of other teams to play them in the regular season as if it WAS the SB. A third is the problem of their SB players demanding hefty contract hikes in the years following a SB. Yet another is other teams wanting to rob their coaches, coordinators and players by offering them absurd deals once their contracts run out.
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    I hope not. I hate that team.
  3. CowboysFaninDC

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    everyone always gets overly excited about teams that just win the superbowl. didn't they say Patriots had a shot, specially after winning 2 in a row. its very difficult to repeat, much less three peat. seattle was lucky not to deal with many injuries. their significant injury came during superbowl, when Sherman went out. what if he was injured for the SF game? would SF be in the superbowl? plus, when you win teams gun for you so wins come by harder, your coaches, who are part of your success will be leaving to be head coaches, and your players want more money, so you have to figure out how to keep them.

    perhaps, they can repeat, although SF will again give them a run. but 3 peat is highly unlikely in this era of NFL.
  4. WV Cowboy

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    Have you ever coached?

    It is extremely difficult to repeat, .. for many reasons.

    But one of the main reasons is because it is hard to stay as hungry with a crown on your head, and a big trophy on your shelf.
    Oh, you may think you are as hungry, but because you won it all you aren't doing things the same as you did when you were totally focused on winning that first title.
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  6. AbeBeta

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    I disagree with the "hungry" piece.

    What I do believe is that it is difficult to stay as healthy after having played a 19 game season
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    Seattle. Great cap shape but won't be able to afford to keep players.

    Dallas. Ugly cap-wise but can always borrow more to keep or acquire players.
  8. MichaelWinicki

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    Seattle's best performing defensive lineman this season, Michael Bennett is a FA.

    You think losing him would hurt?

    I do. :)
  9. WV Cowboy

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    Have you ever coached and won a title, .. and then noticed how different everything is as the defending champs the next season?

    Staying healthy is important every year, not just when you are trying to repeat.
  10. 8FOR!3

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    It's so hard to make it back to the Super Bowl the next year these days. Teams are gonna be gunning for them next year.
  11. AbeBeta

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    Staying healthy is important -- and it is harder to do in back to back seasons where you go more than 16 games - more games = more opportunities for injuries. It catches up to you - can you imagine the impact of Sherman's high ankle sprain had it occurred during the NFC Championship Game?
  12. hipfake08

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    Yes. All well and true. But they can replace those guys in FA.
    They could bump about with their CAP situation for 2 more years giving them time to collect their 3 in a row.
    They got there with a good GM running the show. He's not leaving Seattle for any reason.
  13. Offsides

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    Injuries are quite the factor in the NFL. Seattle is young and exciting and should be favored next year but I don't really think they are all that much better than the niners who were like 6 inches away on that last pass to Crabtree from winning in Seattle. Arizona did beat them in Seattle I think. Once the level of the opponent gets high enough somebody can go in there and beat them. I guess that rules out the cowboys.

    I don't think Carolina and GB are going to be non-factors either. I'd take Seattle but a break here or there or an injury here or there and things in this league change quickly.
  14. BoysFan4ever

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    He's leaving for the WWE. Didn't you see the picture of him with the belt on? :p
  15. WV Cowboy

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    I agree with everything you said, .. staying healthy is important.

    But it is not particular just to champions looking to repeat.

    It is important for the Cowboys, .. and for any other NFL team.

    But there are many other dynamics involved, that are particular just to reigning champions, that make it hard to repeat.
  16. Fletch

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    I was thinking the same thing. A repeat is definitely in the cards. A three-peat? Nah. Highly doubt it after being cherry-picked; from the coaching ranks down to the players. It's hard these days to keep a team in tact long enough to come close to 3 in a row.

    I ain't worried about it. Cowboys will be there next season! :cool:

    REDVOLUTION Return to Dominance

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    I don't know man. The Seahawks destroyed broncos in their house so they may get better on the road.

    49ers may have met their kryptonite like Favre did vs us.

    I get what everyone is saying regarding injuries, free agency and hunger... But it looks good. And what I mean by that is = Pete Carroll. I believe him, I believe in him.

    He is the xfactor.
  18. bark

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    The point you made in you're OP remains valid. The Seahawks are the first team in a few yrs with a legit chance of repeating regardless of the obstacles they face.
  19. Reverend Conehead

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    I think they have some chance of repeating, but a three-peat is a long shot.
  20. johnson2

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    i think their best shot is next year but even that will be tough without keeping this D together because as great as wilson is i dont think that he can carry a team if he has to. then they will have to resign wilson with big money and sherman and thomas will probably get paid biggest money at their positions, among a slew of other guys coming off their rookie contracts this year and next

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