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Discussion in 'Draft Zone' started by like a dog, Nov 30, 2004.

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    Darren Woodson SS
    Dexter Coakley OLB
    Alshmerond Singleton OLB
    Billy Cundiff K

    Free Agency:

    Shaun Rogers DT, Detroit - Massive young DT a force on the defensive line. Will provide wonderful anchor for the 3-4.

    Julian Peterson LB, San Francisco - Multi-talented LB will flourish as an outside backer in the 3-4. Potential injury concern means he might be cheap.

    Ken Lucas CB, Seattle - Talented, young corner an ideal #2 CB. Will provide steady play across from Terrance Newman and has shown big play spark.

    Will Demps FS, Baltimore - Solid young center fielder should come relatively cheap. True free safety will provide immediate upgrade and allow Roy Williams to play better suited rover role.

    Kareem McKenzie RT, New York Jets - Talented right tackle will be a huge upgrade and solidify entire offensive front. Will allow Jacob Rogers to shift back to more natural LT position and improve depth.

    Matt Bryant K, Free Agent - Better then Cundiff. Pure and simple.

    Veteran QB - (Jon Kitna, Brad Johnson)

    Standard depth improvement/bottom of the roster churning


    1a - Derrick Johnson LB, Texas - Big linebacker perfect all-round type talent for switch to the 3-4. May be best prospect in the draft.

    1b - Mike Williams WR, USC - Franchise wide receiver. Will provide Drew Henson with an elite target for years to come.

    2 - Haloti Nagata DT, Oregon - Huge, run stuffing DT who gets collapses the pocket on passing plays. Ideal for the nose in 3-4 situations.

    4 - Josh Bullocks FS, Nebraska - Playmaker to provide depth and to develop into future starter. Should be good on special teams.

    5 - Pierre Woods LB, Michigan - Big linebacker with great measurables. Inconsistent performer will be solid special teamer while he develops.

    6 - Brandon Joe FB, Ohio State - Athletic fullback in Richie Anderson mode. Will push Darrien Barnes and provide depth/special teams.

    7 - Chris Kemeato G, Utah - Massive, strong player dominant in run game. Lack of technique and character concerns will drop him, but has talent to develop.

    2005 Dallas Cowboys:

    QB - Drew Henson, Veteran QB, Tony Romo
    RB - Julius Jones, Reshard Lee (I have confidence in him), Richie Anderson (3rd down back)
    FB - Darrien Barnes, Brandon Joe (r)
    WR - Keyshawn Johnson, Mike Williams (r), Terry Glenn, Quincy Morgan, Terrance Copper, Patrick Crayton
    TE - Jason Witten, Dan Campbell, Sean Ryan
    T - Flozell Adams, Kareem McKenzie, Jacob Rogers, Torrin Tucker
    G - Larry Allen, Andre Gurode, Tyson Walters, Chris Kemeato (r)
    C - Al Johnson, Tyson Walters

    Defence (3-4)
    DE - La'Roi Glover, Greg Ellis, Eric Obagu, Kenyon Coleman
    DT - Shaun Rogers, Haloti Ngata (r), Leo Carson
    OLB - Derrick Johnson (r), Julian Peterson, Kalen Thorton, Pierre Woods (r)
    MLB - Dat Nguyen, Bradie James, Veteran, Keith O'Neil
    CB - Terrance Newman (covers slot in nickel), Ken Lucas, Pete Hunter, Lance Frazier, Bruce Thorton
    SS - Roy Williams, Veteran
    FS - Will Demps, Josh Bullucks (r)

    Special Teams
    K - Matt Bryant
    P - Matt McBriar
    LS - Jeff Robinson

    Depending on Henson, this team would challenge the Eagles, IMO. Will it happen? Probably not. Could it happen? Yes.

    Shows you just how close we are.
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    Shaun Rogers DT will get the franchise tag.

    Julian Peterson LB was franchised last year will be again if they do not get a long term deal done.

    Derrick Johnson LB will be long gone by the time we draft, same potentially with Williams.
  3. AJM1613

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    Are you being sarcastic?

    You sign arguably the best defensive tackle in the NFL (he's not...but you could argue it), best strong side linebacker, a Pro Bowl (this season) cornerback, an above average right tackle, an above average free safety, and the two most talented (arguably) players in the draft...I would hope you could challenge the Eagles.

    Why would you draft Ngata? You signed Rogers.
  4. Joshmvii

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    Look guys. If we just go to the Pro Bowl this year and switch out all the NFC guys into Cowboys unis, then bring them back to valley ranch and act like we don't know what the other teams are talking about when they come looking for their 'missing' guys, we could challenge the Eagles next year. =P
  5. The30YardSlant

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    If all that happened I would piss myself...
  6. cowboysfan31

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    I highly doubt that either Woods or Pierre would come out this year and even if they did that is still a considerable fall. They will both likely stay and be mid- 1st rounders next year.
  7. like a dog

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    My post was an idealized scenario. Rogers probably will be franchised. A good vet like Pat Williams would probably then be signed to a 3yr deal. Ngatat would then make sense as depth and for development into a future starter.

    I don't know that the Niners will put the tag on Peterson, what with him blowing his knee out and all. If they don't, I certainly see Dallas making a big push for him.

    Dallas will sign a starting RCB this offseason. I hope that it is Ken Lucas, but it may end up being a Fred Smoot.

    As for the draft getting both Johnson and Williams would be the coup of coups, but also incredibly unlikely. A more likely scenario would be Johnson and a Braylon Edwards.

    Pierre Woods is one player, and you are right, he probably will stay for his senior season (he should). Once again, an idealized scenario.

    The main thrust of my post was to show with all the cap room and picks we have, we could be a force in a hurry. And I still think we can.
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    Will Demps is not a true FS, i think he played QB at San Diego State then got changed to Safety. But he is very good at FS though.
  9. jacs

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    and instead of Matt Bryant i rather draft that kicker from Ohio State
  10. InmanRoshi

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    I would agree with the move to the 3-4, and would add someone like the previously mentioned Pat Williams to play nosetackle and add a big MLB like Adulius Thomas from the Ravens to man one of the ILB positions opposite Dat. I'd get a cheap, mid level undersized passrusher (dare I say, hybrid) like Chike Okaefor.

    Lots of good WR's in this FA class ... Joey Porter and Plaxico. I would probably push hard for one of those guys.

    I'd really like to get Bhawah Jue to come in as the free safety. He really seems to be coming into his own for the Packers.

    I'd like to add Pork Chop Womack to come in and play offensive guard, and get rid of either Larry Allen or Gurode.

    Perfect draft would probably involve trading down to get 5 or 6 picks in the top 3 rounds ... say a combination of Corey Webster, Dan Cody, Travis Johnson, Kevin Everett, Oshiomogho Atogwe and Demetrius Williams.
  11. AJM1613

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    Thomas is the Ravens' "hybrid", their defensive end in a 3-4. I think you mean Hartwell.

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