I would try to hit the skins up for a trade for Kirk Cousins

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by BTX, Nov 28, 2012.

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    I just think it was silly when you're giving away so much for Griffin, every single pick is important. You want to use them the best you can to get the best group around Griffin, especially when you don't have 1st rounders for 2 years.

    As well, no one will trade more than the Skins paid for a backup QB who spends no time on the field.

    Further, you can get serviceable backup QBs in free agency. Every year, there are failed starters who are perfectly suited to become backups. You shouldn't draft people with the intention of making them backups. We did that here multiple times and it never works out.

    And for Cousins, it sucks. You have starter potential, but unless someone comes along with a good offer, you're gonna sit on the bench knowing you have no shot at starting and that your role is, essentially, to be trade bait.
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    I am not really a big draft guy. I follow it...but I know you can get a solid player without drafting him.

    Cousins will likely be traded at some point when the Redskins figure out if RG3 can withstand, can produce. Otherwise he will be on the roster. And at that point they will still draft another QB with the front office they have in place.

    The picks are irrelevant if RG3 produces, they made a choice to develop a young back-up player...just in case. That's smart.

    Have you heard of Free agency ?
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    Have you heard of cap sanctions?
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    Uhhh no, der, wut do that mean?
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    We did like the guy.

    But teams are never going to trade guys they just drafted. Shanny is going to try to develop this kid and then get a pick for him in year 3
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    When RGIII misses multiple games a season due to being broken in half. :)

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