I was at Donovan McNabb's party last weekend (lots of good stuff... please read)

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by CarlAllDay, Jun 20, 2007.

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    :laugh2: :laugh2: :laugh1: :laugh2: :laugh2:

    Christopher Lloyd is one of my favorite actors! No wonder he is so funny!

    I still watch "The Dream Team" when he starred with Michael Keyton...!!

    (i might have to watch that again tonight)!!
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    It's true though...footballs are a-holes. I invited this football to a BBQ one time...old school, stripes on both sides, and the damn thing is hitting on my wife the whole time. So yeah, I believe that football was probably out of line.
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    :confused: Hmmm...now that I think about this...maybe, just maybe, the football that Romo messed up on during the "the field goal"...how do we know that that football did not just come from a party and it was all hung over?

    Maybe it was not Romo's fault after all?
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    I live in Redskins coutnry and my friends are always telling me not to get too confident because Romo could be a one hit wonder. But there is something about Romo that leads me to believe that guy is the last guy we should worry about. I think he makes the Pro Bowl again this year. And everyone that looks at his number down the stretch last year fail to realize that our OL was VERY suspect last year. Rivera was a shell of himself. Gurode was a lame duck player. Flozell was coming off of a serious knee injury. Kosier was in his first year in Dallas. And Columbo was playing a full season for the first time in 5 years. I think all of those guys will be better. I think our depth will be better. I think Leonard Davis will ALMOST be as dominant as Larry Allen. The OL has really been the problem with this team for a long, long time. If they had even been slightly abover average over the last 10 years...we would have won a playoff game by now. I think they have the potential to be good...not very good, not great. But if they are good...we win 10 -12 games and we win a playoff game no problem
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    DANGER WILL ROBINSON............

    Playa hata alert!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Someone's jealous McChunky did not invite him to the Playa's Ball.:laugh2:
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    My goodness, man! Get a grip. If he had posted pics, the aneurysm would've blown a hole through your skull large enough for Andy Reid to have crapped in. :shoot6:
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    "dumb as a stump" describes someone who's posted multiple times in this thread. I'll let you figure out who.
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    Did you go home and shower afterwards?
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    first of all this was no eagles get together this was a regular old school hip hop event thrown by d.mcnabb.

    And second of all he was not surrounded by no crew he had one big buy near him that had an airbrushed t-shirt on.

    And third of all im from north philly and I go to eagles vs dallas games every year with my roy williams jersey on.

    Those rowdy eagles fans are just drunk chumps they know how to pick their battles. I've never been harassed or touched once by an eagles fan.

    They might boo everytime i get up in the stadium or chant ****** but thats part of the game no one ever stepped out of line physically or got in my face.

    And I'm quite sure he is professional enough to understand how sports goes I told him calmly that i was a big fan and now that he plays for the birds i cant stand him.

    I think he knows the difference from a crazy stalker fan saying they hate him from a normal guy that came through and supported his party and just made regular conversation.

    And L.j smith wasn't even in v.i.p he was out with the crowd him and the girl he was with until he came over to the bar so everybody doesn't need a gang of friends and security around them especially at a party event.

    Last but not least if you are actually into the night scene in philly you would know that d.mcnabb actually is out quite a bit and not with a crew just with his brother sean mcnabb so get your facts together and the last thing that i have to do is fabricate a story about speaking with a couple of eagles players here.

    The party was at the tla on south st ask anybody that was there if mcnabb and L.J wasnt out there partying with the rest of the people.

    And if your really from philly you should know at least one person that went to that party.

    And regardless of who threw the party who in the world throws a party and never goes through the floor to greet the guest and chill for a few?

    half the people at the party wasnt eagles fans they know that athletes= lots of women so get out once in a while and maybe you'll see for your self buddy.:starspin
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    you guys have to realize the party was no huge massive party the TLA on south street is not a huge place by any means.

    It was a small party and a select few got tickets and i got in with a friend who had v.i.p access so I dont know where this huge party thing came from.

    People are making a huge deal out of meeting mcnabb like he was bill gates or donald trump, or michael jordan??

    I've met plenty of people in my lifetime that played sports my godfather played pro ball over seas so i've met allen iverson on numerous ocassions and a friend of mine is one of his bodyguards that i grew up with.

    I grew up with kyle lowry (last years first round pick for the memphis grizzlies)

    I am not star struck by anybody and he's a man like im a man so why cant i approach him and have a conversation??

    you guys are blowing this way out of proportion but for those who appreciate it no problem, for those who dont like it just go on to the next thread or even better go onto an eagles thread where half the fans dont even know half of the eagles roster.

    they just use the eagles as another excuse to get drunk and act stupid, trust me folks i live in philly and work with these folks half of them are homers that dont know squat about their team they just like to argue and make rediculous bets on the eagles.
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    I tend to agree with PT for once. If i were invited to a McNabb party of some kind I may go... and if asked I would say I'm a dallas fan and expect the ribbing I would get. However you feel about a player or his team you have to respect the host of a function. I would say something to the extent of hey #5 ur a great guy but I hope the cowboys stomp yas I'm sorry lol but theres no need to degrade the man at his own function. I would probably leave with a feeling of hey I met Donovan McNabb and he was a great guy.... and go on with my life telling people about the enjoyable conversation I had with him, and an actual hope that he tore up the league besides the Cowboys if someone that famous respected me enough to talk football with me.
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    He did NOT degrade him. When he said he "couldn't stand him", it was obviously a joke. Sheesh guys, quit being so uptight.

    And he basically said what you would've said, so yeah.
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    Really cool story.

    I think McNabb is probably one of the more friendly and all-around nicer guys in the NFL. It truly is a shame he plays for the Eagles, though, because I know I'd love to root for him had he started a Cowboy.
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    Some people clearly struggle with the concept of context. It is quite possible for a person to say one thing and mean something entirely different through their body language and facial contortions.
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    Sorry. I have to post again quickly. My last post was 66--a number that I find a little disconcerting.
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    very nice, thanks! If even McNabb says the boys and Romo is the real deal, I guess we're not just homers :p
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    McNabb is a clown and a tool.
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    Cool story.

    I love how people think it's impossible for other people on the forum to meet people, and carry on legit conversations. In certain places, it does just happen. For instance, last night I sat next to the attorney general of the united states, and he handed out little boxes of "White House" Jelly Belly Jelly Beans to the children in the box with us.

    There were also some old white guys and women with him, who I could not identify. They just looked like your generic, DC old people.
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    SP, what game/event was that, a MLB game I assume?
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    It was teh opera. Teh Phantom of teh Opera. At the Kennedy Center.

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