I was threatened and called a racist tonight.

Discussion in 'Political Zone' started by CowboyPrincess, Nov 27, 2008.

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    What it comes down to black or white, the person who did this to CP was an idiot. Idiots come in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

    I am glad that nothing came of this CP
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    Well, first of all I will apologize for thinking it was politics. I do hope you will excuse me for the mistake. I am prone to making them. You see, I have a hard time understanding how it could not be political when you describe one side as "neo-nazi bully boys," yet fail to put Miles on Ignore (and defend him a little bit until I put my foot down) when he does the EXACT same thing as your reason stated above. Inflame and infuriate. To me, that translates that you like it when the inflaming and infuriating is annoying the other side, but won't tolerate it if it annoys your politics. Therein would lie my mistake.

    Normally I would think "neo nazi bully boys" was inflaming and infuriating the other side too. As was the insinuation that we cater to those factions. Just food for thought for next time.
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    We never really know where a topic will take us on a bard like this. There's a tremendously diverse population of folks who come here, with differrent beliefs, motives and levels of understanding. Please don't apologize for bringing up this topic. As noted by vta: "It is what it is and a jerk will be a jerk regardless." All I hope for is that you and your children can be safe.
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    I just felt that the topic was only tangentially related to politics, being more an account of racially-motivated aggression than any meaningful post about politics per se.

    But, as you say, children will be children no matter the topic.
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    Closed per your request. Sorry for the abuse you took. Truly.

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