I would trade two Brandon Carr's for one Anthony Henry

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by DOUBLE WING, Nov 26, 2012.


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    Remember this guy? The last CB we actually had who was a playmaker. The last CB who actually played the ball and tried to pick off passes.

    (Well, except for Mike Jenkins...so Henry is the last one we had who could actually stay on the field).

    I miss this guy -- for all the money spent on Carr, the picks spent to move up for Claiborne, we're still stuck with two corners who can't seem to make the momentum changing plays we need to win games.

    What is it? I thought it was a Campo thing, but he's gone and it's still happening. Is it something our coaches aren't teaching? Is it something the organization just isn't looking for in the guys we scout? For about five or six years running now we've had some the worst CB play in the NFL. It's mind-boggling.
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    I like Henry but I think Carr is better.

    My #1 reason is he shows up every sunday vs never knowing if Henry would be healthy enough to play.
  3. Idgit

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    It's the safety play.
  4. AmishCowboy

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    True, Carr is solid and Henry was always hurt
  5. TheSport78

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    Anthony Henry?

    You mean the guy who got absolutely torched by a one armed, injured Derrick Mason?
  6. FiveRings

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    If our corners got half the safety help they should we'd be seeing more turnovers, but also making plays on balls or plays in general is more of an instinct thing and. An't really be coached all that much
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    This came to mind as well LOL :bow:
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    You don't seem to have a good memory of Anthony Henry lol. I always felt he got a tough break from fans and was actually a pretty good #2 but he got burnt more times than Carr has in his past 2 seasons. Just because you get INT's doesn't mean you're a "playmaker". Especially the way Henry got them.
  9. rocyaice

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    What safety help was Newman and Jenkins getting when they were getting 4 or 5 turnovers? If quarterbacks aren't throwing bad footballs then you aren't going to get INT's. INT's come from when a qb makes a bad throw. Let's just be honest about it.
  10. Hostile

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    I am so glad so many of our fans can only post on the Internet instead of handling any football affairs.
  11. Jenky

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    Not saying I disagree with you, but lately, I've seen more CBs come off of their assignments to make a pick, I.E. leave the guy who they are supposed to be covering. Now this goes both ways. If the uncovered WR is left open like that and the QB sees it then it's surely 7 easy points for the offense.

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    I'm not denying he got burnt and I'm not sitting here calling him Deion. But I don't believe he got burnt anymore than Carr has thus far (remember, the season isn't even over and he's getting toasted on an almost bi-weekly basis).

    What he did was pick off passes. He made plays. Plays that changed the momentum of games.

    That's what this team really needs. Carr can get burnt all he wants, just give me some damn interceptions. Look at who New England has in their secondary. A bunch of mediocre players and those guys give up plenty in the passing game, but you know what -- they also get interceptions. They give their offense the ball in position to score and that helps the Patriots win. Same thing when the Saints won the Superbowl. Their D was pretty porous but they always seemed to come up with big turnovers from the secondary.

    That's what we don't have. An an ideal world, these guys would be shutting everyone down like they're getting paid to do. But if you're gonna give up plays week after week, at least give me some interceptions to offset that. Anthony Henry did that. Nobody on this current Cowboys roster does.
  13. Jenky

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    They had a guy who led the league in INTs last year only to lose his job this year. In the end he was deemed unreliable, is now sitting on the bench, and the team itself had to trade a draft pick for Talib. :lmao:
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    Well there's a difference between getting burnt by Brandon Marshall for 2 or 3 players as opposite to Derrick Mason lol.

    And Patriots defense is terrible. That's the best game they've played ALL YEAR. I get what you're saying. I want more turnovers too. And to be honest, I can't even explain why we don't get more.

    I watched about 5 or 6 football games yesterday and most notably I saw the Janoris Jenkins day he had. One was a great play on the football no doubt. But the other the qb just throws it to him. And that's where most picks come from. Whether its the qb getting pressured into a throw or what not, more times than not a interception comes from a bad pass. Look at Romo's picks this year. How many of them have been just GREAT plays on the ball? I can only recall one and that was the Aqib Talib play.

    You are correct. Janoris Jenkins did it yesterday. It does happen and in fairness to this Cowboys team I saw a few guys try and do it on Thursday. I know Claiborne attempted to do it and RGIII somehow fit the ball in there.

    This topic was brought up at another time and at the time I said I simply think the Cowboys are just not lucky in that aspect. People knocked that opinion and laughed it off but its the only thing I can think of. I just can't think of any other reason why we can't generate turnovers or why quarterbacks don't make the same bad throws they do against other teams. I mean Brandon Weeden just threw some terrible balls yesterday but he was money when he faced us?

    I think part of it is teams always give the Cowboys their best. We may think they are irrelevant around here but a lot of these guys grew up loving or hating the Cowboys and each and everytime they face us they give us the best games of their lives. Same goes for the Yankees in the MLB. Now i'm not saying that's why we lack turnovers but its just a thought.

    DOUBLE WING Well-Known Member

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    Their D was terrible last year and they got to the Superbowl. Because they had a great offense and a defense that forced turnovers.

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    The problem, with respects to Carr IMO, is that we are asking him to play a lot more zone coverage responsibilities then we were earlier in the season. At least it seems to me that we are playing more zone. He is a much better in tight coverage where he can use his strength and short area quickness to be physical. He is not a burner but he is smart and very physical. In fact, both our Corners are probably much better suited to this style of play.

    We are just so beat up at Safety and ILB that I think it's dictating more zone and that is not to our advantage.

  17. M'Kevon

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    I am amazed how many here have a memory half life of about 2 games.

    Anthony Henry? Yes, he had more than a handful of interceptions. He was also picked on because he wasn't that good - which led to the occasional interception.

    What's next - the Julius Jones remembrance thread?
  18. FiveRings

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    What? How often do you see an NFL quarterback not named Tebow actually make a throw so errant that it goes to the DB. Pics come from jumping routes, baiting QBs into making throws etc. in other words, aggressive play, which you can't accomplish when the minute you take a chance on a ball your safety is nowhere to be found and then you're burnt deep.

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    A rookie QB just made our prized corners look every bit worse than Anthony Henry ever looked.

    Once again. Nobody is saying the guy was a great player. But he did force turnovers. All four years he was here, the defenses he was part of were ranked higher against the pass than this year's D is (save for 2007 -- 219.1 yards per game vs. 219 yards per game this year).
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