I would pay, if ESPN would do this....

Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by Jarv, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. Jarv

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    With so much talk about the draft here these days. I would really like to see clips and highlights of the top 250 players in the nation. I really only get one day on the weekend to watch football...and its Sunday and I watch the Boys...Duh...lol...

    I think ESPN or someone should start a pay site, where you can watch or download clips of the top 250 players in action. Give each player a 1 or 2 minute clip. You could set it up for "All Access" or pay per clip.

    I would definatly pay for such a service.

    What do you guys think ?
  2. Ken

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    I think it is a great Idea and one that I really wanted to do until a thing called copyright rights squashed it.

    The NCAA owns all rights to television broadcasts and makes it impossible to do without their permission. ESPN does post highlight reels of some players, just not 250 of them.

    They also have the college football rights which helps.
  3. Org1

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    NFL Network spends a lot of time covering the draft and interviewing prospects
    I know it isn't the same but they do a lot
  4. WoodysGirl

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    Hey, what about the new college sports channel that's coming. I think Fox is the one coming out with it. So who knows? They may provide some of that footage too.
  5. royhitshard

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    That would be awesome, I would pay to see that as well.
  6. Qwickdraw

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    This site had some highlight clips for most of the top prospects last year. Right now they don't have any but they claim they will soon. By draft time, they should. I watched some Julius clips here last year.

  7. Cbz40

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    Jarv I'm with you , I would be more than happy to happy to pay for such a service.
  8. VThokie7

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    I'm surprised there isn't one somewhere, especially since there is a site that offers video highlights of high school players and offers recruiting information (Rivals.com). Too bad they don't extend into pro sports with their services.

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