I thought Miles Austin would take off

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by sportsman, Sep 20, 2013.

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    He had 10 catches week 1, that's pretty good in my book. He would also be more affective if they allowed him to run something other than a 7-10 yard slant or crossing pattern. I'd like to see him run some more complex routes double moves, skinny posts and seems especially from the slot when TWill is the other receiver lined up on the outside. I thought they would be doing this stuff to get Miles more involved down the field because him vs any slot corner is a mismatch. He also should have the advantage rover most teams #2 corners when matched up in man coverage and the way we have been attacked so far with blitzes the first two games he has seen plenty of man coverage, they got to do a better job of getting him involved down the field and with more consistency.
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    i agree with this. I think the inability to run, romo injury and playing a tough defense on the road contributed to conservative game plan. Also, field position was awful in this game. They did take their shot in the 4th quarter though with a long sideline pass on a blitz. But i expect they will start throwing downfield more
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    He did have a good game against the Giants when they were doubling Dez. KC didn't double Dez all the time so Dez had a good game.

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