I'd be bringing in Richard Seymour sooner than later

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by PoetTree, Oct 16, 2013.

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    If I were Jerry, I'd be on the phone with Richard Seymour's agent and working out the terms of a one-year deal. I believe he could be the Brian Waters of our defense...

    We need d-line help, and particularly, pass-rush. Seymour, a pro's pro, has been good for a solid 6 sacks per season in Oakland and does everything else you need a DT to do, and does it well. He played 8 games last season and racked up 3 sacks, meaning even in his most recent NFL action he was steady on his usual pace. His whole career he's known how to get after the passer.

    I could absolutely see him being a valuable contributor in rotation for us, maybe even allowing us to slide Hatcher to LE in passing situations --ala the way Seattle uses Red Bryant on their impressive d-line (who is not as athletic as Jason).

    Seymour has said he'd sign as late as week-10, making himself fresh & ready for a playoff push. Personally, I'd bring him in now, work him slowly into shape, and develop his role so he can hit the ground running down that all-important stretch.

    We're talking a relatively inexpensive rotational player with a knack for getting the quarterback on the ground and whom would bring a veteran presence that knows what it takes to succeed in the post-season.

    With all the injuries, and all the extreme inexperience we're rolling with, Mr. Richard Seymour would make a welcome addition to our d-line, in my opinion.

    Maybe not this week. Maybe not next. But I'd be working the deal right now and preparing to make him a part of our run...
  2. BrAinPaiNt

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    Not being mean here but why don't people consider our current cap situation and the idea that Richard Seymour is player that is not going to come in and play for pretty much the veteran league minimum.
  3. BraveHeartFan

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    Are you doing this simply because of Ware? Or is it your plan for rotation going forward? Because if this is just about covering for Ware it would be a waste. Ware would be back before Seymour could even play himself into game shape and be ready to contribute.

    Once he is ready whose snaps are you taking away at DT? You taking Hatcher off the field? You going to take away snaps from the young guys who are working their butts off and getting valuable experience?

    I'm not opposed to the idea, mind you, I'm just curious what your over all plan is here.
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  4. Future

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    If it were me, Seymour is a 3rd down pass rusher. Hayden can't really fill that role, and I don't know that Nevis can be consistent enough. Putting Seymour next to Hatcher makes this team instantly more dynamic pass rushing with the front 4.
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  5. Seven

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    I don't know man. This just screams Marcellus Wiley to me.
  6. PoetTree

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    Yeah, I'm seeing him in a rotation, not as a starter (unless need dictated). Take a page out of the Giants' Super Bowl playbook; rotate the d-linemen and keep them fresh. We are incredibly thin along the d-line right now. That's not a great recipe for success in the NFL, and certainly not for a deep playoff run.

    Seymour could be a valuable contributor at the position we are weakest; and he wouldn't be just a body, but someone with proven skill and whom could bring a grounding presence to all these young pups who are working their butts off.

    I see very little downside to this...
  7. khiladi

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    He wants 5 million a year I believe... San Francisco was looking into him after the Smith issue and they couldn't come to a financial agreement. Another team, of which I can't remember, also. He didn't consider Atlanta I believe, probably cause they suck this year and appear to be going nowhere.
  8. xwalker

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    He made 30 million in just his last 2 years with Oakland. I doubt he would play for just 1 or 2 million at this point.
  9. ufcrules1

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    I would love to have him here but I don't think we can afford him. Too busy paying Spencer's 11 million right now.
  10. dallasdave

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    Yeah, we got a great return on investment on Spencer didn't we?
  11. neosapien23

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    What happened to Brian Price? Wasn't he suppose to be a dark horse for DT in training camp? I see he is currently still a FA and should be healed up by now unless he did something to really make the Cowboys angry. I would also be intrested in bringing in Frank Okam in as he could clog the middle with his size and is relatively young.
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  12. hornitosmonster

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    He still isn't worth 5-6 million, even if we didn't have that 11 million
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  13. rocyaice

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    What would've been the better move? Re-sign him to a 5 year deal?
  14. ufcrules1

    ufcrules1 Well-Known Member

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    I agree.. he isn't worth that much.. but he is worth 2-3 million IMO.
  15. ufcrules1

    ufcrules1 Well-Known Member

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    The better move would have been to trade him. We could have gotten something good for him and wouldn't have had to deal with paying him 11 million.
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  16. rocyaice

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    So you trade one of your best defensive players last year who plays already one of your weakest positions on the team?
  17. hra8700

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    We signed Brian Waters for 3 million and he has been worth it. I have no problem paying vets 1 year non minimum deals if they are worth the contract. Patriots do this all the time. I think even this late into the season 3 million is not unreasonable for seymour. If the cowboys want to make the playoffs, they really have to make a move on the defensive line if ratliff is out for the year. Another (better) option would be to make a trade like the ravens did for eugene monroe. I haven't looked into possibilities yet, there may not be any, but in any case...
  18. ufcrules1

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    Yes, considering he has had 1 1/2 good seasons here and was fast approaching 30. He simply wasn't worth 11 million dollars but Jerry was in love with him. Luckily Jerry didn't foolishly sign him long term. Then we would have more dead money than we have today.
  19. iceman117

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    Duh, he already knows Spencer got hurt for the year that means he would have traded him 8 months ago before the injury, he's a profit, Dallas should have seen this coming, idiots (sarcasm)
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  20. rocyaice

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    LOL Yea man.....what a great superpower to have.....to see and know the future before it happens lol.

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