News: I was on Sirius NFL Network today...

Discussion in 'News Zone' started by BigDDynasty, Jul 19, 2006.

  1. BigDDynasty

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    I was "Juan from Texas." On about an hour ago...

    I commented on the big deal being made on BP not being at the TO press conference. I now feel like I could have brought up better points but they totally changed the subject on me!!! I brought up the fact that he is never at any conferences.Did anyone hear it?:starspin
  2. J-DOG

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    Didn't hear but did they even acknowledge that you were right?
    I'm interested in if they were actually having a mature discussion or were they trying to get rating points by selling controversy.
    Tell me what happened.
  3. jrockster77

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    Honest question...has Parcells EVER been at player introductions? I mean throughout his career? Or is this a new thing in Dallas?
  4. Hostile

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    No, he's never done it.
  5. BigDDynasty

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    I was put on the show...Told them I love the show(just not the announcers,should have included that). I then told them that I wanted to comment on the fact that a big deal was being made about BP not being there for the TO signing.They said but TO is different! I said that he wasn't any of our big signings! He is usually in the bunker getting ready for the season. They then starting talking about crap like, "Parcells wants nothing to do with players who direct attention..." And,"Why do u think he wrote the book?"
    I told them that the book was gonna be released WHEREVER he was gonna be signed!!!They then said something about, "well why did Rosenhaus write the book?"
    I didn't understand what the hell this had to do with what they were commenting about BP and TO...Anyway I cut them off and said thanks for being on the air and said GO Cowboys! I was wondering what they commented on after because I dont have Sirius in the house where I talked to them(Walked in from driving home from work when i called them.)
  6. BigDDynasty

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    Anyone hear this?
  7. J-DOG

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    That's what I figured.
    It's a slow time on the sports front and football talk drives ratings.
    Did anyone bother to find out if TO actually said the words mis-quoted when asked about the word heroic?
    The video I saw of this he did not say that, but the media will lead you to believe he did.
    That's the kind of crap they are pulling. :mad:
  8. 31smackdown

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    I didn't hear it but I almost had to call in myself because every show has been pushing a negative slant on the interview.. I haven't heard the whole thing yet, but the from the last 4 minutes of the interview that I did hear.. they were taking EVERYTHING out of context or spreading false stories.

    I never thought that I would be defending TO.. I don't understand how they can interpret what he said so differently from what he clearly meant.. it's seems that none of them have read the book that explain multiple situations that they misrepresent.

    For example.. they were saying he sidestepped the question of whether or not it bothered him tha BP wasn't there.. umm.. no he didn't.. He said that he really didn't even think about it and he was sure BP had other obligations.. He acted like he truly didn't care and it was completely fine with him.

    Every question they asked was to try to draw a response from TO and from what I heard he did a good job answering everything..

    Whatever.. they clearly must be just playing devils advocate or something to get all the cowboy callers riled up... or just have a personal vandetta against what TO has done... it's borderline absurd from what I was listening to.

    Of course, I have heard most of these guys put a negative slant on Dallas stuff in general, especially Randy Cross, Solomon Wilcots and Jim Miller.. along with Schein.. although I think it's more of a TO than a Dallas thing with him.
  9. JJ21

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    That is funny. I was on hold with them when I had to hang up to catch a ferry to NYC this morning. That is the point I wanted to make as well. Bill wasn't at Bledsoe's signing, how is he gonna be at TO's. Good job.
  10. BigDDynasty

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    Fellas....Anymore of us that listen to Sirius NFL please call in and discredit these instigaters esp. Shine and Wilcots...I called in today, but if the more that call in, the more stupid they will look! I was kinda on da spot, so I failed to mention Bledsoe(although i remembered this after I hung up!), so if I of us can mention this, awesome....
  11. CowboyJeff

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    I called in a few days ago as "Cowboy Jeff from Dallas" asking about Greg Ellis showing martial arts moves to Ware, and whether Ellis was selfish for not proactively offering this knowledge to the entire DL, or was the rest of the DL not as studious as Ware for spotting Ellis' technique on film? Wilcotts told a story about a veteran lineman he saw purposely teach the wrong technique to a rookie just so the veteran can keep his job. It happens...
  12. Cajuncowboy

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    Ellis may be whinning right now and not making a bunch of new fans, but I really doubt he is intentionally trying to harm Wares career. He has never been that type of person.

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