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I vote for term limits in Congress!

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by Jarv, Jun 9, 2008.

  1. Jarv

    Jarv Loud pipes saves lives.

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    Who's with me !
  2. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Backwoods Sexy Staff Member

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    You will find nobody more willing than I to be with you on this topic. I am from the state with the longest active member, well active might be pushing it, in Byrd. I have been trying to get him out for years.:laugh2:
  3. Jarv

    Jarv Loud pipes saves lives.

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    The problem is, how to you get folks to vote themselves out of a job. Is there such a thing as a federal referendum ?
  4. DFWJC

    DFWJC Well-Known Member Zone Supporter

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    Oh Yeah
  5. Heisenberg

    Heisenberg That gum you like. Zone Supporter

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    I'm right there with ya.
  6. trickblue

    trickblue Old Testament...

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    Our smartarse congress always says we DO have term limits... elections... :rolleyes:
  7. ZeroClub

    ZeroClub just trying to get better

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    I'd like to be able to vote for an accomplished representative no matter how long he or she has served.

    Rather than term limits, I'd prefer to see campaign finance and ethics reforms, imposing stricter limitations on the exchange of money and valuables (e.g., trips, jobs), a stricter understanding of conflict of interest, and so on.

    (as long as we are dreaming here)
  8. Aikbach

    Aikbach Well-Known Member

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    Two terms for senators, total of 12 years seems reasonable and fair, 12 years and subsequently 6 terms seems fair for congressmen as well.

    Across the board, mandatory retirement after 12 years in the house or senate.
  9. Aikbach

    Aikbach Well-Known Member

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    On another note it is interesting to see how presidencies tend to burn out in their last 18 months or so, many former presidents have commented that they would prefer to have served one six year term, as that time period provides the alloted means to accomplish enough without over staying a welcome or pandering for re-election.

    It is interesting to note that the six year term actually found its genesis in the constitution of the Confederacy, who in 1861 drafted a single six year term for their chief executive to serve. Jefferson Davis only served two-thirds of his term as the lone President of the CSA before the Southern cause was vanquished and the infant nation disbanded..
  10. Cajuncowboy

    Cajuncowboy Preacher From The Black Lagoon

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    I want the money out of politics.

    Oh wait. We did that already.



    Term limits will never happen.

    I would love it if there is but no chance it ever happens.

    You have a better chance at winning the Power ball lottery, three times in a row, than them voting for term limits.

    Term limits must be addressed by the individual running. JC Watts I think did just that. Said he would serve two terms I think and then even though he would have been a shoe in for re-election, he didn't run.

    I have a ton of respect for that guy.

    I would love to see him run for the presidency one day. Would make a fine one.
  11. BrAinPaiNt

    BrAinPaiNt Backwoods Sexy Staff Member

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    Yeah I agree, it will never happen. As someone said earlier, like they would really vote it to limit their power and money. Just like most never vote no to their own pay raises.
  12. Maikeru-sama

    Maikeru-sama Mick Green 58

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    More propoganda as usual.


    He also recently offered some criticism of Republicans.


    I remember a couple of months after he left congress he had some other things to say about his party, something about a Glass Ceiling but I can't find any links.
  13. CanadianCowboysFan

    CanadianCowboysFan Lightning Rod

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    As has been written, they will never swallow themselves whole.

    Why would you vote to stop your own little gravy train?
  14. PosterChild

    PosterChild New Member

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    Watts is kinda busy right now with starting a new TV network: BLACK NEWS NET
  15. burmafrd

    burmafrd Well-Known Member

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    And in some states the courts threw out term limit laws as I recall.
  16. Jordan55

    Jordan55 Active Member

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    Can we start with this Idiot, I'm sorry, I'm bad, I'm almost apologetic


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