I was at Donovan McNabb's party last weekend (lots of good stuff... please read)

Discussion in 'Members Zone' started by CarlAllDay, Jun 20, 2007.

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    Not as long as Berman and his Bills ~ 49ers homerism picks...we all hope...:lmao:
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    Maybe one of the digits fell off.:D

    I'd hate to see what you do on post #69.
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    Get em Carp I was thinking the same thing.

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    If, in fact, you did talk to McFlabb, you got more out of him than 100 beat writers have all off season.
    So props to you.
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    Geez, Superpunk, my impression of you just spun around and fell to the floor in a dizzy fit....

    What's next, Symphonic God Save the Queen?
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    I'm like an onion.

    Like an onion who likes lots of different things, and can play the guitar.

    You know, that sort of onion.
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    Ha ha!

    Call it an idiosyncrasy. As a person of Faith with a religious upbringing, I've always been a little troubled by the number 6.:p: When I do eventually reach post 665, I'll do my best to make a simultaneous posting.
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    I'm excited that so many people think we have such great potential this year.

    That's really cool that you got to meet Mcnabb. Be he the enemy or not he's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFC.
  10. Seven

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    That's it? Details man, details!!

    Thanks for the share..............lucky bastid.
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    I might be late to the show here, but all this talk about how athletes are unapproachable really bothers me.

    I used to live in San Antonio, and I was able to meet the triplets at a preseason game at the alamodome against the Oilers (1995). They only played a possession that game, so they had plenty of time to address some of the fans (I was in club seats, thanks to my uncle being the VP of Builders Square at the time). I sat and talked to them for a good 15 minutes (I distinctively remember Irvin making fun of my clothes :D ), and they were all very jovial. At no point did I feel these three were "above me," nor did I feel "starstruck" when talking to them.

    Now, I live just outside of DC, and see plenty of Redskins, especially during the night scene. I've talked with Jansen quite a few times, and he always comes off as a great guy, even when I rib him as a Cowboy fan. Probably like the OP, you speak with jest; they rib the Cowboys, you rib the 'Skins.

    I met Marcus Washington at a bar in Sterling, VA and talked with him a bit. I remember him being amazed because, although I was a "hated" Cowboy fan, I wasn't being a complete dick to him; I told him I knew he was a damn good player when he was with Indy, and I hated that he joined the 'Skins. You would be surprised how many of these players are content just to sit and chat with someone who won't treat them like they're above everyone else. As the OP said, as a "man to another man."

    I remember when I went back home to San Antonio in Parcell's first year for Training Camp. I met Roy Williams at a bar on the Riverwalk, and chatted with him for a bit before a TV crew came to interview him. It was no big deal; and I don't know why some people on this forum are making it out to be.
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    Yo, forget McNabb........How was Big Daddy Kane? Great story dog
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    Thanks for sharing your party experience. Always good to read that. And even though they are Eagles players, most of them are cool. It's their fans who I despise with every ounce of my being.
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    this thread sucks without pics..lol
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    The good thing about a Pats vs. Cowboys Super Bowl would be Dallas could be the underdog for once and take the pressure off a little while the victory would be extra savory.
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    Oh, an onion with bad taste.

    Between the Phantom of the Opera story and what's-his-face saying Christopher Lloyd is his favorite actor, this thread jumped right into the shark tank.
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    Don't hate. You know that **** is entertaining.
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    I KNEW it! I told my wife, "That Superpunk guy is an onion."

    Man... I knew it.
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    Thanks for sharing.

    For those who think this is fake you need to get out more and stop playing Madden so much. If you treat athletes and people in the entertainment business like they are normal people and don't act star struck most of them will act normal towards you too, so it's very believable he talked to him for 5-10 minutes at a small party.

    And for those worried McNabb was insulted he obviously knew he said he hated him jokingly because he even asked if he was a Cowboys fan. If McNabb took it wrong he would have just walked away, not joked about it.

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