I'd Say "Good Luck," But I Wouldn't Really Mean It.

Discussion in 'Fan Zone' started by jethrodsp, Dec 27, 2012.

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    I think its safe to say that they benefit each other. I think Morris is a great back but wouldn't be able to average the same number per carry without the attention RGIII commands; mostly because the Redskins offensive line isn't dominant in the run game, particularly on the right side.

    RGIII's ability on the edge occupies another defender in the box, essentially adding another offensive lineman.

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    Yes we'll pick our poison stopping the run or stopping the middle 15 yard pass. Unfortunatley either way we have no safety's (they are just liabilities because they are slow and cannot tackle) however I hope our Dline will at least hold up to test your passing game. If you guys run the ball effectively and protect it. Game over.
    I see you guys doubling Dez so it's going to be up to Austin to get open on bump and run and Romo to find Austin/Harris/Wittn and for Dez to be patient. If we can be effective on 3rd down (short passing game) and keep the run game in our arsenol we stand a chance.
    I'm paranoid and worried about the refs and I just hope they let them play ball. I know, it's rediculous to worry about a conspiracy but I really think they are not much better than the replacements. Just sayin.
  4. morasp

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    It looks like Griffin is already paying a price physically for being a dual threat QB in the NFL. I guess time will tell how he holds up. Didn't he already miss time for a concussion and his knee? And this is just his rookie season.
  5. Risen Star

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    You'd say what, injun fan?

    No, please say it.

  6. sonnyboy

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    Tell me about it. Not that my opinion counts for squat here, but I've never had a problem with opposing fans coming here announced. Even if its to talk a little smack...we're big boys, we can handle it and return serve.

    I don't even consider it trolling.
  7. Macnalty

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    Good to hear from a true skins fan and I appreciate your insight, thanks for taking the time to post. I of course agree it should be a good game.
  8. jethrodsp

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    yea he missed a quarter and a half for the concussion and a game with the knee. To be sure, his longevity will be determined by his ability to play from the pocket. Good news for Skins fans though, is that the early returns are promising even if its still not the dominant part of his game yet.
  9. jobberone

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    I don't think the Boys will be looking to take a cheap shot at Griffin but I'll bet you they want a piece of him when he takes off. Not sure what's up with Drew as he tends to say controversial stuff. I tend to filter him like I do Jerry.
  10. jethrodsp

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    Yea I tried to post the link but can't get the option to work on my mobile..
  11. Risen Star

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    If Pearson said that, I support it. Football's a big boy sport. The players can police themselves.

    We should absolutely look to rough up Griffin in this game. And they should try to do the same with Romo.

    Enough of this pat on the back, good sport crap.
  12. silver

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    I agree with you, unless a big boy like Spears or Hatcher falls on him like Ngata did it wont affect RG3 much. I dont agree with Pearson if he said that. Bush league IMO.
  13. jethrodsp

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    But would you give up a 15-yard penalty in return for a free shot?
  14. iceberg

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    Its not just 15 yards. Its a fine and if intentional, maybe more. Good clean hits are part of the game. Trying to hurt someone isn't.
  15. morasp

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    I wouldn't risk it because the way they protect the QB these days if it was flagrant enough it might lead to an ejection.

    Former No. 88: Cowboys should take penalties to knock RG3 around
    By Kevin Patra NFL.com

    "We need to let him know that it's not going to be that easy or we're not going to lay down for them and we're not intimidated by him," Pearson said, via the Dallas Morning News. "The way you do that is you go out on that field and you knock him around. Even if it costs you a 15-yard penalty, and I'm only saying this if it's not a critical situation or anything."

    Read More:

  16. Arkyvarminter

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    You mean like helping the opposing teams QB up and patting him on the back like #94 does?
  17. Dodger

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    As long as the opposing fans are civil, I'm all for them posting. And at least this one is not an Eagles fan....that would be pushing it.

    Personally, I'm hoping Griffin is a bit gimpy from his roughed up knee and the option isn't as effective as a result. I don't think it will matter much, though. With all the injuries in the middle of our defense, Morris should be able to find plenty of room to run.

    It's the play action that I'm concerned about. Griffin seems to be pretty good at it, and he's been able to connect on some deep throws this year. Plus, our safety position is a mess. Yikes.

    As for Dez, the skins can double him all they want. Other DCs have tried and failed. Eventually, he's going to get his. But it's not just Dez....there are other options for Romo. Austin and Witten will gladly exploit single coverage, and Harris isn't a slouch. And again, with the skins secondary, eventually Dez is going to burn someone...and probably more than once.

    Should be fun.
  18. CowboyGil

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    Show that Skins secondary some 4 WR sets with Miles,Dez,Cole and Dwayne.
  19. morasp

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    The other thing I hate is seeing players from opposite teams talking and laughing between plays.
  20. CapsSkins

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    Fact of free agency NFL-life. Most players don't particularly care about rivalries, especially not as much as the fans. Sad but true...

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