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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Hostile, Dec 28, 2011.

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    I've mentioned it in other threads -- I'm sold on improving the offense first. The NFL is about offense and the Cowboys offense isn't so far from being elite. It is time to complete the offense and move it up to elite status.

    Go OL early, absolutely. Yes, pick up another FB and don't be a bit shy about picking one earlier than Round 6 if you are sold on him. I'm not ready to draft Romo's replacement yet, but I could be ready to draft Witten's replacement it is decided that it is time to part ways with MartyB.

    I think Boykin would be a dynamic addition.
  2. Biggems

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    I dont like Foles, he is a statue. If we had Aikman's OL, Foles would be a great addition to the team, but Romo has to run for his life on every snap....Foles can't run, he will be beaten to a pulp.....and that is a lot of pulp as big as he is.
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    I agree, offense wins in the NFL these days.

    Look at Green Bay, New England and New Orleans. Those 3 QBs get a lot of credit, but their Offensive Lines are playing at high level also. The 1 game that GB lost was the game where 2 of their starting OL were out. NE and NO each have 2 OL in the Pro Bowl.

    I don't dislike Boykin, but there are probably at least 10 better CBs in this draft. Boykin should be a good PR but NFL KRs usually have sturdier builds like a RB.

    My favorite returner is Jeff Demps. He is short but solid and has ridiculous speed. He might need to play some slot WR to get on the field with the offense.
  4. Dmoore Esq

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    If Romo is still playing at a high level and Foles has proven himself to be ready to start in the NFL, you're at a tremendous position of strength. Young talented QBs bring a lot in return and provide good insurance against injury. Everyone knows we were interested in Dalton last year. Just imagine if we had Dalton coming in off the bench when Romo went down. Would feel a lot better about our chances.
  5. dboy214

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    i'm still not sold on cody johnson making the switch to fullback.

    i like the broyles pick, hate the foles pick. we have too many holes on this team to be using a 2nd round pick on a backup qb.
  6. silverbear

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    I think this draft is sorting out in such a way that a savvy-drafting team could address their defensive issues AND their offensive line early on...

    Without going into names, the Boys could secure good players at the following positions:

    1st round-- CB

    2nd round-- OL

    3rd round-- DL or LB

    4th round-- DB

    5th round-- OL...

    With the 3 picks in the late rounds, address the offensive skill positions-- maybe a backup QB, a FB, TE depth, and by all means, a RB or WR who has return skills...
  7. silverbear

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    Don't look now, but he's been the Horns' fullback for the last two seasons...
  8. VACowboy

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    Yeah, sorry.

    Trade into the second round for a third, then...

    1. Ingram
    2. Wolfe
    3. Zeitler
    3. Fleener
    4. Brewster

    Does anyone really think Ingram lasts into round two?
  9. MichaelWinicki

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    You really won't know until after the combine.

    But if Spencer is retained... It won't matter. Ingram won't be the pick regardless.
  10. Zaxor

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    I agree... I think the OL can wait till the 2nd if not the 3rd round we need some difference makers in the secondary.
  11. visionary

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    sorry silver, dont agree at all

    the defense should be all about front 7 pressuring the QB and stopping the run

    look at the top defenses around the league and name me their #3 CB, or even the #2 CB for many

    these defenses are built on dominant front 7 personnel

    we already have 2 first round CBs and our defense is horrid
    the best CB is Revis, how good is their defense doing?

    we need to upgrade the front 7

    we need a real SOLB (perhaps Ingram)
    we need a NT (soliai or Poe)
    we need a 3-4 DE that can pressure (if we get NT, that can be Rat or draft Wolf, my preference would be both)


    upgrade the OL

    OC and an OG

    now, we can play with anybody
  12. VACowboy

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    I agree with this.
  13. RamziD

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    My pipe dream is to sign Campbell and Finnegan in Free Agency. That goes a long way towards improving our defense. Then we can focus on OL early in the draft.
  14. super8

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    I mean has any one looked at the CB's that were in the SB the last few years - I mean nothing special
  15. BigWillie

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    L-O-V-E the pick of Ryan Broyles. Unfortunately, I think someone will take a chance on him much higher because of how valuable a WR he can be.

    I'd be willing to take him in the 4th round area, put him on the PUP list, then slowly work him in as our slot WR of the future. He will be an absolute terror as a slot WR in the future years.
  16. realtick

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    Are you being sarcastic?
  17. Marktui

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    Is Arizona willing to let him walk?
  18. tm1119

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    I disagree to a degree. I agree that the pass rush should be upgraded, but so does the secondary. The NFL has turned into a pass 1st league. Sure if you rush the passer well you will beat the lesser QB's in the league. But blitz the like of Brees, Brady, Rodgers, P. Manning, and a few others and they will pick you apart to no end. Right now our secondary is sorely lacking. Newman is old and cant play anymore and Jenkins is unreliable. If we keep sticking those 2 on islands by themselves we will lose.

    By the way, in what world are Charles Woodson, Tramon Williams and Morgan Burnett not good players? Ike Taylor and Troy Polamalu are both pretty great as well....We dont have a single impact player that can make a big play in our secondary.
  19. visionary

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    not saying our secondary is great and could not do with an upgrade

    just saying that you have to start with a dominant front 7 and we are sorely lacking there

    upgrade the front 7 first. we still need NT, pass rushing SOLB, 1 3-4 DE that can put pressure

    then lets talk about picking a CB

    now, i dont know what we will do in FA so a lot of this is moot but

    given our defense the way it is right now, if we are sitting at picks between 20-32 and there is a choice between taking a SOLB and a CB, I take the SOLB all day

    if we can pick a NT like soliai in FA and draft derek wolf and ingram (SOLB) there are mid-range CBs available in FA like finnegan and ross who will be more than adequate even in a starting role

    it will be very expensive to try and find a great SOLB in FA but we can get that in the draft

    same for center

    go OG in FA and OC in draft

    my only point is that we tend to focus on the shiny toys like CB and WR whereas great defenses and offenses are first strong up the middle and you build out from there
  20. visionary

    visionary Well-Known Member

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    i know you are being sarcastic here so answer this question for me

    given a choice, would you rather have

    a great front 7 and average secondary or

    average front 7 and great secondary

    i think the answer is obvious but maybe not to everyone

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