I'd be bringing in Richard Seymour sooner than later

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by PoetTree, Oct 16, 2013.

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    When you look at the very small number of players that have been franchise tagged and then traded, do you see any of them being similar to Spencer? A trade was never an option.

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    Hard to argue with any part of this. I think you are dead on.
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    It'll be cheaper to draft our Dline and could save us down the road. You build your team around the trenches first.
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    dont feed into to the garbage with these kinds of fans, the tag number was under 9 million for a DE not 11 like this guys is suggesting, look it up
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    Spencer was excellent the last third of 2009 and all of 2012. Outside of that he was good and solid. Nothing more.

    the fact that there was no rush by other teams to try and lure him away while he was a FA should tell those claiming he was such a great player something.
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    We'll have to agree to disagree because in my eyes its silly to let your best player on defense who's 28 or 29 walk. Especially with all those timely sacks he gave us last season. The same criticism ya'll have of Ware and the "timing" of his sacks.......Spencer actually did well in.

    HE wasn't available how or why would teams go after him? Did you see the deal Paul Krueger got from the Browns? Unless you believe Krueger is/or was actually a better player than Spencer.
    If Bronco's could get Seymour to sign with them then good luck to the Cowboys.
    It was a 1 year deal. It wasn't a big gamble.

    In regards to why we've been .500 for 18 years I don't know. Why have the Eagirls never won a Super Bowl? Why does Peyton Manning have only 1 championship? Why does Phillip Rivers not have any? Why does Eli and Ben R have 2+ rings between them? Why do the Flacons have potentially the best offense in the league and are one of the worst teams in the league?

    Only answer I have to that is we simply weren't good enough to get those rings. Only 1 team can win a Super Bowl a year and we aren't good enough to win one yet. I surely don't believe its because we've re-signed our guys with franchise tags like we did Spencer.

    But since Romo has been QB each and every year I at least feel like we have a shot at the post season and doing something in the post season. We've felt short.
  7. iceman117

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    he never was a free agent, we tagged him 2 years in a row. He would have gotten a nice contract 2 years ago if he hit free agency and again this past offseason, don't kid yourself. Your opinion is skewed now that you know he missed the entire season but if we let him go any of the last 2 years and he put up the big numbers he is capable of for another team you and fans like you would be pissed at the FO for not keeping him while our pass rush struggled. So be fair tagging him was the right move because a long term deal for a 28/29 year old DE wasn't a good option and neither was letting him go. He just happened to get hurt this year, it's football and it happens
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    The Franchise tag for Spencer in 2013 was 10.6M.
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    I guess we will. In my view, those "timely" sacks and the fact that he's 29 do not make up for the price tag associated. The rule of law in this kind of things is what the market will bear. I didn't see anybody jumping up to meet his price and I saw nobody getting signed at that price so me thinks he would have not received that same consideration by other teams.

    Agree to disagree.
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    and what do we pay him with Mavericks tickets? We have loosely 1 million on the salary cap
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    You are rambling on and on about super bowls.. my only question was why we have been a .500 team for the past 18 years. We haven't sniffed the super bowl.. much less any playoff success. There is a reason for that.
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    no it's not it's 9 million, i tried to link the article from his wiki page but go on for yourself... it's 9 million.. which is till alot but not 11 like others are saying
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    Not for Spencer. Because it was the 2nd consecutive year that they Franchised him, they had to give him a 20 percent increase from 2012. The 2012 tag was about 8.8M. Twenty percent of 8.8M is 1.76M. Add 8.8M plus 1.76M and it rounds up to 10.6M.

    You could also look at spotrac or rotoworld. Both show it as 10.63M.
  14. iceman117

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    i don't know I was just looking at 2 different articles that say it's 9 and 9.5... but whatever the point was you couldn't know the guy was going to get hurt and with his age (28-29) a long term deal wasn't a good option and with his production letting him go wasn't a good option so the FO did the right thing by using the tag on him. Anyone who is saying it was stupid of them to do it opinion is skewed because they know the outcome
  15. Red Dragon

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    He's 34. Not sure he'd contribute much.

    Six years ago, yes, sign him, but today, no.
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    I knew you were going to say that around 10 am yesterday.
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    Is it because we signed Spencer to a franchise tag?
  18. burmafrd

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    you might want to see when he was tagged in 2012. Before he was tagged there was very little interest in him. That was talked about.

    Even after 2012 you look around and find that there was little interest in him. Even if he had become a FA - teams realized that having one top year out of SIX is not something you want to spend a lot of money on.
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    No to Seymour unless he comes in for around ~1 mill a year, which I don't think is happening.

    Don't even get me started on Spencer. Completely unethical behavior by him and his agent, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he had to fire his agent next year because teams will refuse to negotiate with him. He jeopardized his teams ability to win football games, and more importantly his teammates by being a greedy toolbag. I don't ever want to see him in a Cowboys uni again.
  20. cowboysooner

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    Wow, just wow.

    The guy played his rear off for the past 5 years and gets hurt at minicamp and that injury exposes/exacerbates a latent, degenerative knee condition and you think that guy is a bum and greedy toolbag?

    He played great from 2009-12. He was the best SOLB in football against the run and one of the better ones as a rusher. While is sack totals were good not great, his pressure plays were excellent. Part of the reason his sack total were lower is that he played next to Spears and Coleman vs. the pocket pushing Hatcher. When an edge rusher runs the arc in less than 2 seconds and beats the tackle, it is not really his fault he does not get a sack if there is no interior push. The guy did his job and disrupted the quarterback.

    If he has anything left, I hope he takes a cheap one year incentive deal from us rather than go put up numbers rushing beside JJ Watt or Cam Jordan.
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