I Will Be Watching Today's Football With a Heavy Heart

Discussion in 'Off-topic Zone' started by CM Duck, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. CM Duck

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    not sure this is the right spot to post this this, but...

    with the NFL having the breast cancer awareness this week I will have a special lady on my mind all day and night.

    My family and I lost my Aunt Isabel a few years ago to breast cancer. I will be cheering all game long today with her on my mind. I will remember how she loved how passionate I have always been a Cowboys fan even as a very young kid. Also how she would smile when I'd open the birthday gifts she would give me(always a Dallas Cowboys product) and run up to hug and kiss her. She was my 2nd Mom, and I was "her baby" until she had her first son. She was always quick with advise even when I didnt ask for it, she just knew I needed it. She always worried about me, always asking if I was doing ok. Asking if I needed anything, food, money, etc... even during her last days. I MISS HER SO SO MUCH.

    It "killed" me seeing her suffer her last days, Cancer is a disease I pray a cure is found for. Nobody deserves that kind of suffering...either being sick or being the person watching a loved one go through this...without being able to do anything to help.

    I am glad the league is doing this to bring more awareness to the horrible disease.

    For once I will not mind the color pink on any NFL gear(shirt, hats, etc)

  2. DallasEast

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    Sounds like she was a great, GREAT lady. I'm very sorry for your loss, but I'm sure she's looking down and cheering you on for being a Cowboys fan and an even better nephew. :thumbup:
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    I'm sorry for your loss. I have lost alot of family members to cancer , and you are right it is horrible illness with alot of suffering and alot of pain for the helpless family!
    Try to take peace in the fact that they suffer no more and try to use your good memories as a way to celebrate her life!
    Here is too hoping that funding and research will eventually find a cure for all cancers!

    Take care:) :starspin
  4. CM Duck

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    Thanks guys. I have come to peace with everything a long time ago.

    I know she is looking down, and she will be getting a kick out of how passionate I get over a game...she will be smiling the entire time.

    LET'S GO COWBOYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:star:
  5. Phrozen Phil

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    I watched the games on Sunday with mixed feelings. I was pleased to see the attention paid to the issue, but I couldn't help wishing that it had happened a long time ago, so that my mother could have benefitted form the research. For anybody who's had a loved one deal with cancer, my thoughts are with you and to anyone struggling with this horrible disease, I offer whatever support I can give.

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